Another bomb blasts in an otherwise peaceful public spot. Yet another toddler loses its life. Many more get injured. And then a militant group claiming to defend ‘Islam’ proudly takes responsibility of carrying out yet another terrorist attack. This has become a regular trend.
Such attacks have become so rampant these days. And so used to have we become to proclaim that ‘Terrorism has no religion’ that we all tend to simply blank our minds on hearing such a news and switch the TV Channel to ‘something-more-interesting’ rather than feel the pain of those who were affected by the blast!

Regardless of it be a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or Atheist, anyone who kills a single innocent being is a criminal. Period. But what is distinguishably significant is that only terrorists allied to one particular religion actually take pride in this and conduct these acts as their spiritual duty!

No prizes for guessing. We are referring to Islam here.

Does it mean that Islam breeds terrorism? NO

Does it mean that all Muslims are terrorists? NO

Does it mean that terrorism has a religion? NO, Not at all.

It only means that Islam has been hijacked and captured by those perverts who stand for barbarism, terrorism and fanaticism. And hence, Muslims today, are the worst victims of this perversion by their religious rulers.

As Hassan Nisar – the most renowned columnist of Pakistan and expert of Islam and its history puts, Islam and Islamic history are two totally different things. Those who follow spirit of Islam would not be violent. After all Islam means Peace. Bulk of Muslims belong to this category. They do not bang their heads over taking each and every verse of Quran or Hadiths blindly and literally. Thus the ordinary Muslim tries to be as peaceful as rest of us. That is why world is still such a beautiful place to live!

But these majority are NOT the ruling class of Islam. The ruling elite of Islam actually follow history of Islam instead of ‘Islam’. Thus they deliberately try to keep ordinary Muslim ignorant and uneducated. They needlessly glorify and dramatize Islamic history and their own versions of Islam texts so as to create a useful guinea-pig battalion of blind followers to be used as military tools. The ordinary Muslim is thus forced to adjust to threats of this barbaric ruling class and manage a fine balance between his own conscience, compassion for non-Muslims and fatwas of these butcher rulers. He thus has to face extra challenges. He has to face the brunt of misdeeds of these ‘ruling elites’ and yet strive ahead. Thus while an ordinary Muslim may love a non-Muslim, he would not dare greet him “Assalam-ale-kum’, for example. This greeting is only for Muslims. And even if a non-Muslim greets him like this, he would not reply back ‘Walekum-Assalam’.

Now, one cannot expect rulers of Islam to become ‘humans’. They have inherited barbarism since generations. It is as if barbarism is in their genes. To fool innocent Muslims, they create a fictitious dramatized version of their history. They would shout on top of their voice that Islam spread by peace. But truth remains that Islam was spread only through most bloody episodes of history. Those who spread Islam had nothing to do with spirit of Islam and were merely trying to use Islam for their political gains. Refer How Islam conquered India.

These butchers have not even spared their own fathers, brothers and family members. How can non-Muslims expect to be pardoned by them? And how can ordinary Muslim expect to get out of their clutches? Let us see examples of the extent to which these butchers ‘ruling elite’ could go touting Islam as religion of ‘peace’. We will look at ONLY one aspect – how they murdered and tortured their own blood relations and closest ones to capture the flag of Islam!


And you can then imagine what would have been their barbarism on rest of the population. (We shall cite from Muslim historians themselves)

1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – founder of Islam – is alleged to be assassinated by his own wives – Aisha and Hafsa as per many scholars of Islam.

2. After Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abu Bakr became the Caliph (leader of Islam) overruling the Caliphate of Ali controversially. This caused the Shia-Sunni split. Ali was son-in-law of Prophet and supposed to be most intelligent and closest to Prophet.

3. Abu Bakr is alleged to have been poisoned to death by a close associate.

4. Umar became the next Caliph but was murdered by a muslim slave for curious reasons.

5. Uthman was next Caliph. He had the Quran compiled for the first time but was butchered allegedly by son of Abu Bakr when he was reading Quran.

6. Finally Ali became the Caliph but even he was murdered by his fellow-men while in Namaz. Before this, Aisha – beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and daughter of Abu Bakr who is supposed to have been divinely wed to Prophet by Allah – waged a war against Ali. Ali defeated her and made her captive in Medina. Even Aisha is supposed to have been murdered as per views of some scholars.

7. Hassan – son of Ali – was so scared by murder of so many leaders of Islam that he refused to become the Caliph. He was however murdered by his own wife as part of a conspiracy of Muwaiah – governor of Egypt who had become Caliph due to refusal of Hassan.

8. After Muwaiah, his son Yazeed became the Caliph. He is supposed to be the greatest butcher of all times. He had Hussain – another grandson of Prophet – murdered in battle of Karbala. That is why Muharram happens. Zakir Naik has high respect for Yazeed despite all other sects of Islam hating him. This caused many sects to issue Fatwa on Zakir Naik. Refer Zakir-Naik-and-His-Misguided-Teachings-regarding-Karbala-Battle.

With this murder, Caliphate became a hereditary privilege of Umayyad dynasty to which Muwaiah belonged. Now after eliminating all followers and kins of Prophet, they started murdering their brothers and relatives to be the next Caliph.

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(To be continued..)

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  • Prophet never believed and practiced incestual relation but these Mullah on name of Prophet inserted in Quran verses allowed muslim to adopt incestual relation.