Samaveda (Gujarati)

Samaveda is the Veda of devotion. It focuses on developing the emotional connect with Ishwar. The study and practice of Vedas without this emotional connect is a fruitless exercise. Thus, Samaveda is the heart of all the Vedas.

Darshan Yog Mahavidyalaya has done a commendable job by bringing Samaveda Commentary in Gujarati. We are proud to present this commentary to our readers and urge them to not only study it thoroughly but also feel free to distribute.

In future, we shall be bringing translations of all Vedas in as many languages as possible so as to spread the nectar of Anand and thwart the misconceptions created on Vedas due to bogus translations of incompetent and biased western indologists like Max Muller, Griffith and others.

Samaveda (Gujarati)
Samaveda (Gujarati)

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

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