Baba Saheb Ambedkar is one of the most misunderstood personalities in Indian history. Some people remember him for

1. His allegations on Hinduism
2. Reservation
3. Caste politics
4. Opposition of Manusmriti

but conveniently forget

1. His demand of making Sanskrit India’s national language

2. His clear stand on Pakistan that if it is created, every single Musalman will have to go to Pakistan and every single Hindu-Sikh must come to India.

3. His clear stand on article 370. He was first person to say that whole Kashmir belongs to India. It will not go to Pakistan. He was so fanatic in his views that he boycotted the meeting which approved article 370 (special status to J&K).

4. His clear views on Islamic invasions. He clearly stated that all Mughals and Islamic invaders were butchers.

5. His clear views that Hindu-Muslim tension in India is due to Jihadi psyche of worshipping invaders.

6. His closeness with hardcore Hindu leaders like Swami Shraddhanand and Veer Savarkar.

7. His extensive works on Islamic fanaticism.

8. His views that Hinduism is any day better than Islam for former has just casteism but the latter has casteism, slavery, violence and what not.

In short, many of us just see him through the prism of caste etc. But if you look him in totality, he was an intrepid reformer having best intentions. Of course, some of his views on Hinduism were misplaced. But nobody is perfect. Agniveer has already covered all points he raised regarding Hinduism.

We admire him as a reformer and a shield against Jihadi propaganda. Agniveer’s Dalit Yajna – Hindu Ekta Project is our tribute to him.

A very happy Ambedkar Jayanti to all!

Jai Bharat!

PS : We also want to urge some Baba Saheb’s followers who have been brainwashed by Jihadis, if Baba Saheb was against Hinduism, he was thousand times against Jihadi religion. So even if you have to hate religions, do it in the proportion Baba Saheb told you. When you side with Jihadis and attack Hinduism, know that you are killing Baba Saheb’s soul. He wanted to reform Hinduism but never wanted Islam to replace it. So reform the religion. But for outsiders, be one.

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