Q. Agniveer, you are doing good work. But you never talk about Bollywood and Cricketers. They are also serving nation in their own way. I never saw you praise Sachin, Virat, Dhoni and Sir Bachchan etc for their services. You even kept mum on great success of Bahubali. Whats wrong? Don’t you think our work should be all inclusive?

Amount Sachin Tendulkar charged for a match = X Lacs

Amount Virat Kohli charged for a match = Y Lacs

Amount Dhoni charged for a match = Z Lacs

Amount Bachchan Ji charged for a movie = T cores

Amount Bahubali makers earned = 900 Crores

Amount an Agniveer (who meets a Love Jihad victim risking his life in areas like Hyderabad and Meerut) charges = 00 Lacs

Amount an Agniveer (who performs Dalit Yajna in sensitive areas under threats of politicians and local goons) charges = 00 Lacs

Amount an Agniveer (who takes regular self defense classes for our youth) charges = 00 Lacs

Amount an Agniveer (who helps agencies nab extremists risking his life) charges = 00 Lacs

Amount an Agniveer (who spends nights managing Agniveer’s backend, admin tasks, communications etc) charges = 00 Lacs
Amount Agniveer’s founder charges for giving life to the movement charges = 00 Lacs….

I can go on and on.
Now a question for you.

Why do you hate Agniveer? Why are people charging crores for acts that have no impact on real issues India is facing your heroes but those putting their sweat and blood without charging a single penny are not even in your radar? Why? Why aren’t Sachin, Kohli, Bachchan Ji etc not all inclusive? Have you seen them praise Agniveer or those who are fighting for right cause?

Yes, now we are going to change the policy. IF Dharma is greater than IPLs and Bollywood, it has to be more resourceful than them. Fundraising will be the prime focus of Agniveer while our work continues to change lives. More resources for more work and more reach.

Share it. Strengthen Agniveer.
Jai Bhavani!


Appeal to Dharma Lovers for Supporting Agniveer Financially



Where Can I Find Agniveer Books


Agniveer Books

Agniveer books are written specially for those who want to understand jargon-free Dharma, counter religious fanatics and transform themselves so that they can confidently work for the betterment and upliftment of the society and the nation.

Complete Works of Agniveer – Vol 1 (eBooks – 54 Books)

Complete works by Sanjeev Newar and Vashi Sharma! Agniveer’s complete book collection.

Life-changing works of Agniveer on Hinduism, Yoga, motivation, spirituality, Moksha and burning issues concerning society, nation and Dharma.

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Complete Toolkit for a Purposeful Hindu Life – Vol 1 (Paperback – 27 Books)

Collection of 27 life-changing books on Hinduism, Yoga, motivation, spirituality, Moksha and burning issues concerning society, nation and Dharma. All books have been categorised as follows

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Discover Hinduism (8 Books)

A must have collection of 8 best books on Hinduism, for all those who want to understand essence of Vedic Dharma.

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Islamic Invasion (10 Books)

Collection of 10 must-have books answering violent ideology of hate and terror being spread in name of religion of Peace. A must have set of books for all those who want to expose and answer back Islamic fanatics and their agenda of hate towards non-believers.

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Allegations on Hinduism (4 Books)

Collection of 4 must have books rebutting all major allegations on Hinduism in clear and precise manner. Must have set of books for all those who need to clear their own doubts, as well as for those who want to defend attacks on Hinduism from anti-Hindu forces. This collection helps reader adopt a  robust and sure shot way of shooing away haters of Hindu Dharma.

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A Liberal’s (F)laws : Hypocrites that feed terrorism

This book contains several stories from popular Indian media in past few years, some popular liberals, their hypocritical stands on similar issues, their bootlicking of those who slit throats, bashing of those who keep restraint and a logical person’s take on the paradoxes.

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हिन्दी साहित्य (6 Books)

देश और धर्म संबंधी आवश्यक मुद्दों और उनके उपायों को प्रस्तुत करतीं ये पुस्तकें हर भारतीय और हिन्दू युवक के लिए अत्यंत उपयोगी हैं |

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Agniveer Classics (eBooks – 20 Books)

Agniveer Classics are set of treasured literature from past. Written by eminent scholars who are no more with us, they contain valuable wisdom. This is our attempt to revive the knowledge that we are tending to lose.

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Divine Vedas

Know the details on origin, eternity, divinity and protection of Vedas and feel proud about the greatest and oldest heritage the humanity possesses.

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Vedas – Source of every philosophy that makes sense

Series: Religion of Humanity, Book 3
Genre: Religion

This book, first of its kind, finds out common source code that powers major spiritual philosophies. It shows how Advaita, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianty, Islam etc all point towards the same truth explained in Vedas – the first books of world.

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मुग़ल : हवस के सुल्तान

जानिए असली इतिहास जो ख़ुद मुग़लों की कलम से निकला। और देखिए भारत के सेक्युलर इतिहास का सबसे बड़ा छल।

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