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Here are reasons why I reject the Islam of Islamic State. And want to slap their mullahs who say non-Muslims will go to Hell:

1. You say, one must believe in Heaven, Hell, Allah, Judgment Day, Prophet, Allah or else be punished. Truth is that none of these imaginations can be verified by anyone. You threaten that unless I believe in your fairy-tales, I will be put in Hell and punished here and hereafter. You dumb***es convert a very personal journey of spiritual enlightenment into a cult of hatred.
2. If you don’t believe, you are non-Muslim! And non-Muslim is worst of creature!! Now if Allah himself made non-Muslims, how can they be worst of creatures? If idol-worship is vulgar, why Allah made idol-worshippers? What do you call someone who wastes time creating vulgar things? Is not such a person a pervert of highest order?
3. And why should you trust some Maulvi that idol-worshippers are so bad, if Allah refuses to come to you directly and tell you so? By hating idol-worshippers you are saying that Allah is the greatest pervert. I cannot stand such insults to Allah.
4. You believe that non-Muslims are Kafirs. Kafir is an abuse that means one who conducts greatest sin. As per you, being a non-Muslim is worse than being a rapist, killer, cheater. Allah will forgive every rapist and killer if he accepts Islam. But will burn non-Muslim in Hell forever. If you are taught from childhood to use abusive words for non-Muslims, how can terrorists not breed from gullible ones like you? Every Muslim who abuses Hindus as Kafirs is directly responsible for rise of ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda and every terror act in world.
5. Muslims are forbidden to even participate in festivals of non-Muslims or eat prasad. On contrary, if you do so, you are threatened with Hell after death.
6. The hatred against non-Muslim is so much that even a dead non-Muslim is not allowed to be blessed. One cannot call a dead non-Muslim as Marhoom (blessed by mercy of Allah). This is because only a Muslim can be blessed by Allah. A non-Muslim, howsomuch noble he may be, is destined to go to Hell only. Even if a non-Muslim dies saving a Muslim, he will go to Hell forever. If one cannot respect even the dead, how can you expect respect for living non-muslims? No wonder, sentimental fools like you become terrorists.
7. Neither Allah came to your Muslim leaders to tell them that Quran alone is truth, nor He went to non-Muslims. None understand even the language of Quran properly. But still your mullahs force hatred down your throat and call it religion. 
8. These mullahs use threat against those liberal voices among Muslims that differ from them. They will fool you to shoot a Malala or innocent children so that Muslims obey them out of fear. If indeed you represent truth, why you need to use fear of death to deliver your point? If truth is as clear as pure water and Allah is just, it is Allah’s headache to make everyone understand truth. Why are you taking arms and raping left, right, and center?
They tell you to kill and rape and hate non-muslims because it is written in Quran. But they don’t even have the brains to understand basics of life and have very horrible IQs. How can they understand Quran when they cannot pass even simple mental aptitude tests? These psychopath mullahs have hijacked Islam and fooling you emotionally to blindly follow things that cannot be proved, verified, tested or logically explained.

They have filled your hearts with hatred against non-Muslims from childhood. They have been silencing all voices that seek love for non-Muslims and freedom for women. Majority of Muslim world is helpless victim to few perpetrators. And their silence breeds terrorism.

Terror is sin. To remain silent against terror is even greater sin.

I am not going to be fooled by dumbness of you and your mullahs.

If God wanted to differentiate among religions, He would have embossed names of our religion on our forehead from birth.

Why does Allah need a low IQ agent to tell you what true religion is! Allah can directly talk to us through our brain. Let us use the brain.

Join this war against terror.

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– Abdul Kalam

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