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To be a true sanyasi implying:

a. Burn all past – happy or sad. A sanyasi has no relevance left to world and worldly things of past, present or future
b. Constant focus on ultimate goal
c. Sole duty – promotion of truth and rejection of false, in world and self
d. Untiring efforts – inexhaustible source of energy
e. Transforming health, mind and knowledge
f. Completely ignoring all sensations except those leading to ultimate goal
g. Jitendriya – Complete control over mind
h. Discipline

Run faster and faster, and slow down not until the goal is achieved.

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  • India has no national language, as Nehru thought that English could be the unifying language. But barely 10% of India knows English fluently and Hindi is spoken only in the North. Yet, very few seems to realise that India possesses in Sanskrit the Mother of all languages, so intricate, so subtle, so rich, that no other speech can equal it today. It could easily become the unifying language of India : “Sanskrit ought still to have a future as the language of the learned and it will not be a good day for India when the ancient tongues cease entirely to be written or spoken”, admonished 50 years ago Sri Aurobindo, A dead language, you say ! Impossible to revive? But that’s what they argued about Hebrew. And did not the Jewish people, when they got back their land in 1948, revive their ‘dead’ language, so that it is spoken today by all Jewish people and has become alive again ? The same thing ought to be done with Sanskrit, but as Sri Aurobindo points out: “it must get rid of the curse of the heavy pedantic style contracted by it in its decline, with the lumbering impossible compounds and the overweight of hair-splitting erudition”. Let the scholars begin now to revive and modernise the Sanskrit language, it would be a sure sign of the dawning of the Renaissance of India. In a few years it should be taught as the second language in schools throughout the country, with the regional language as the first and English as the third. On top of that, Sanskrit would be a gift to the world, because it will boost the studies of the Vedas, whose great secrets will be unravelled. And again, this will go in enhancing India’s self image.
    Francois Gautier, born in Paris in 1950, is a French journalist and writer

  • There are various cells in our body. Each takes birth, spends its small life, and dies its natural death. One cell replaced by other. Our body in itself is a combination of small lives, each independent of the ot…her. But all these when put together make an organization which again is working according to the law. It takes birth, spends life, dies.

    Now why I said this is because in the same way, humans born in prakriti – Each takes birth with a body, spends his small life, performs his natural functions & dies his natural death. This whole organization has an order which is so complex and redundant for us to understand that we may choose to ignore it. And take birth, spend life, and die our natural death.

    Now lets talk about our body. If some cells start damaging the others, the body has immunity built in to defend them. But there are some parasites, which stick to the healthy cells, suck their blood without letting them even a single drop of idea that these viruses are turning them into small zombies- parasites for the entire body.

    Gurus/Teachers like regular human beings also take birth spend their lives, perform their duties and return. But they must not renounce their duty for which they are born for. To arrange defense for sick cells. Save the ones who are saved. And conquer Tamas through Rajas & conquer Rajas through Sattwa.

    And teachers like you have your defined Karma. You may choose to run away from their duties. You may decide not to care, because you have your small life, you may consider – it doesn’t matter to this big organization. But the eternal consciousness has his purpose behind everything. If you don’t do it, someone else will. But you will be diverted from your kamma(karma) and will be doomed materially/spiritually here and hereafter(if you believe). And when this whole organization is set to go for a huge collapse, you know there is a reason behind that too.

    Creation, dissolution, creation, dissolution………….