To revive the true Hinduism which Rama and Krishna followed to destroy Ravana and Kaurvaas.


Why this project         

Many conversion viruses across India are taking advantages on ignorant Hindus and dragging them away from their roots and turn them into anti-national, irrational, intolerance human being. And then these converts start bashing their own Hindu religion which their forefathers died protecting. Therefore, reviving true Hinduism has become a need of an hour.

There are brave Hindus who refuse to convert, but due to lack of knowledge of real Hinduism, they fail to defend Hinduism from the allegations of conversion viruses.

They can neither educate other ignorant Hindus not they can stop them from accepting other mortal cults. Therefore, reviving true Hinduism has become a need of an hour.

The Hinduism Agniveer wants to revive

  • Hinduism which inspires a path of self-discovery.
  • Hinduism which values character, respect women, believes in supreme potential of each soul, and encourages self-control.
  • Hinduism which does not divide the world in believers and non-believers, lower caste and upper caste.
  • Hinduism which possesses several invaluable pearls of wisdom.
  • Hinduism which is an enlightened Way of Life
  • Hinduism which is the honest Liberal Way of Life
  • Hinduism which is Truly Global
  • Hinduism which is Research friendly and reform-friendly
  • Hinduism which puts Principles over Persons
  • Hinduism which is a synonym of practical tolerance
  • Hinduism whose foundation lies in Vedas

Project Aim

  • Bring out the true essence of Hinduism
  • Dispel all myths and misconceptions propagated by Hinduism Haters
  • Create books and other literature on Hinduism

Let’s live Hinduism and make Human life a celebration.



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