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In this lesson, we shall understand the concept of salvation or Mukti or Moksha. Please refer articles on Vedic God, Soul and Worship for fuller understanding.

(Read completely to know why we have image of a brave Maharana Pratap on a spiritual article on Moksha.)

Q: What is Mukti or Moksha?

A: Mukti means Freedom.

Q: What kind of freedom?

A: Mukti means the freedom that all souls desire for. In other words, freedom from sorrow and miseries.

Q: What happens after this freedom?

A: After this freedom, the soul experiences ultimate bliss and lives under inspiration of Ishwar. This is the most satisfying and enjoyable state one can have. Also note that contrary to what many wrongly believe in, Mukti is not  state similar to sleep or Sushupti. It is the OPPOSITE of sleep – a state of highest possible level of consciousness.

Q: But Ishwar is already within us. So we are already living under inspiration of Ishwar. Then what is so special about Mukti?

A: If you recall the discussions on Ishwar and soul, we concluded that soul has a freedom of ‘will’ and has limited knowledge. As and when the soul dispels ignorance through right use of ‘will‘, it gains more and more bliss and acts in harmony with the purpose of creation. That is why it is recommended for soul to emulate Ishwar in whatever way it can, and also work in a manner that cooperates with the overall purpose of creation.

The purpose of life is to enable the soul to conduct such actions that help it get in harmony with purpose of creation. When the harmony reaches a threshold level, there remains no further reason why a soul should take birth. It thus gets freedom from cycle of birth and death, sorrow and happiness and obtains ultimate bliss.

Thus, Mukti means conducting all actions in sync or harmony with purpose of creation. Ishwar is always inspiring us and is all around us and within us as well. But when we realize this and act accordingly, we obtain Mukti.

Q: What is preventing us from Mukti at this very moment? Why Ishwar does not grant us Mukti right now?

A: Answering the second question first: Ishwar does only what is best. It does not act arbitrarily.

Our nature is such that the only way we can obtain Mukti is by dispelling ignorance. And the only way to dispel ignorance is by conducting actions. The only way we can keep practicing doing the right actions is by having an opportunity to take birth and obtain an environment which is best suited to our current level of competence. And Ishwar keeps doing so until we gain mastery and reach Mukti. So He is acting in best possible manner for us to obtain Mukti asap.

Coming to first question, let us review the properties of soul compared to Ishwar and Prakriti (Nature).
Prakriti is Sat – it exists
Soul is Sat and Chit – it exists and it is conscious (living, animate etc)
Ishwar is Sat, Chit and Anand – it exists, is conscious as well as possess bliss.

Now soul DOES NOT possess Anand or bliss intrinsically. It has to move towards bliss through efforts. Since Ishwar has bliss, it implies that it has to move towards Ishwar.

Now let us come to another foundation of Vedic philosophy, “Knowledge = Bliss”.

Since Ishwar has infinite knowledge, it has infinite bliss.

But soul has LIMITED potential and LIMITED knowledge. This LIMIT keeps varying as per its deeds as per the Law of Karma managed by Ishwar.

Thus the ONLY way soul can possess Bliss is by increasing its knowledge through right acts that remove the limits.

The modus operandi of this process is as follows:

1. Actions create Sanskaars (tendencies or habits) and Sanskaars determine Limits of potential of soul. The catch is that the moment you conduct an action, it creates a Sanskaar. Sanskaar implies that the probability of you conducting the same action in similar situation increases.

Thus, if you do wrong acts – like cheating, hating etc – the probability of you doing the same again and again increases. This reduces the limits of your potentials and hence you have reduced knowledge resulting in reduced bliss. Thus you get a step away from Mukti.

But when you do good acts – like compassion, analyzing and accepting only truth, high character etc – the probability of you doing more of such good acts also increases. This leads to greater potential of seeking knowledge and hence bliss. Thus you get a step closer to Mukti.

2. Now EACH AND EVERY ACTION (including thoughts and feelings) count in this process. Also remember that even if you do something even once, its probability of happening again and making you dumber or intelligent increases.

3. A typical soul keeps oscillating between good and bad deeds every moment, going few steps back and few steps forth like a drunkard, resulting in the delay in Mukti.

4. But a yogi uses his will-power to refuse to conduct bad actions and proactively conducts noble actions. This gradually weakens the Sanskaars of old bad actions and replaces them with good Sanskaars. Gradually the seeds of all bad sanskaars are destroyed by a yogi. This results in a situation that bad actions are not repeated under any circumstance by the yogi. He thus has burnt the seeds of  bad Sanskaars (dagdhbeej) or has got free of the trap of bad Sanskaars forcing bad actions. He moves straight towards Mukti like an armyman without stepping back.

He surrenders completely to Ishwar’s will and achieves ultimate bliss of Ishwar.

This process of destruction of seeds of sanskaars demands constant practice with full enthusiasm, confidence and faith on Ishwar for a period of time.


Majority of people ignore to use this WILL-POWER in right direction and hence basically act as puppets responding to strings of situations. They thus themselves stifle their progress. Yogis act in opposite manner.

That is why Geeta says that what is day for the world is night for Yogi and vice verse.

The more powerfully you use your WILL-POWER, faster you reach Mukti.

Q: You say Mukti demands knowledge. Does it mean I need to know everything about everything possible in world to achieve Mukti?

A: Even if you desire, you cannot know everything. Because you are not Ishwar.

The knowledge here refers to realization and not mundane knowledge. Thus we are referring to concepts that lead to intrinsic knowledge and not mugging up of anything.

Mugging up is also useful and helpful, but ONLY when it helps improve concepts.

Yajurveda 40.14 summarizes this beautifully: One who clearly understands the concept the Vidya (Knowledge) as well as Avidya, guides himself accordingly through actions from bondage of death to ultimate bliss of Mukti.


Q: Then what do you mean by knowledge and ignorance?

A: Yoga Darshan 2.5 explains this concept in most beautiful manner.

It defines 4 concepts to be Avidya or Ignorance:
a. To consider temporary to be permanent and vice verse.

For example, to consider that this body and manifest world will remain forever, and disregard the soul and Ishwar which are permanent. Most of us act accordingly and hence are entrenched in Avidya.

b. To consider impure as pure and vice verse.

For example, to consider that this body full of blood, excretion, urine etc to be pure and have lust towards physical body, sensuality and glamor, and disregard traits like truth, morality, Brahmacharya, self-control, compassion as impure.

c. To consider sorrow as happiness and vice versa.

For example, to conduct one as per dirty vices like lust, anger, greed, delusion, crush, grief, regret, jealousy, hatred, laziness, arrogance etc in false hope that they will provide happiness. And rejecting self-control, compassion, peace, diligence, sincerity, simplicity etc as source of sorrow.

d. To consider inert as conscious as vice verse.

For example, to consider that this body and mind are living. And disregard soul and Ishwar who are conscious entities.


When this Vidya or Knowledge is clearly established, there remains no more any purpose of being bonded in cycle of death and birth. The soul then gets free and obtains Mukti or eternal bliss.

Q: What do you mean by sorrow or miseries?

A: Again Yoga Darshan 2.3-9 explain sorrow most succinctly through their causes.

It says that there are 5 kinds of Klesha or Sorrows.

1. Avidya (Ignorance) which has been described above. This is considered mother of all sorrows and foundation of all other sorrows.

2. Asmita (Ego): To consider this mind, intellect, body to be the self and have false pride, superiority or inferiority complex. This must be destroyed through practice (Abhyas), intellect (Viveka) and renunciation (Vairagya).

3. Raga (Attachment): To have sanskaars or tendencies of feeling bliss through sensory inputs and having greed for more of them.

4. Dwesha (Repulsion): To have hatred against situations or things that caused us sensory grief in past.

5. Abhinivesh (Fear of Death): To have a desire to never die and remain alive always. All living beings – from an ant to most intelligent scholar – fear death and prevent themselves from facing death to extent possible. This itself is greatest evidence of rebirth. When one understands that only body dies but soul remains protected forever under Ishwar’s blessings, this is eradicated.

Q: So how can we obtain Mukti or salvation?

A: We have explained the principles and essence of this earlier. To put in a slightly more mundane form, Mukti happens through:

– Following the guidance of Ishwar as per ‘inner-voice’ and our best understanding of truth devoid of ego.

– Staying away from bad tendencies like sins, crimes, anger, frustration, regret, bad company, bad habits, intoxication, addiction etc.

– Proactively seeking truth, compassion, welfare of entire world, discipline, maintenance of health, worship of Ishwar, practice of meditation and putting best efforts.

– To be honest, sincere and without bias.

– To NOT RUN AWAY from duties as ordained by Ishwar for society and world.

We shall discuss this in more specific details later. But the wise can understand the future roadmap from discussion so far itself.

Q: What happens to soul in Mukti? Does it lose its identity like a drop of water in ocean?

A: If soul were to lose identity forever, it would already have done so and we would not have been interacting with each other. Because time has no beginning. So infinite time has passed since we have NOT lost our identity. Thus the probability of us losing this identity in future also is a perfect ZERO.

What happens is that soul maintains its identity in same manner as a ball of iron becomes in hot fire. It has its identity but is totally immersed in and out in bliss of Ishwar. Thus it loses its identity in same sense as we lose our identity when we get engrossed in some enjoyable task. But this is NOT absolute loss of identity.

Q: Where does the soul live in Mukti?

A: The soul lives within omnipresent Ishwar. Being completely under guidance of the One with perfect knowledge, it has no restrictions on its movements and locations.

Q: Does soul have a physical body during Mukti?

A: No. Physical body is no more relevant for it. Physical body is needed to practice moving towards Mukti and not after Mukti.

Q: Without a body, how does the soul enjoy bliss of Ishwar?

A: The basic powers of the soul that enable it to use the physical sense organs remain with the soul. It can hear, touch, see, taste, smell and think directly through use of will power. The limitations of physical body are no more required for the one who has broken all limitations to achieve Mukti.

Refer Vedanta 4.4.10-12,  Kathopanishad 2.3.10 and Chhandogya Upanishad 8.7.1. 8.12.5-6. 8.12.1 for more on this.

Q: Is Mukti eternal or unending?

A: No. If that had been so, we would all have obtained Mukti by now and no soul would have remained in the world trying for Mukti (freedom from existing bondage). The whole purpose of creation would have turned irrelevant then. And if we have been unable to get Mukti so far, it is impossible to ever get Mukti in future.

Because soul is unborn and time has no beginning. Thus as per Vedas, Geeta, Upanishads and every scripture, we have been in existence for INFINITE time. If we cannot get Mukti in INFINITE time, there is no way we can get Mukti EVER.


Hence, after period of Mukti is over, soul comes back to world and starts its journey to Mukti again.

However, the duration of Mukti is very high compared to human life. As per Mundakopanishad, this duration is equivalent to time span of 36000 cycles of creation. Each creation cycle is equal to 43.2*200 million years.

So when scriptures say that Mukti is endless, they imply that before this complete term of Mukti is over, the soul will NOT come into cycle of death and life.

Q: Any evidence from Vedas on Mukti not being endless?

A: Refer Rigveda 1.24.1-2:

Question: Whom do we consider the most pure? Who is the most enlightened one in entire world. Who provides us mother and father again in the world after gifting us ultimate bliss or Mukti?

Answer: The self-enlightening, eternal, ever-free Ishwar alone is most pure. He alone provides us mother and father again in the world after gifting us ultimate bliss or Mukti.

Shankaracharya in his treatise on Chandogya Upanishad (8.15.1 and 4.15.1) states that soul stays in Brahmaloka or Mukti till his duration is not complete. In explanation of 6.2.15, he states that souls stay in Mukti for several Samvastara (years). In his explanation of Shatpath Brahman, he writes that “If souls do not come back after salvation, then the word “Iha” in the mantra becomes meaningless.”

Q: What are the fallacies of considering endless Mukti?


1. It is against Vedas as per above reference.

2. Since soul is unborn and has existed for infinite time. Still it could not obtain Mukti. Thus Mukti automatically becomes impossible if it is eternal. OUR EXISTENCE IN NON-MUKTI STATE IS GREATEST PROOF OF MUKTI NOT BEING FOREVER.

3. Actions of a soul are limited. The fruits of limited actions CANNOT be unlimited.

4. If Mukti be eternal, the world shall come to end eventually after all souls obtain Mukti. Since souls are unborn, there cannot be possibility of new souls being created. And if souls are created, even their destruction becomes inevitable.

5. Unless Mukti is cyclical, even Mukti becomes a prison from where one cannot return.

6. Even the value of bliss reduces if it goes on for endless time. Note that soul is not Ishwar to be able to comprehend bliss in full. Its capacity to enjoy bliss is also limited. Thus only return of Mukti does best justice for the souls.

Q: If there is return from Mukti, then why put efforts for it? After all it is also temporary!

A: Soul has limited capacity and limited knowledge. Thus something that transcends its capacity to appreciate the length cannot be termed temporary.

On earth, we make great efforts to manage happiness for 1 hour, 1 day, few months, few years. We plan so much for a life of merely 100 years knowing fully well that it will end after that. We eat today and start planning for next meal tomorrow morning.

When one can make efforts for such short-term goals, why not make efforts for such a vast time-span of Mukti that is unimaginable for us?

Q: I see your arguments. But I believe in a different concept of Mukti. For example, I am still not convinced that Mukti is not eternal. I believe soul and Ishwar is One. I have other differences as well. What should I do?


1. Many of these differences emerge only because of differences in terminology and metaphors used to explain such concepts which demand highest level of mind-control to realize.

2. What exactly Mukti looks like can be understood only after we reach there. But one thing is clear and unambiguous – that this world that we see is not everything. There is something beyond it and our existence lies beyond the current birth and death. Mukti is, thus, what everyone should strive for.

3. Further understanding beyond this can come only through our own efforts resulting in personal realization.

Thus, EVEN IF YOU DIFFER, don’t worry. Regardless of what you or we think about concept of Mukti, the current duties and responsibilities to achieve that state is EXACTLY THE SAME FOR US – PUTTING EFFORTS FOR REMOVAL OF IGNORANCE.

Thus the road ahead is same for us, regardless of what the destination is conceived to be by each of us.

Whatever it would be, it would be the BEST for us. So let us work together on the common path.

Q: Mukti happens in one birth or several births?

A: It takes several births. Because eradication of each Sanskaar takes its due time and efforts. However please note that we do not know how many births we have already taken for this. So one should put best efforts to achieve Mukti in this birth itself. After all intensity of efforts itself counts the most in this.

Q: If there are several births, why don’t we remember them?


1. Soul has limited knowledge and hence cannot remember beyond what is stored in brain. Forget about previos birth, we don’t remember our stay in womb, our childhood, our dreams, our actions in last so many years etc. If I ask, what did you do or think twelve years after your birth on 4th month, 3rd day, 3 hour and 5 minutes? You simply cannot answer. In fact you cannot account for your thoughts even few hours ago. Does that mean you did not exist then?

2. We should thank Ishwar that we do not remember past lives and hence can work with freshness. We get frustrated by our deeds and thoughts and tragedies of this life itself and want to forget them. Imagine if all the miseries of past lives were also remembered by us. We would have died merely by remembering them!

Thus to know past lives is department of Ishwar. Our department is to use our will-power to remove ignorance through noble deeds.

Q: When we don’t even remember past deeds, why does Ishwar punish us for that?


If you have fever, you go to doctor for treatment. You do not know the cause of fever or how you contracted it. But you very well admit that some mistake must have happened causing this fever.

Similarly, remembrance of past deeds is not necessary to understand Ishwar’s law of Karma. We see such varieties in world, different social status, health, species etc. And we can well ascertain that everything is happening in such a planned manner with so intricate details that despite all the greatest claims of ‘modern science’ we have not even scratched 1% of surface.

The variety and planning in world lead us to conclude that the great planner provides us variety of situations based on past actions.

Smart people who introspect can witness the immediate benefits of good deeds and harms of bad deeds in near term itself. Then why should it not be extended beyond this life.

So even if we do not remember past lives, the world itself is witness to fact that Ishwar provides us situations as per our deeds continuously even after this life ends and new birth happens.

Q: When there are so many lives and Ishwar will keep giving me life after life, why should I hurry for Mukti? I am enjoying my present as well. So let me stay the way I am.

A: This logic seems to come from a smart MBA grad fresh out of B School! But Ishwar is smarter.

In this world, either you progress or you deteriorate. Stability without progress is ALSO deterioration. Look at world itself, you enjoy playing with a small baby. It is so lovely and cute. But we enjoy its cuteness only for few months. Imagine, if after several years also, the baby remains a small cute baby, what would happen? We all would start getting worried and consider it to be a rare serious disease. We all pray that children grow in most healthy manner and that is also what Ishwar demands from us through His creation.

Even in business affairs, if a company shows same performance year after year without showing growth, its valuation goes down very significantly.

In same manner, if we DO NOT put proactive efforts for progress, we are actually reducing our valuation. And hence the next life would be worse off than current one. Even to justify our being human beings, we have to put certain proactive efforts.

Q: Can animals not get Mukti?

Yes, they can. Because the souls in all living beings are identical. But they can strive for Mukti only after taking birth as human beings.

Remember, human is the ONLY species that has the potential to use the WILL-POWER to achieve salvation. Rest of the species are like treatment centers where they can only face fruits of actions done earlier so that their deeply ingrained Sanskaars are wiped out.

Thus humans who are obsessed with certain kinds of addictions or habits take birth in appropriate animal species so that they get opportunity to release those Sanskaars. Once these are released beyond a threshold, they become eligible to take birth as humans and then put efforts.

Hence, all human beings should put utmost efforts to ensure that they take next births as humans again and can continue their journey. There is nothing more precious than human-birth and we should make best use of this golden opportunity.

Q: But even ignorance is bliss. A wealthy person sleeps on luxury bed but is not happy. And a laborer sleeps on hard stones but is blessed with sound sleep. Animals in jungle live so happily. And humans keep worrying. So instead of knowledge, ignorance is bliss.

A: This is childish logic.

1. Grant a wealthy the option to become a laborer and grant a laborer the option to become wealthy immediately. Wealthy will never agree and laborer will immediately grab the option. If both had equal bliss, no one would have desired to change from current situation.

2. No sensible human would desire to become an animal because humans can access higher levels of happiness that animals cannot.

3. The cause of grief for the wealthy is NOT wealth but his defective way of thinking. This defective way is his own Karma or actions.

4. Ignorance puts limits in bliss-acquisition. It is natural for souls to progress from less knowledge to higher knowledge. You don’t enjoy the games of 1 year old toddler because of higher knowledge. What people compare ignorance with to claim “ignorance is bliss” is defective knowledge or Avidya itself.

But if you seek Vidya, you get higher and higher bliss. There is no other way.

Q: What is meant by Swarg/ Narak or Heaven/Hell.

A: Swa means happiness. To obtain happiness is Swarg or Heaven.

To obtain miseries is Narak or Hell.

They DO NOT refer to any imaginary place or location. They refer to situations we create for ourselves RIGHT NOW through our efforts.

And when we get into habit of seeking Swarg every moment, all roots of ignorance are destroyed and we obtain ultimate bliss or Ishwar.

We earnestly request all that they should STOP living in illusion of any special place like Heaven or Hell after death. They should stop believing that those who disagree with them will go to Hell and others will go to Heaven forever. They should be tolerant to all faiths and all people so far they are not criminals or nuisance creators. Compassion to ALL souls is necessary for getting Heaven here itself and then blessings of Ishwar in Mukti or Moksha.

Q: OK. I understand about removing ignorance to achieve salvation. Is that why one should go to remote place to meditate and achieve salvation?

A: Vedic knowledge DOES NOT mean memorizing certain verses or understanding certain concepts intellectually. It means complete understanding that is exhibited in thoughts, words and actions – in knowledge, actions and contemplations.

This is like learning bicycle. Merely reading a book on bicycle and its design will not help. You need to practice. There is simply no other alternative.

Similarly, to achieve salvation you need to be in the world, live like a lotus here, detached from the mud around, and put efforts for cleansing the system. To run for meditation when your duties demand your involvement in the world, will not lead to Mukti but dumbness – the opposite of Mukti.

Isolation may be useful in short-term for specific purpose, but Mukti CANNOT come without cooperation with other souls. Vedas have innumerable Suktas only on cooperation and collaboration. Those who attempt to seek Mukti without this most fundamental requirement of Vedas are merely in doldrums.

Q: Then what about those Sanyasis and Munis who used to meditate in jungles. Were they escapists?

A: If you are talking about present day Sanyasis in jungles, if they are there temporarily to rejuvenate themselves or because due to old age, they are unable to work proactively in society, that is perfectly fine.

But if they are able bodied and yet seek permanent reclusion, then they are being escapist and treading the way of dumbness. Vairagya from attachment should happen and NOT from actions.

Such artificial reclusion is insult of Ishwar. If Ishwar would have thought that isolation is best for you, he would have given you birth on some solitary planet and not in midst of a society full of people and facing problems and challenges. Further, even the knowledge you receive is through interaction with world. If you stop interaction, you lose chance for further knowledge enhancement.

If you were born in an idealistic society where everyone is performing his or her duties reasonably well, then perhaps you would have had the liberty to explore the world within away from hustle-bustle of crowd.

But today, when there is so much corruption, intolerance, hatred, poverty, grief, immorality etc in society, only a psychopath or an impotent coward would seek running away from these challenges, that Ishwar wants us to face, work upon and thereby obtain Vairagya and dispel ignorance.

Its a pity that in name of spiritualism, a large work force of our action-oriented nation escape away from their duties towards nation and society. In the process, not only do they retard their own progress and run towards dumbness, but do great damage to society and nation. This is the most painful face of anti-nationalism facing us.

If we look down the history, all those false babas, gurus, siddhas who were busy seeking silence of mind in isolation or doing petty magic tricks in name of spiritualism during the most turbulent years of our history are the most wrong examples of spiritualism that one can have. Unfortunately we are flooded by such false role models. That is why despite having best of spiritual foundation, we still are the weakest and most shamelessly helpless societies of the world facing one slap after another for last 1000 years at least.

Our real role models of spiritualism should be legends who rose to the challenges of nation and society and burnt away their self to serve the larger cause. They were the true seekers of Mukti and exemplified the concepts of Vidya and Vairagya for us through concrete actions. They are the true saints for us. I am talking of legends like Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Bismil, Ashfaqullah, Netaji, Azad and Swami Dayanand among innumerable other heroes.

Swami Dayanand used to run several miles daily, perform squats and pushups, practice Mudgar and do rigorous training throughout his life. Because the concept of Mukti is only for the strong and effortful.

May we all seek such a powerful vigorous selfless mission towards Mukti that is not restricted only to I but society, nation and entire humanity! May Ishwar grant us that strength, enthusiasm and purity right now!

In next article, we shall review methods of Mukti in more detail.

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  • There could be Swarga and Narak, as two celestial bodies where the souls are borne with special physical bodies to reap the fruits of their karma done on the earth. These births could be extreme cases for those miseries or pleasures that cannot be availed on the earth. For example, if somebody has done so a heinous crime that there is no befitting sorrow on the earth, he/she would take birth in a specific Narak (there could be various Naraks depending on their severity). Similarly, for the very pious acts, there could be a birth in a suitable Swarg (again there could be various Swargas). For an average person with moderate virtues/vices, the birth could be on the earth. Even, the most wicked and the virtuous will come down to the earth, once their duration of extreme agony/pleasures are over and the remaining agony/pleasures are available here. Depending on the remaining fruits of deeds, the souls can take birth in various species.


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  • Bhagavad Gita gist of all Vedic Scripture says

    sarva-dharman parityajya
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    man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
    mad-yaji mam namaskuru
    mam evaisyasi yuktvaivam
    atmanam mat-parayanah (9.34)

  • रामचंद्र और श्रीकृष्ण ब्राह्मण नही थे। वे क्षत्रिय थे।
    लोकेषणायाश्च वित्तैषणायाश्च पुत्रेषणायोत्थाय भैक्षचर्यं चरन्तः।

  • Dear Angira
    Yours question is.
    If you say soul can hear then if I am in deep mediatation and I focus on Soul of Krishna then will it hear.Please reply on this Agniveer Ji.

    Angira you have very good qestion and I think you can get answer from Swami Ramswaroop Ji, Ved Mandir.com wale. He is greate scholar of Veda, you can post this question there and they will answered you within 5 to 6 days.

  • Namaste

    You have quoted Shankracharya’s treatise on Chhandogya Upnishand and his explanation on Shatpath Brahman in order to provide additional evidences for temporariness of Mukti. I tried to locate it in the works of Shankaracharya but could not find his commentary of Chhandogya Upnishand and Shatpath Brahman. Can you tell what are the names of the books in which he provided the explanation of Chhandogya Upnishand and Shatpath Brahman.


  • please define a state called ‘vairagya’ . What is ‘sattvik vairagya’? If a person get vairagya , what should he do?

  • “mukti ke liye ghar chhodna aavashyak hai. kyonki vyakti nishkaam karm nahi kar sakta”, “yadi ghar nahi chhod sakte to mukti nahi milegi”
    – aisa kuch log kahte hain.

  • namaste agniveerji,
    i come nowhere near ur intellect.but a very small objection.u promote brahmacharya for a blissful life. U also said in ‘women in vedas’ girls have to enter married life.we all have natural affinity to opposite gender.i want to be blissful neglecting worldly momentary pleasures..at the same time,need love from a wife,and want to give birth to a noble son or daughter whom the world should be proud of. Which is my true inner voice?
    Dear aryaji,indian agnostic, kindly help me with your views too.pranams..

    • Namaste

      Brahmacharya does not mean celibacy. Brahmacharya means dedicating all actions for achievement of Brahma. If you find zero affinity to opposite gender, you can think of celibacy. But if that not be the case, or you have an objective of setting example in mainstream society and support noble actions, then follow the path of householder. Ram and Krishna were householders, but they were also Brahmachari because they exercised self-control and were focused on their goals.

      It is a pity that Brahmacharya is popularized as celibacy. Due to this many people do not marry at right age and then later, because they have not practiced self-control to be natural part of their disposition, they seek other ways to fulfill their desires. This only leads to perversion.

      If you want to decide whether celibacy is suitable for you, you can ask yourself:
      – Do you never get angry?
      – Do you never feel swayed by desire for recognition?
      – Do you never feel unaffected when pleased or censured?
      – Do you never feel desire to have companionship and emotional association?
      – Do you never feel unaffected by media hype and all nonsense around?
      – Do you never remain idle and are always into action regardless of success or failure?

      Don’t leave it to future that you would inculcate these qualities. Look in last 3 years of your life and see how much of control you have displayed naturally (not by force). And then if that not be the case, go for Grihastha ashram and continue your self-control practice after marriage.

      In fact, if these qualities have not been part of you since birth, it is better to practice these after marriage and set greater example. That way you would be much more useful for society.

      I personally know several Brahmacharis who did not marry at right age, give sermons on salvation and Yog, but seek opportunities to watch adult scenes, be in company of glamorous women, try to hug and touch everyone around etc. I do not completely blame them because the garb of “Brahmachari” or “Sanyas” has closed all their doors to vent their feelings in more appropriate ways. And self-control in these matters is difficult to come for those who are already desperate in these. Perhaps they should either marry if its still not too late, or focus more on gaining knowledge and strength for some time than giving sermons.

      On contrary, I know many a couple (not the old ones) who do not even feel the need to make sensuality a part of their relationship. They know this is something already under their access if they want but not something that they should be desperate about. They enjoy being friends to each other and aspire for spiritual goals. They are the real Brahmacharis.

      I hope that clarifies the concept of Brahmacharya as put in articles.


      • Dear Agni veer, if you are the real agniveer?

        Bramachary means student life ideally starts at age four those vows, not for married people etc. To learn self-control is not easy, even to find the right person for marriage is not easy. After a certain age usually 25 students are told to look for a wife/husband and start the next ashram called married life.

        These things are that make a person. Challenges are all around us, to do what is best is our duty. Claiming human laziness and Kali Yuga is no excuse. The purpose is to make a person strong healthy, able to control their senses, and concentrate. I lived in America and saw higher thinking very difficult for those who were sexually active at early age then not.

        What qualification you speak are not Vedic, as it is everyone right to Brahamachry. There is no sin in marriage and it is a better institute, then being a fraud. Early marriage is too a blessing. Many of the great rishi don’t have all the qualities you speak, even some of the great rishi’s were married. Bramachara ENDS WITH MARRIAGE and this should be understood by all, it even ends when touch of sensuality is felt. IF YOU HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP THEN YOU ARE MARRIED ACCORDING to Hindu Dharma hence cannot be brahachary or hope to be. Yes, married people can practice self-control have right to achieve the highest achievement. No they cannot be bramachary, meaning also virgins, students as they would have experience hence would be married .

        Because of TV and over sexual exposed people have more difficulty in practicing self control then the past. Children are inundated with sexual explicit material, mental problems, etc.
        There are many frauds claim to be a brahmachara. But I disagree with your point and it is better you stick to Dharma that too Vedic dharma, then claim brahmachary while married such false statement is foolish. It brings disrepute.

        Laziness is manifold, a person can be lazy in thinking, could be unable, and expect something less then perfection. But person doing their duty one is never lazy.

        Totally disagree with your assessment speaking with arrogance that we must have some before qualification that only a few have a right to practice. Yes, after 25 years student life one should get married have children that is the best and proscribe by vedas, only those who have no desires for or inclination should not. Stick with Hindu Dharma and not go against it, and keep out preconceived notions or conditioning to yourself. Please, speak Vedas not your conditioning.

      • Namaste

        I believe we both are speaking same thing but with different languages.

        Brahmacharya means technically Living for achieving Brahma. It refers to first phase of life because then one’s focus is solely to develop oneself to be able to achieve Brahma. For first 24 years of life, Brahmacharya is essential to lay a strong foundation for future. Thus student life is also called Brahmacharya.

        But that does not mean the a Grihastha, Vaanaprasthi or Sanyasi cannot be brahmachari. Normally celibate Brahmacharis are called Naishthik Brahmachari and any self-controlled person is called Brahmachari in general. Yoga Darshan Vyas Bhashya states that control of sex-organs is called Brahmacharya. Manusmriti 3.50 clearly states that a Grihastha who keeps self-control is also a Brahmachari.

        Brahmacharya has great virtues no doubt. But in current scenario when even the first phase of education is not completed properly, celibacy is not recommended for most people unless they exhibit certain traits to be able to continue the same without falling down.

        We stand by our views that there has to be some qualifications before one decides to be celibate for entire life. This is in best interest of society and the person. In earlier era, education was structured to provide natural environment for lifelong celibacy for those interested. Even then not everyone could follow this path. Today Brahmacharya virtues are not inculcated from childhood. Most people who decide to be celibate do so after some short-term urge. This is not long-lasting and not in best interest for him and society. Thus those who cannot follow Brahmacharya should not remain celibate throughout. And there should be some thorough introspection to judge whether one should remain Brahmachari+ celibate forever.

        However, even if one is not celibate, he or she can remain Brahmachari as per Vedic texts. This is as per Manu Smriti and Yoga Darshan. And there is no mantra in Vedas that state that only unmarried people are Brahmacharis. Thus Ram and Krishna were also Brahmachari as per meaning of the word, Yoga Darshan and Manu Smriti. We are completely in sync with what these texts speak on this subject and have nothing new to add.


      • Dear Agniveer;

        Let me clarify that once one is married according to Hindu dharma the /vedas one cannot become unmarried again. As we speaking of the four ashrams not the technical meanings of the individual word. Yes, there is thing that some of the vows of brahmacharya continue into married life like not having affairs, practicing self control, not having any vice etc.But there is a different responsibility from being a brahmachary then being married. Each having different duties as brahmachary does not understand certain aspects of life..Finial if it has not risen to the level of being written in Vedas then I think it is not necessarily true.

        My personal experience when I got married, yet my wife was still living in her parents house. She came over and visited. Since I and she were married Legal , I just hugged her and the thread broke. It just a simple touch, overwhelming feeling that I have entered married life, felt sadness not finding that thread knowing that I could not go back to being a brahmacharya having escapism of being innocent. Now anyone who has been married knows the tradition is to take off the Brahmacharya thread and put on the householder thread. Meaning one enters a new ashram called married life and takes the responsibilities of…

        I do agree one should not be false, only those very people who have no urge to marry, or no inclination absolutely to marry should not, and they are extremely rare. If one has the slightest attraction they should marry after brahmachary . Marriage is not sin. Marriage has many benefits , and is very important. It is better to marry then try to be false brahmaachary., and after 25 years the emphasis is to get married. Lots of aspects of life is only learned after marriage.

        There is great sin done by being a false brahmachary.to oneself and others.

        One should try their best to be brahmacharya for first twenty four years, but if mistakes happen marriage is a good and respectable, and any person even in marriage still has right to achieve their spiritual goals, and practice self control.. .Again it is not a sin to marry even early and still is considered a good thing..

        So in this aspect bramacharia vows are life long, but the ashram of bramacharya is only till marriage.

  • namaste agniveerji,
    how does makarajyothi star appear in the dawn at sabarimala in kerala?
    I hav witnessed this miracle.it is absolutely a star that appear 3 times for some seconds only on that day,same time every year.
    Do u consider this supernatural or divine?
    NASA or ISRO cannot find this star. It appears only when the shrine door opens 3 times. Please throw some light on this. I am a regular reader of ur articles.absolutely brilliant and motivating.i am following vedic dharma and spreading ur message too.

  • Is there any refer of unforgivable sin in Vedas or in Hinduism generally? Umforgivable means if one commited there is no hope for salvation and one have to suffer in hell eternally

    • No, such a concept does not exist in Vedas. Souls have limited potential which means there potential to do sin is also limited. Further as per Theory of Karma, the soul is independent only in Sankalpa or deciding the intent. What actually happens is beyond the capacity of soul.

      There is no eternal Hell as per Vedas. Hell and Heaven are states that exist right here.


  • dhanyavaad agniveer ji 🙂 maine anubhav kiya hai ki “soch sochkar soch sochkar aadami kya karna chahiye aisa kewal sochna hi seekh sakta hai.bina purushaarth kiye koi bhi kaarya sambhav nahi hota.”

    • किसी भी जीव से द्वेष करना वेद विरुद्ध है. चाहे अँगरेज़ हो चाहे पाकिस्तानी, चाहे हिन्दू चाहे मुसलमान चाहे ईसाई – सब हमारे ही परिवार जन है. सब में बंधुत्व का भाव ही रखना चाहिए. वेद कहता ही हम एक दुसरे से ऐसे प्रेम करें जैसे गाय अपने जन्मजात बछड़े से करती है.

  • prashn

    • नमस्ते
      १. हमे लेखों का हिंदी अनुवाद करने वालों की आवश्यकता है. यदि आप सहयोग दे सकते हैं तो संपर्क करें.
      २. ब्राह्मण का अर्थ विद्वान् सात्त्विक व्यक्ति होता है. अतः मोक्ष के लिए ब्राह्मण बनना आवश्यक है. किन्तु इसका जन्मा से कोई लेना देना नहीं है. कोई भी व्यक्ति पुरुषार्थ द्वारा ब्राह्मण बन सकता है.
      ३. परमात्मा ही आनंदस्वरूप है. उसके प्रत्यक्ष से असीम आनंद की अनुभूति होती है. एवं अन्य आनंद की आवश्यकता नहीं रह जाती. दोष केवल ईश्वर के सान्निध्य से ही दूर हो सकते हैं. किन्तु ईश्वर का सान्निध्य संस्कार से होता है. संस्कार ज्ञान से बनते हैं. ज्ञान कर्म से ही संभव है. एवं ज्ञान की पुष्टि उपासना से ही होती है. अतः ज्ञान कर्म उपासना द्वारा ही ईश्वर का प्रत्यक्ष हो सकता है. बिना संसार में उत्तम कर्म किये ईश्वर प्राप्ति नहीं हो सकती.
      ४. मृत्यु के अनेक कारण निमित्त बन सकते हैं – जैसे स्वास्थ्य की अवहेलना, विषाक्त भोजन, जन्मजात रोग, आदि. राजीवजी के विषय में क्या सत्य है यह तो हमे नहीं पता. किन्तु यह निश्चय है की वे स्वदेशी आन्दोलन के महत्त्वपूर्ण नेता थे एवं इस दुर्घटना से अपार क्षति हुई है. हमे अपने कर्मों द्वारा इस क्षति तो पूरा करने का यथेष्ट प्रयास करना चाहिए.
      ५. आप क्या बनोगे यह इस पर निर्भर करता है कि आपके संस्कार कैसे हैं? संस्कार मात्र भाषा जानने से नहीं बनते. अपितु अधिक भाषा जानने से व्यक्ति विद्वान् निश्चित रूप से बनेगा. यदि अंग्रेजी जानने से अँगरेज़ बनता तो दस दस भाषाओँ को जानने वाला क्या बनेगा? और वैसे भी यदि अँगरेज़ भी बन गए तो बुराई क्या है, यदि संस्कार उत्तम हो तो? आखिर समस्त मानव जाती एक ही परिवार तो है.


    • @Agniveer & its patrons
      WE have refuted the Agniveer & its claim of having re-incarnation & salvation concept in Veda. Veda nowhere claim or approve theory of soul reincarnation and salvation. Look here the rebuttals made by Great Islamic Scholars “Zakir Bhai & Co”:-
      “No Reincarnation, No Moksha, No Mukti in the Vedas ”
      Oh Hindu why do you believe in re-birth? Do you have lost your intelligence?

      • Scientists have agreed upon this. Please read this:


        Its scientific and Doctors accept its validity. Tell your Sultan to learn science. It is obvious that he does not know it.

        “Stephen Prothero, religion professor at Boston University, has long framed the American propensity for “the divine-deli-cafeteria religion” as “very much in the spirit of Hinduism. You’re not picking and choosing from different religions, because they’re all the same,” he says. Then there’s the question of what happens when you die. Christians traditionally believe that bodies and souls are sacred, that together they comprise the “self,” and that at the end of time they will be reunited in the Resurrection. You need both, in other words, and you need them forever. Hindus believe no such thing. At death, the body burns on a pyre, while the spirit—where identity resides—escapes. In reincarnation, central to Hinduism, selves come back to earth again and again in different bodies. So here is another way in which Americans are becoming more Hindu: 24 percent of Americans say they believe in reincarnation, according to a 2008 Harris poll. So agnostic are we about the ultimate fates of our bodies that we’re burning them—like Hindus—after death.” – Lisa Miller

      • slave of islam
        why you believe in shooting stars, flat earth, flying donkey, 72 virgins,talking ants
        do you lost your intelligence?

      • Dear Slave of Islam

        We would talk with you if you would write your true identity or name.Is it your name “Slave of Islam”?If you are a slave then it means that you are weak.So Hindus should awake and should not be converted into Muslims.Because they will have to become slaves if they convert.

        And are you blind?Because you cannot see the refutations of Zakir Naik by many persons on this site.

      • A point of View on Debate to Blind Believer of Islam :-

        A debate had to be made only with people who can think logically,rationally and scientifically.Else it will be worthless.If one person is repeating the illogical statements (after proving that the statement is illogical )there is no use on debating with him.He will repeat the same statements thinking it is correct.
        Heaven,Hell,God in the sky,Kaffirs etc are not in any sense logical,rational & sceintific.But Quran is useful if we consider it as a puranic story and to adopt good messages from that story(reject the bad messages also).
        Quran is a good religious book (Good – those contains more good in it ,Bad – those contains more bad in it) for those who can select good messages from it and bad for those who are blindly following it.
        Some fake scholars with hidden agenda is brain washing the Muslim youth with false statements and manipulated proofs.They are claiming Mohammed in Vedas and Purana which can be easily proved false by a vedic scholar. And there also arise a question that if Mohammed is mentioned in Vedas why cant you embrace Vedas?A religion had to be preached in the way of satya and dharma else all the false statements will be once proved to be false and it will negatively effect the believers of that religion.
        All religions are for peace of mind.Islam also is the religion of peace but if Muslims youths follow the fake scholars Islam will be the religion of “rest in peace”.

      • Karma based reincarnation in the Vedas:

        “O soul, God grants for thy bodies in different births, according to thy DEEDS a happy or unhappy place on this earth. May radiant beams prove helpful to thee!” (Chapter 35, verse 2) Translated by Devi Chand M.A.

        – This is very clear that the Veda is talking about Karma. The fact that the word DEEDS is used is very clear indicator of it. And it also talks about different births, which is also clear about reincarnation.

  • //Yes I have wisdom of Bhartiya science//

    Congratulations ! hope one day you would be able to throw some light on the quantum clone questions i raised 🙂

    I respect the wisdom of Vedas immensely but not at the cost of denigrating contemporary science.

    If anybody points out the limitations of science (like the limitations/flaws as regards empiricism) logically ..i welcome such criticisms

    but downplaying it without any logical basis is unfair..and that is what you did sir ..i don;t know why!

    //You seems to not follow Vedic religion you are making fun here.//

    I am an agnostic, which reflects in my nick too…so i am absolutely clear about who i am.

    i follow whatever stands on reason and logic and reject whatever is irrational and harmful for the self and society..does that sound like making fun?

    a pure ,rational mind and heart full of compassion is enough for wisdom to shine by itself within any human soul…if it was all about a book … God has done great injustice to the amazon tribes by not sending a great pandit like you to amazon and the cannibal tribes of africa

    the divine vibrates in every heart ..whosoever looks inwards with purity gets guided

    having said that , i do believe that Vedas provide the right path and guidelines to help us attain this wisdom in a right manner and in an accelerated fashion..to me that is a huge bonus ..but not the ONLY OPTION to become wise ..we have had wise men despite of books and evil men in-spite of books

    //No use of discussing but I would like to give u answer and sent me e-mail on [email protected]
    This answer is not in SP.It is hidden treasure which I found after 5 months of reading these lines in SP.
    May God bless you and do meditation one hour in morning whcih will take you to higher levels.//

    Fine sir ..i am sending you a mail in the hope that it would be for enlightenment and not belittling poor scientists

    thanks for the advise .. i meditate for 15 minutes ..will try the hour long sessions 🙂

  • ) Even you have taken western education..by that logic you shouldn’t be discussing with yourself

    I have not taken western education I just know how to read and write in Egnlish I am from hindi medium.And I am not BTECT,BE and DR.But Yes I have wisdom of Bhartiya science.

    b) I don’t blindly believe in ANY BOOK ..but don;t presume i have not read it. Even SP states that the emancipated soul has ACTUALLY ONE POWER but can be categorized into 24 varieties…go check it in the 9th chapter… You haven;t yourself read the SP i guess ..if you are a lakeer ka fakeer ..you must be a good one at that

    you are the champion of books ..I don;t believe in written text blindly ..if you have the answer share it or else shove the arrogance where the sun don;t shine

    I am not champion of books,first time I came here and saw that qualification and etx is require for debate so I put and I mentioned that I am nota ascholar just student.You seems to not follow Vedic religion you are making fun here.

    your answer to 1) has this flaw
    from SP itself – you are confused between shabda and speech and hence you treat both communications as the same..you must know that the first one does not need instruments of hearing…yes you indeed are an entry level scholar ..entry level and scholar both !

    catch 22 in your answer to 2)the emancipated soul by indulging with bound souls would again invite misery ..but by the very definition of an emancipated soul it is liberated from miseries ..can an emancipated soul be miserably -immiserable at the same time?

    your answe number 3 ) is sheer ignorant arrogance.and wrong even from a lakeer ka fakeer perspective: as already told … the SP has that the power is actually one but of 24 varieties.Also i never said that the soul is material ..i said that for a soul to interact with the phyical world it is BOUND to a body ..emancipated souls have powers BUT NO PHYSICAL BODIES

    go read SP again dear entry level scholar!

    No use of discussing but I would like to give u answer and sent me e-mail on [email protected]

    This answer is not in SP.It is hidden treasure which I found after 5 months of reading these lines in SP.

    May God bless you and do meditation one hour in morning whcih will take you to higher levels.

    This is my last reply to all.


  • Although I should not but I am doing

    1) why would a mukta soul need to communicate with other souls ?

    Why not ,they can communicate as Satyarth praksh mentiones 24 kind of power they have during moksha and if they want they can communicate.So please read SP.

    2) The limited senses of hearing/seeing/touching etc.. are required for a bound soul..why do you think that a mukta soul would need such low level instruments of cognition ?

    Well Vedas say that 24 kind of powers they have and senses of hearing/seeing/touching etc are thier in Moksha if they souls want.

    3. Liberation would mean that the the soul has transcended the need of births and deaths ..and hence is free from karma …for interacting with bound souls the mukta will have to be born again ..as karma cannot happen in absence of a body ..right? So isn’t it rational to believe that such a great soul would only be available in a human form and not some high freq radio wave?

    First souls does not have nay form and not even human form it is subtle at the centre of two points on chest and few inches above navel it resides.It is very Subtle in nature and resides theit.No fomr it is like a light.So it can only be felt like a light whcih is closest I can describe.Soul can make itself felt and take form if required but it will be form of some bliss etc.

    Please read Satyarth Prakash and do not ask questions which are already given in SP.

    I am not going to discuss anything whcih is already preent in Satyarth Prakash and in case you have any doubt on Quantum State or Mechanics please feel free to send me e-mail I will be more then happy.

    I am here to get serious answer “If we meditate than we can reach them”

    • All

      Please do not discuss with me if you have taken western Education.

      My Science of Quantum Mechanics is from Upanishads and Vedas not from New PGBTECH which is old Technology.

      Whatever I have mentioned Genetic Enginerring is new word but my wisdom is from my country.

      Any person who claims to be Engineer and Dr of Modern one should not discuss as they are like innocent child who are reading old technology which is still in nascent stage.

      Read Vedas they explain multi-universe concept and all wisdom


      • @Angira

        a) Even you have taken western education..by that logic you shouldn’t be discussing with yourself
        b) I don’t blindly believe in ANY BOOK ..but don;t presume i have not read it. Even SP states that the emancipated soul has ACTUALLY ONE POWER but can be categorized into 24 varieties…go check it in the 9th chapter… You haven;t yourself read the SP i guess ..if you are a lakeer ka fakeer ..you must be a good one at that

        you are the champion of books ..I don;t believe in written text blindly ..if you have the answer share it or else shove the arrogance where the sun don;t shine 🙂

        your answer to 1) has this flaw
        from SP itself – you are confused between shabda and speech and hence you treat both communications as the same..you must know that the first one does not need instruments of hearing…yes you indeed are an entry level scholar ..entry level and scholar both ! 😉

        catch 22 in your answer to 2)the emancipated soul by indulging with bound souls would again invite misery ..but by the very definition of an emancipated soul it is liberated from miseries ..can an emancipated soul be miserably -immiserable at the same time?

        your answe number 3 ) is sheer ignorant arrogance.and wrong even from a lakeer ka fakeer perspective: as already told … the SP has that the power is actually one but of 24 varieties.Also i never said that the soul is material ..i said that for a soul to interact with the phyical world it is BOUND to a body ..emancipated souls have powers BUT NO PHYSICAL BODIES

        go read SP again dear entry level scholar!

  • My Education for Debate as asked on this website is.

    I am Entry level scholar with bit of understanding of
    * Stayarth PRakash
    * Vedas
    *Vedic Sampathi
    *Hisotry of India
    *Manu Smriti
    *Chanakya Niti.
    *Quantum Mechanics
    *Genetic Engineering
    Some more but Basic understanding and would like to debate on this topic withSomeone of the same level.Not for win or loss but to share Light of Truth with all.As Something whcih cannot go by true discussion can never be considered as Truth.Tark ke Tarazoo par se ho kar hi sach ka pata chalta hai.

    • learned one ..please answer the three questions.

      tarka ke tarazoo mein apne gyan ke bataashe udelna shuru karein muniwar!

      by the way ..i would also discuss quantum mech with you as it relates closely to to the frequency of vibration you were talking about 🙂

      I am a PG ( grad:btech) ..hope you would be kind enough to enlighten me 🙂

      • @Angira

        what does your Vedas have to say about the possibility of quantum cloning : possible or not?

        kindly quote the Vedic reference for the benefit of all


  • I will wait for your answer please e-mail me at [email protected] as this will require some Yogi like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.No hurries I know it is beyond anyone here and no use of discussing without any reasoning.

    I don’t want to discuss to prove anything right or wrong.

  • All
    This is how it works,Human body is resonating at a frequency and that frequency is tuned to a different level whcih is resonating at another frequency.

    Souls are at higher level and when one mediates he also reaches that frequency where he can talk to those enlightened souls.

    And souls as mentioned by Agniveer ji can listen,talk and take form so all these souls once called with true heart and mid will come to you and give you darshan.

    this implies Krishna can caome and give darshan and if required he can touch and feel.Thus he can help humanity.

    Vande Matram

      • Please do not bring some evil like Muhammad here in this discussion.Please be happy with hinuism.org as even hindus do not do what u present.May Hanuman take away Muhammad and give him few good shots

      • thats why it said half minded thinking is very dangerous.u know not your own religion and commenting on other religion. is that not mentioned our prophet in hindu scripture ? and is it not preeches that god is one and worship him alone ? dont get inspire of your own by listening some others. verify after you listen weather its write or wrong. have u studied ramayana bala kanda, it says, “kausalya supraja rama purva sandya pravartha the…….” it speeks about rama praying to almighty god. we wont pray our prophet nor worship him. we just respect him and try to follow him. blindly we wont worship what ever is in the front. the most practiseing religion interms of worship in world is islam. but we wont insult any other faiths. if u saw any one of such type , then they or not muslim.

      • Dear Ibrahim,

        This is where you go wrong. Remember, when Almighty God assumes a human incarnation, He performs all duties and religious practices that are required by humans. This is called “Nar Leela” ie, God in human incarnation. It is a fact that God Ram used to perform ‘Trikaal Sandhya’ as is customary in Sanatan Dharm. Also, God Ram was a great devotee of God Shiv, just because He was a human incarnation. Not only that, God Ram was also taught the Surya Hriday Mantra prior to His battle with demon Raavan. Why ? So that humanity as a whole benefits from such divine unique knowledge.

        When you refuse to accept the Absolute Divinity of God Ram and God Krishn because of your limited human logic, you actually try in vain to limit the essence of Almighty God (Allah). You are right, nobody should worship Mohammad since he was just a mere mortal; whatever Mohammad did even normal people like you and myself can do ! No big deal there.

        Almighty God Himself says in the Srimad Bhagvad Gita –

        yada yada hi dharmasya
        glanir bhavati bharata
        abhyutthanam adharmasya
        tadatmanam srjamy aham


        Whenever and wherever there is a decline in Dharm, O descendant of Bharat, and a predominant rise of irreligion–at that time I descend Myself.

        You see, God is realized. It is not by reading a book five times a day that you will find the truth about God. All you will get is somebody’s interpretation of the Absolute Divine. And yet, only fools try getting to the truth through debates and conquests and what have you. If you convince 10 people that 2 + 2 = 5; that will not make 2+2 = 5. And if by chance a significant portion of people are led astray and start believing that 2 + 2 makes five; that is when Almighty God assumes an Incarnation As promised in the Srimad Bhagvad Gita.

        Please do not hesitate contacting myself with any further questions you may have.

        Hari Om.

    • Please do not praise any Article until u r convinced i.e it is judged on tarazoo of discussion.Still they all have to answer my questions which I posed to all in thsi group.

      Either it will be answered or taken off by Agniveer Ji

      • @Angira

        you jumped in with your gada straight away ..otherwise you would have noted that some people do have healthy disagreements here (including myself) with the ideology presented in this article.

        Please feel free to ask any questions or enlighten us with your wisdom.

        The article is brilliant because i agree with it on the vyavaharika level.

        as you would have noticed i have posted two questions to you ..here’s the third one

        3. Liberation would mean that the the soul has transcended the need of births and deaths ..and hence is free from karma …for interacting with bound souls the mukta will have to be born again ..as karma cannot happen in absence of a body ..right? So isn’t it rational to believe that such a great soul would only be available in a human form and not some high freq radio wave?

  • If you say soul can hear then if I am in deep mediatation and I focus on Soul of Krishna then will it hear.Please reply on this Agniveer Ji.
    hare Krishna

      • Brother I have been through that but my question is can I meditate and call soul if soul can hear me.Please be clear and specific

      • @Angira
        Brother, I think in Samaadhi stage, you are in the state of experiencing bliss of Eeshvar. So its Eeshvar, through which you should be able to send any message to anyone without even saying a single word! This is what I think. Experts of Yog can rectify it!

      • TO All Agniveer Ji,Arya Musafir Ji and All the scholars.

        Please do let me know if Soul can hear then I can make you sure that it will hear us also in moskha if if it wants to and if we really focus on that holy soul.It will come to us and will make its presence felt.

        Please ask any Vedic scholar about this.

        Please do reply to me as this is not answered in Satayart prakash also.

      • This is wrong ISWAR is at highest level and when you reach at that level you shoudl be able to communicate with any soul.Actually even before that level we should be able to communictae with any sould as iswar is highest not souls

      • Dear @Angira

        please think about these

        1) why would a mukta soul need to communicate with other souls ?
        2) The limited senses of hearing/seeing/touching etc.. are required for a bound soul..why do you think that a mukta soul would need such low level instruments of cognition ?

        the senses give us a limited and distorted picture of the cosmos already ..actually VAK (speech) is called the biggest impediment to liberation but a necessary evil for the same!

        if you can answer these two points ..i hope your question would vanish automatically

      • Angira Jee,

        To answer your question, first we should know that meditation is a generic word meaning concentrating our mind on something. As the intensity of meditation increases, our identity with our body starts being replaced by the subject of meditation. At a very intense level, we start identifying with the subject of meditation and have no feeling about our own body. This stage of meditation is called Samadhi. Now, there are various types of Samadhis depending upon the characteristic of the subject of meditation. At the gross level it will be a physical entity (sthul vishay) such as a Murti or the physical body of guru etc. As you go on finer and finer subjects such as imagination of the Sun or listening inner mystical sound (anahat nad) the type of Samadhi is also changed. At the finest / highest level, it is called Nirbeej Samadhi. This is the highest blissful state and the feeling of self is totally dissolved with the Atma as only this could be the subject of this Samadhi. At this stage, you have just only feeling of infinite bliss, limitless, all knowing etc. You don’t need to hear because you know without hearing.

        As far as hearing is concerned, you don’t hear even at the lower levels of samadhi or even in the state of reasonably deep meditation. You might have noticed when practicing meditation. A good measurement of degree of meditation could be the feeling of timelessness. Even if you meditate say for half an hour, after returning to your normal state, you will feel as if you have passed only 10 minutes. For better understanding, read the Patanjali yog sutras and its commentary by Swami Vivekananda or somebody who is a realized soul.

        OM Shantihi – 3

      • @Agniveer/Other Scholar
        Can we say body is fragment of matter (Prakriti)? If Yes. Why not we can say soul (sprite) is fragment of supreme sprite (God)?

      • @ TS: I am not sure what you are trying to ask. But if you are asking or pointing to linkage between Atman and Brahman, there is a famous saying in Katha Upanishad which goes “THIS is THAT.”

      • @Apolloreach
        Brother, I am asking regarding the ideology which says spirit is fragment of Supreme sprite. Why Then, scholar like Agniveer denying this fact.
        When I say “Ishwar ansh jeev avinashi chetan amal sahaj sukh rashi”(Meaning is that soul is immortal and is a part of Almighty God. The soul is alive, far from illusion and is a form of pleasure)
        But Vedic scholar response to this like this:-
        “Yajurveda mantra 40/8, God is “Avarnnam” i.e., no hole can be pierced into God then question of making part of God does not arise. You see, even not even a minutest hole can be made into the air, which is a part of creation, then how can a part of creator Himself be made.”

        This is confusing for me. What u think on this.

      • @ TS: I saw that post. YV 40/8 can be a response if the question was whether a human is a miniscule piece of Brahman PHYSICALLY. We are obviously not. And the way we are connected with God can be seen here among other places in Rig Veda – It is I who have placed in every plant a seed. It is I who have placed a seed in all creatures. It is I who bring forth children on the earth….RV 10/183

        Our ATMAN is obviously part of the BRAHMAN. Within YV 40, the base for understanding SELF (found in Upanishads) and the SELF being not different from Brahman can be found just a few few verses above the 8th one.

      • @Apolloreach

        “Our ATMAN is obviously part of the BRAHMAN”

        What does that mean? ATMAN and BRAHMAN are different from each other. How can one be a part of the other. Plz elaborate on this.

      • @ Learner: Here is the elaboration, based on an Upanishadic statement – “Just as rivers flowing to the ocean merge in it, losing their name and form, so the wise man, freed from name and form, attains the supreme, divine Purusha” and this why, upon securing the right knowledge, atman becomes part of Brahman.

      • @Apolloreach

        could you plz provide an authentic reference for your upanishdic elaboration.

        plz refer to the original question that was asked by truth seeker at the beginning of this discussion. The question was:
        Brother, I am asking regarding the ideology which says spirit is fragment of Supreme sprite.”

        And your response is “Our ATMAN is obviously part of the BRAHMAN”.

        Also when you say that “upon securing the right knowledge, atman becomes part of Brahman”, plz notice that your answer does not match the context because attaining the supreme divine purush does not mean becoming a part of BRAHMAN that way.

  • If you say soul can hear then if I am in deep mediatation and I focus on Soul of Krishna then will it hear.Please reply on this Agniveer Ji.

    • Namaste

      The coarse sense organs do not exist. But the subtle powers that cause these coarse organs to function to exist with soul. Actually the power is one but can be segregated into different kinds.

      However whether you can use it to communicate with Krishna or Kansa is a different question. I ask you, can you break your television by throwing it on floor? Would you ever do it?

      Similarly, an enlightened soul will not conduct any action out of craze. Since its in perfect harmony with purpose of Ishwar, it will only act in most purposeful manner.

      What those actions would be can only be explained by someone having first-hand experience.


      • Salvation in Veda
        Sugandhim = having fame, pushtivardhnam = who increases powers, treyambakam = who save us in past, present and future, yajamahe = we worship that God, urvarukmiv = like ripened musk melon, bandhnat = from binding, mrityoh= from death, mukshiy = to be free, amritat= from salvation, ma, aa= not.

        Full meaning:
        We worship the God who is having fame, increases power and who saves us. May I be free from death like ripened musk melon and one should not be away from getting salvation. Here is a word yajamahe, which means to worship daily and to be attached with God. So we must worship daily while doing yajna and jaap of holy name of God. And by practicing ashtang yoga. This is what the mantra is telling. So according to mantra we must worship the God whose qualities have been described in the mantra. And this mantra must be chanted while doing Yajna (Yagya) offering our aahuti of ghee and samagri in havan kund. We have to follow the order of the mantra. Suppose we do not worship to do Yajna or to do jaap of holy name of God, then it is of no use of mere chanting. So one thing is clear that its name is not Mahamritanjay mantra. It is Rigveda and Yajurved’s mantra which tells us about God.

  • Without a body, how does the soul enjoy bliss of Ishwar?
    A: The basic powers of the soul that enable it to use the physical sense organs remain with the soul. It can hear, touch, see, taste, smell and think directly through use of will power. The limitations of physical body are no more required for the one who has broken all limitations to achieve Mukti.

    If you say soul can hear then if I am in deep mediatation and I focus on Soul of Krishna then will it hear.Please reply on this Agniveer Ji.