This post is in context of how Rajasthan authorities dealt with recent case of anti-Love Jihad in Rajasamand, Rajasthan.

I will be honest. I do not have great respect for Indian legal system and the constitution because I find it copy-paste of hard-work of British, mixed with appeasement politics of co-existing with a psycho-ideology that believes all Hindus will burn in Hell forever.

I also do not carry high opinion about either intent, guts, or intellectual capabilities of our political leadership that got this legal system enforced in 1947. In fact, I consider their impotent opportunism the culprit of all massacres we faced during partition, and every terror attack or riot we tolerate till today.

They are squarely responsible for gifting us this mess – this poverty, corruption, erosion of character, appeasement of bullies, low esteem, sheer dialogbaazi, Kashmir, Love Jihad, etc etc.

It is unnecessarily complicated, non-original, impractical, and a dismal failure. We drag it for political reasons and our habit of being ostrich. I however do not break any laws or flout the constitution because that is necessary to live in a society.

Given my way, I would enforce changes that
– are more tuned to realities I face,
– is sensitive to brutal medieval invasions we faced whose vestiges still remain, and the wonderful culture we had at inception of civilization – the Vedas.

My currency will have image of Lakshmi-Ganesh than some politician responsible for enormous rapes and riots.

My secularism will not be ashamed of my roots. It will demand respect from all than bootlick those who find my faith haram.

My national festivals will not follow some British salutes and elite protocols. They will adopt Vedic rituals.

My national anthem will not be what some poet wrote, with all due respect to his talents. It will be the Vedic Rashtra Geet from Yajurveda that is complete, sensible, honest, and relevant.

My nation did not began in 1947. It was the first civilization of world. Everything I do will reiterate this truth than delete all we inherited from our ancestors.

I am of firm opinion that every sane patriot must have a conscious vision to move towards this origin of Bharat, if we are to survive and thrive like humans. Else, we continue to be cockroach. Never dead, ever adaptive, eternally disgusting.

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