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Decision Maker at Company

(Chairperson / CEO / HR Manager / ..)

Dear Madam/Sir

Subject : Please recruit graduates of NIT Srinagar

I am writing this mail on behalf of the graduating students of NIT Srinagar. As you must be aware, NIT Srinagar students had to face a lot of troubles, humiliations, insults, tortures, and threats because they love India.

Certain influential elements in college administration and local politics have decided to teach these students a lesson for expressing love for India and Indian flag. It is a matter of collective shame for entire nation if we are not able to stand in solidarity with our young future when they have announced their decision to prefer country over self.

Thus, we request you to offer as many job offers as you can to these students in profiles and salary that is at par with industry standards.

This is necessary to set right examples in society and encourage everyone to stand for nation. Let everyone know that if someone stands for nation, the entire nation stands for her.

It is also necessary to shut those mouths that were openly threatening up to rape to our children for loving India and condemning separatism.

Your company is among the most prestigious ones in country. It is time to give back.

Please note that NIT Srinagar has a very bright, strong-willed, high-integrity pool of resources that would be great assets for your firm. They have shown these qualities – that every recruiter dreams of – by standing for their values despite all odds, and completing their studies in a hostile environment. The location, attitude of college administration, and recent spate of affairs have been against career prospects of this talent pool. It is our duty to mitigate such challenges and give them what they truly deserve.

We have lists of graduating students that we will be happy to share with you. We will be keen to organize a recruitment event in Delhi if you sponsor. We will be willing to help you in any way that will help you offer recruitment to these students.

I have myself graduated from another hostile location of country in that era – IIT Guwahati when separatism was at peak and can empathize with what students must be going through. Would request your empathy as well, in form of recruitment.

Vande Mataram

Sanjeev Newar
Founder – Agniveer
(Dedicated to cause of nation, nation-builders, and nation-building)

Email: [email protected]


Click here to sign the petition and circulate to gather support: Recruit graduates of NIT-Srinagar | Lets encourage India-lovers!

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