Now that the basic principles have been discussed in previous article, we shall take it a step ahead to discuss some more key concepts to bring even more punch in your advertisement/ resume. But before you begin, we strongly recommend that you quickly review the previous article once more and spend sometime developing your empowered resume as discussed there.

Attracting attention

Some of the below mentioned stuff may look obvious but I have found a large number of resumes to miss these and hence lose a wonderful opportunity. So do review it once at least.

  • If you recall, we discussed that your resume should attract attention within 5-8 seconds. A very effective way to ensure the same is to make a bulleted resume. Wherever possible, replace long paragraphs with bullets.
  • Now do not use a fancy bullet. Latest word-processors offer a plethora of bullet choices and most of them would look attractive if you are advertising a car rather than yourself. To advertise yourself, choose the good old round-bullet or a dash. Anything more fancy will reduce your professional image unless you are a great designer who can match fonts, bullets, spacings etc to create pieces of arts. For less gifted of us, stick to basic bullets.
  • If you are very experienced and already established in your field as a brand, you can replace bullets with short paragraphs. Because in this case you want the recruiter to focus on your name and positions rather than what you achieved.
  • In case you have to submit print-outs of resume, I strongly recommend ….

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