To reclaim our Hindu temples. To reclaim our honest history and historical heritage.


Reality of famous Islamic structures in India 

  • Since the inception of Islam in India thousands of temples all over in India have been destroyed, looted and then mosques have been built on them.
  • Millions of Hindus have lost their lives protecting their temples.
  • Hundreds of Islamic butchers who either have destroyed many Hindus temples or captured magnificent Hindu structures,later claimed to have built these structures. – The biggest lie ever propagated.
  • This is the great injustice to many great Hindu kings who have actually build such jaw-dropping structures.

Agniveer is committed to honesty and justice. We will be bringing out the evidences to strengthen our demand for these monuments to be given back to Hindus.

Muslims must realise how their Hindu forefathers – Kafirs – and their cultural heritage – Hindu Structures – were forcefully converted to Islam. Muslim should unite with Hindus to intensify the movement of reclaiming their cultural heritage back.

Our Demands – Project aims

  • Hindus must reclaim all temples and monuments that were forcibly usurped by invaders.
  • Government must remove all forms of glorification of any ruler who was involved in rape, fetish for brutal killing or celebration with dead bodies.
  • The text books and official records must be re-edited to include Hindu claims and evidences over these monuments as well.
  • The government notices and guide-books must be amended to include Hindu evidences, including those at tourist spots. For example, if one visits Taj Mahal, if the guide explains tourists about Shah Jahan’s 30th love, he must also elaborate on Hindu claims. Official boards should highlight the same.

Why this movement

When Ram Mandir movement took fire in nineties, we did not know that forces against it are part of a global terror nexus.

In nineties, even the Ram Bhakts did not know that real cause of Mandir destruction was not attack of an invader. It was hatred against idol-worshippers.

Now we have all read their Holy texts in all translations. Now we know why Babur, Aurengzeb, Tipu does not matter. Face different, deed same. Because hatred against idol-worshippers same.

Now we know it is a global epidemic. Now we know it is not just HIndus with whom they have a problem. They have problems with anyone who does not believe in their profit.

Now we know they have always been as brutal as they could be. Now we also know that it was not one Mandir in Ayodhya. There are thousands of them today shouting one message: “O disgusting idol-worshipping Kafir, we hate you. We will not spare your women, your temples, anything that we can lay hands on.”

One consolation bheekh of Ram Mandir will not suffice now. As time passes, our demands must increase. As we see dirty face of Jihad, our retaliation must multiply.

Ram Mandir to Sirf Jhaanki Hai
Kashi Mathura Baaki Hai

And thousands more in pipeline.

Any dilution in this agenda will mean only one thing – destruction.

Save Bharat, Save World, Join Agniveer, and burn away the 1300-year-old nuisance.



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