Rehabilitate Pakistani and Bangaldeshi Hindus. They are our responsibility.


Why this project         

In 1951, Hindus formed 22% of Pakistani population (much more than the Muslim population proportion in India today!). And today they have reduced to less than 1.7%. Either they are forced to convert, or live like third-grade citizens, or indulge their women in flesh-trade. Rape and abduction of women has taken an unprecedented high.

Dreadful condition Pakistani Hindus

  • Hindus cannot own any property or even demand protection of their fundamental rights in Pakistan.
  • They are forced to pay a Jaziya tax to Mujahideen if they want protection of their lives and dignity of their women.
  • Abduction of Hindu women, especially unmarried girls is a common phenomenon.
  • The wages they get is half for that of a Muslim.
  • Hindus are considered untouchable and cannot even wear new clothes.
  • Cows are cut openly in Hindu temples and idols desecrated.
  • The bulk of Sindh population remains in delusion that Islam alone is best religion and all Kafirs (an abusive term used for non-Muslims) are worst of creatures. And hence there is no sin in torturing Hindus unless they convert to Islam.

Hindus, for whom dignity of women and commitment to Hinduism, is more precious than anything else, are left with no option but to come to India. They came on a tourist visa but are firm that they would not return to Pakistan. They would rather choose to immolate themselves than allow a fanatic to rampantly abduct their women. So desperate have been the situations that many families left their young children in Pakistan because their passports and visa were not ready, before coming to India. They had to make the tough choice between safeguarding their rest of the families vs putting entire family under risk for sake of one loved member. May God never show such tough situations to anyone.

Project Aim

These Pakistani Hindus need us. We must provide for their food, security, job and education. Our project aims are to

  • Make it the biggest human rights issue on the planet
  • Help them get Indian citizenship
  • Provide education facility for their children
  • Nurture torchbearers of Dharma from among them who could be the next Bismils, Lajpats and Shradhanands
  • Provide employment for youth so that they can live with dignity and self-empowerment.
  • Conduct Dalit Yajna specially for Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus
  • Completely absorb them in Indian society

Project Photos        

Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan and Bangladesh are India’s responsibility. They are our own brothers and sisters.



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