When we say Vedas have no history or geography, we must be clear with definition of Vedas. Many include all Upanishads, Shakhas and Brahman texts in Vedas. While the wisdom in all of these is eternal, the core part of Vedas are the 4 Samhitas without these Upanishads, Brahmans and other Shakhas.

Brahmans help understand Vedas in different contexts and do contain history and geography.
Upanishads contain philosophy primarily.
Shakhas are mix of some alterations in Ved Samhitas and Brahmans for subtler understanding of Vedas.

The eternal parts are currently known as Shakal Samhita of Rig Veda, Shukla Madhyandini of Yajur, Kauthum of Sama, and Shaunak of Atharva. These are used all across gurukuls, most meticulously preserved despite many Shakhas getting lost in years of invasions, and hold key to recreate everything. Just waiting for some of us to turn Yogis.

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