The other extreme is the cult of the ‘visionaries’ who see bit too much for normal people like you and me to appreciate and cross-verify even a small sample set of their ‘visions’.

This is the foundation of all Arabic religions like Judaism, Christianity or Islam. They are claimed to be founded by their respective Prophet(s) who saw things we could not see and told people what they should do to enjoy life after death and save themselves from troubles after death. Arab is a desert area that is known for mirage and hence it becomes confusing at times to ascertain if the prophets of these Arabic religions were having visions or mirage.

Following are the salient beliefs of these religions:

a. There is one God/Allah/Jehovah who created this world in 6/7/8 etc days and himself sits on some throne on 4th sky/ 7th sky/ Heaven etc.

b. We all are created by this God

c. We all are being tested by the God.

d. God sends his Prophet(s) to guide the less privileged people. Only by following the most latest prophet can one go to Heaven, else he or she shall go to Hell which is place for torture. Review God must be crazy! to analyze this.

e. There is no way one can question these prophets. Questioning them is like insulting God and hence dispatch us to Hell.

f. Heaven and Hell are eternal. This life is the only life.

g. Judaism considers Moses as the final Prophet, Christians consider Jesus and Muslims consider Muhammad as final one. Each of them brought his own final edition of God’s message. The fight among them is related to this controversy. Further, each of them is divided into huge number of sects which have there own different versions/ interpretations of the final book.

h. Muhammad being most pragmatic put an end to this Prophet business by claiming to be the Final Prophet till the world comes to an end. But some sects of Islam, claim to have new Prophets who only add upon existing message of Muhammad. The most prominent of these cults is Qadiyanis who consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to be final prophet. That is why other cults call Qadiyanis as Kafirs (non-Muslims) and hate them.

(Ironically, Zakir Naik has copied all his work from Qadiyani literature word by word, letter by letter, and promotes their Qadiyani specific views to claim popularity as expert of comparative religions. That is why this creates suspicion that he is actually a Qadiyani in disguise. Refer Dr Zakir Naik’s fraud exposed on this site.)

i. These cults believe that one day world will come to an end when people would be taken out from their graves and brought to a court where God will be judge and their respective prophet would be the lawyer. He shall take variety of evidences and then decide who shall go to Hell and who shall go to Heaven. And then Heaven or Hell will be eternal.

j. The entire fight in West today is on following:

– Which of the cults of Islam is the true cult of God? Shia, Sunni, Qadiyani etc.

– Which is true religion? Judaism, Christianity or Islam?

k. Jews (follower of Judaism) do not fight much because they consider themselves to be privileged ones having message of God. They thus do not get into competition of expanding their population base. There fight is restricted to unfriendly neighbors 9Arab countries) whose religious books term Jews as worst of the lot. But for Islam and Christianity, one of the most important performance metric set by God to qualify for Heaven is the number of people they can bring into their respective folds.

l. Each of these religions claims to be religion of peace. However the only rider is that this peace is for believers only. Non-believers are not tolerated in them. The level of tolerance has reduced chronologically. Thus Jews keep to themselves, but Christians allow use of sword and deceit to convert people. Islam goes a step further ahead by claiming that those who fight in path of promoting Allah and die become the recipient of best facilities in Heaven.

m. The description of Heaven and Hell is as per the notions of pleasures and troubles of arabic society of the respective era in these religions.

n. Existence of miracles is supposed to be greatest proofs of validity of these religions. It is a different matter that the evidence, description and testimony of these miracles are restricted to their respective books only. Some of the miracles are Moses splitting the Red Sea, Jesus reviving back to life after crucification, Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus, Muhammad splitting the moon, Muhammad traveling to 7th sky on a girl-faced donkey (Buraq) through Miraj Travels in a night, Muhammad having revelations coming from an angel called Gabriel etc.

One has to blindly believe in all this to escape Hell and achieve Heaven.

o. These religions are silent on status of animals and insects – whether they have soul, will they go to Heaven/hell, in what form etc.

p. Christians, though dogmatic in their beliefs, are not as uncompromising as Islam in their religious views. Further, the revival of scientific era in Christian countries led to a huge transformation in society and debunking of majority of Biblical myths. Thus most Christian countries today are Christians merely from population standpoint. Neither do majority of people take Bible seriously, nor there is threat of a Papal control of death sentence if someone preaches against Bible.

q. Muslim countries are most rigid on religious beliefs. If one questions Quran in Islamic country, as per Sharia, he is liable to be killed. Muslim clerics can still tolerate questioning of Allah, but if their Prophet is questioned, they start proclaiming fatwa of death for the questioner. Thus unlike Jew or Christian people, most Muslims live in fear of adverse eventualities if they question Islam. Many other start rationalizing this and most others are brainwashed to believe that Islam alone is best, regardless of whether they know Arabic, have ever understood Quran or can critically examine Islam.

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  • Utilization of nature without divine guidance will only lead to the destruction
    of mankind(ex) ww2). Only someone superior to human stature
    can tell him how to lead a human life. He knows that except the
    Creator nothing among the creations is superior to himself. We
    should then get guidance from the Creator. Islam teaches that all
    the prophets were sent to achieve this goal ie to tell him how to
    live like a we need The medium of contact between God and man.

  • #blindly believe in all : Man is the `Khalifa’ on earth, the only living
    being with necessary powers and independent judgement. He
    can make use of the universe and influence nature as well. Quite
    apart from other living beings whose existence is in accordance
    with nature, man is the only creation endowed with the responsibility
    of independent power of discrimination. Qur’an (33:72)
    introduces man as having undertaken a great responsibility.

  • does Islam promote violence?
    60:8,9Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion – [forbids] that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers.

  • Fighting Which of the cults of Islam is the true cult of God?
    Does Islam promote sect fight?6: 159. Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects), you (O Muhammad SAW) have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allâh, Who then will tell them what they used to do. Bukhari:1:3:122 “Do not (become infidels) revert to disbelief after me by striking the necks (cutting the throats) of one another (killing each other).”

  • islam ever says “There is no way one can question these prophets”
    The unborn portion, burn that, AGNI, with thy heat; let thy flame, thy splendour, consume it; with those glorious members which thou hast given him, JATAVEDAS, bear him to the world (of the virtuous)” Rigved 10:16:4:The Sanskrit word ‘Sukritam u Lokam’ means ‘the word of the virtuous or region of the pious, referring to the hereafter. The next verse i.e.
    Putting on (Celestial) life, let the remains (of bodily like) depart: let

  • #There is one God:
    “Ekam evadvitiyam” :”He is One only without a second.” [Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]
    “His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye.”[Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]
    na tasya pratima asti “There is no image of Him.”Yajurveda 32:3
    Ma cid anyad vi sansata sakhayo ma rishanyata”
    “O friends, do not worship anybody but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him alone.”Rigveda 8:1:1]
    “Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste”

  • an ideology which can liberate man from evil

    and which teaches righteousness and human values alone can be

    a liberating force in its true sense. The ideologies and philosophies

    created by man will not be able to teach what is required

    for the success of man. This is proved by the failure of the materialistic

    ideologies. It means that some one who is not a man, but

    knows everything about man should show the path of liberation

    to mankind. It is the Creator.