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Kanhaiya and supporters, anti-nationals, separatists – totally ripped apart in this expose.
In this video, Agniveer exposes Kanhaiya Kumar’s terror links. And how dangerous is this support for separatism in name of freedom of expression. Thanks to Barkha Dutt for giving words and arguments to expose her own hollow stance as well as that of all politicians, journalists etc who show soft-corner to a shameless separatist hate-monger.

Strongest ever reply to Rahul Gandhis, Kejriwals, Barkha Dutts, Sagarikas, Rajdeeps etc who are knowingly or unknowingly strengthening terrorists and anti-nationals.

Here is Mr Sanjeev Neewar- an IIT-IIM alumnus and founder of Agniveer- ripping apart all supporters of Kanhaiya and gang, anti-nationalism, Kashmiri Separatism. Spread it far and wide.

Transcript of video

“Vande Maataram friends,

I have just uploaded a video on Youtube whose link can be found in description below. This is the very same video, whose voice was superimposed on Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech because of which it was said that Kahaiya’s speech is doctored. And it’s heard that many media channels have repeatedly shown this video as well. I also saw this video for the very first time and I was extremely shocked by it. Shocked because, after watching and understanding this video, and the video of speech given by Kanhaiya Kumar immediately after his jail release, if our intellectuals and politicians and our so-called eminent journalists are still not able to understand that they are very clearly supporting and endorsing a bloody blatant case of traitorship, then either they are complete idiots or else, more clever than they pretend.

Let me tell you some of the slogans which have been shouted in this video (link to which can be found in description of this video). It’s been said, ‘We will achieve Azadi (liberation) by fighting! Afzal wanted azadi! ‘Ashfaq’ wanted Azadi! ‘ Friends, let me tell you about this Ashfaq. This Ashfaq was commander in chief of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), a terrorist who committed numerous massacres. After which our army neutralized him, around 1990. After that they shout, not once but twice-‘bandook ke dum pe azadi’ (Will take Azadi though arms- weapons!!), ‘hear us O Modi, Togadiya and Mufti; we will achieve Azadi!’, ‘Azadi- azadi, we will take liberation from India’ etc etc.

Ridiculous matter here is, that the video recorder was suddenly interrupted in between. One to stop the video recorder is none other than Kanhaiya Kumar. When this camera angle rotates, you can see him and Umar Khalid as well, checking ID proof of the video recorder, for possibility of him being an outsider. But without giving a hoot about identity of the ones who are actually shouting the slogans!

Here, only thing that Kanhaiya Kumar and his supporters have to say is, that he was just standing there like so many other people, so what’s his crime!
Like JNU registrar has said, he is president of the Students Union, he took permission for the event, even called the management separately to request against cancellation of the event when they became aware of event’s actual purpose. And even if we don’t consider the statements of JNU registrar, then also it’s crystal clear from this video, that Kanhaiya and Umar WERE indeed present there with such outrageous slogans being shouted. Even if such outrageous slogans were getting raised in Pakistan, then also any nationalist person like you and me will have his blood raging with this sheer hatred going on! How can they bloody talk like this! And this is happening in the heart of Delhi, captial of India, inside the JNU, with our tax-payers’ money, while these moronic Student Union leaders and gang are pretending to study in a time-pass course. And then, when such outrageous anti-national slogans are being shouted, you say, ‘I was not the one to raise them’.

Ridiculous matter here is that after you come back from your police release, when you are amidst your army of traitors, traitor journalists and politicians who are lauding you madly, when you vomit out a garbage of a speech in front of this crowd; what slogans you raise in the end? ‘Red salute to comrade Umar Kahlid, red salute to comrade Anirban!’ He is the same Mr Khalid who is visible to you in this video also, and these are the very same Umar and gang who have also confessed before the police, to having been prominently involved in organizing this event and supporting raising of pro-afzal, pro-separatism slogans.

So you dare to endorse those, who are openly supporting separation of Nation and war against Nation. Even after warning from judiciary to not take lightly this sovereignty we have achieved, and that any act of yours against nation wont be tolerated, you dare to shamelessly do all this!?! And above all, you say in your speech that, ‘I wont say anything on subjudice matter, people should just understand my hints’. Let me tell you that I have understood those hints of yours. And any sensible person can understand, that you are bloody acting as the stooge of terrorists. What’s your purpose behind, I wont go into this. The nonsense you were speaking about jumlas and all, that your househeld expense is run in 3000rs! What do you do with your stipend if your household is running in 3000rs? Why cant you send your stipend income home? Are you so emotional about this movement of separating Kashmir from India that you are putting all your earnings towards that? Either this, or else you’re plain lying! If at the age of 29-30 years, your household is failing to function, and you the great decide to reach here at JNU to do a PhD in ‘African Studies’! And it has got nothing to do with Africa or its people at all. You’re pretending to do PhD while in reality, all your time is going in supporting separatist forces to separate Kashmir from India! Who the hell are you trying to fool here?

And like I said, slogans being shouted here are- ‘Will take Azadi though arms- weapons! ! (bandook ke dum pe azadi!)’ Those Jihadi pyschos who were shouting, that we will liberate Kashmir by using arms-weapons. If supporters of such people are beaten up by lawers and other non-law enforcers, what do I criticize them for!?! Because these morons have openly announced that we will take azadi, whether you beat us or put us in Jail. It can also be very much possible that you are also planning for liberation through firearms while you are being taken to jail!

And the way Jihadi attacks are happening all over the globe, I would like to highlight this for all of us, that the era has long passed when attacks used to happen after a lot of planning. Now the trend is, that these morons, for the promise of 72 virgins and wine, randomly blow themselves up anywhere anytime. As has been experienced in Israel, they will just come out of nowhere with a knife and will keep hacking to death until someone kills or arrests them. They will happen to just ram-on suddenly, randomly with a car, on a group of people to kill as many as they can manage. They will come out of nowhere and start firing randomly at people wherever they see them until they kill as many as possible. What happened in Sydney?- They suddenly got a into coffee shop and started randomly killing people, and then it’s bloody complicated to take them out! In Paris, cases were such that from any where, any random person will enter a dwelling and start to randomly kill here and there and everywhere! Same happened in Mumbai attacks!

Now if such a situation is going on, and then when someone says that ‘We will take Azadi though arms- weapons! ‘. If I even come across such a person I will tend to beat him down. When Ajmal Kasab was firing on railway station in Mumbai, had I or any sensible person been present their before he started firing indiscriminately, should we have waited for him to start firing in such a situation to start firing like a psychopath so that we can react afterwards in vain? Fact is, if anyone like me was there, had anyone among you nationalists been present there and sensed his intentions with his rifle and his demeanor, you would have beaten him up BEFORE he got started!

So if he is giving/ supporting such seditious speeches, and unambiguous video proofs are present [see video description for link], then I dont feel one bit that beating up such people is wrong in any way! Sorry to say, as this is a law and order case, I am not saying this from perspective of Law. But when there exists such a situation in a nation, that on Mahashivaratri we receive a news that there is a terror alert, and anything can happen! And when we are living in such a situation, we have to do everything possible to stop such terrorists. And we as citizens, and civilians will have to do everything. It’s not wrong to even murder in self defense. Here, it’s about defense of lakhs of lives. And it’s absolutely ridiculous that we ourselves are supporting these people!

What they say afterwards, ‘hear us O Modi and Togadiya! We will achieve liberation!’ Why the name of Togadiya even came here, let me tell you. Because he is chief of VHP. And VHP happens to support beef ban in india, and that cattle killing should not happen in India. And these bloody bastards of JNU, sorry for my language but I cannot maintain a soft corner for these terrorist extremists and traitors of nation. These people in order to oppose this, organized beef-festivals in JNU. That ‘hey, come and eat beef here! Just recently you might have heard the fantastic speech by Anupam Kher ji. But after that I also heard the garbage of Barkha as well who was trying hard to impress people though her hifi English.

She says, ‘I asked that little boy Kanhaiya kumar, ‘what does azadi(freedom) mean to you?’ And he answers me, that ‘azadi means to implement constitution of country.” If this is azadi(freedom) for you, then in the very same constituton’s Directve Principles it is written that the country should evolve to a situation where we ban cattle killing. It is part of the constitution, and is not about any debate! If you indeed value constituion so much, then first of all support the beef ban yourself! And else, if you believe that Dr Ambedkar, Gandhi ji etc were fools to endorse and write this in constitution for baning cattle killing, then there’s a procedure which exists for amendment to constituion. Like secular word was added in preamble by an amendment.

Instead what you do is, ‘hey, I like beef and hence I will eat it’, you celebrate beef festivals! You do anti-constitutional festivals and then say that constitution is everything for you!

Now I will come back to topic of why Togaidya’s name came- because he is in support of beef-ban, and ISIS in their periodical magazine have very clearly and openly threatened India and it’s Hindu organizations, to people like you and me, that they intend to not spare those who are in support of beef ban.

So I dont know..! But becuase I am an analytics person*, I do my analytics. I run my algorithms by supplying all the information into my algorithms. And when I do, there’s an extremely strong correlation found among this ISIS, these Barkhas, these Rajdeep Sardesais, these Sagarikas, Justice ganguly, and all these morons who are supporting this. Let me clarify that I am talking about mathematical verification here, according to which there’s strong correlation between all these, which shows that all of these people are knowingly or unknowingly being part of the same terror nexus which is presently, irrefutably the single greatest threat for this nation, this world, and humanity. I am not claiming they are. All I am saying is that mathematically, if you have studied corellation techniques, and if you use them, then there exists a very strong correlation. Maybe its spurious correlation. But this is crystal clear that whether or not they raised the slogan themselves is unimportant. Like I said before, Osama didn’t himself pilot the plane that crashed into the twin-towers.

Even after watching this video [undoctored footage of sloganeering as linked in description below this video] and the video of his speech after jail-release, if our journalists, intellectuals, ex-judiciary member Ganguly, and all those who all of a sudden have become insanely crazy about this imaginary intolerance, either they are first grade idiots (sorry for my language, maybe I am rating my intellect arrogantly, but I dont feel it is a sin in present situation). Either they are first grade idiots/ donkeys or else more smarter than they pretend. And if they are such high level idiots that they are not being able to see such a big and clear pattern, then regardless of them being politicians or journalists, they don’t even deserve to remain in their senior positions. They are in no way deserving and capable of doing their respective duties, if they cannot see such clear huge pattern!

Next day after his speech, you all [JNU supporting politicians and journalists] are glorifying them in media on such a large scale! That ‘wow! a new leader is born!’, Because he gave red salutes to Umar Khalid and Anirban! The same Umar and Anirban who have themselves confessed before the police to be bloody supporters of separatism, and whose video you can watch [as mentioned in description, which is not created by me but has been in public domain]! So either they are first grade idiots or else there’s something more sinister. Either they are in league with the enemy or else they are such lowly people who can sell even their own Mother (India is my Mother and I am referring Mother India here). What should be done with such people, I dont need to explain that, you remember our freedom fighters.

The way congress has suddenly grown a liking to Chandra Shekhar Azad, as they have posted about him, dear Congress, demonstrate an example of what Chandra Shekhar Azad would have done to such people, and let us contribute in it. And yes I would like add one more thing, that in between all this, two persons announced something with extreme enthusiasms. First said, ‘If any one brings me severed tongue of Kanhaiya Kumar, he will get 5 lakh rs from me’. So brothers, I want to tell you that myself, yes I myself have cut Kanhaiya’s tongue. You can see my previous video where I have exposed his entire speech, have made him tongue-tied. And what is greater cutting of tongue than this? So please donate those 5 lakh rs to my organization.

Second announcer has announced, ‘Whoever kills Kanhaiya, I will award him 11 lakh rs’. So dear announcer, I request to you as well, that after this expose, his intellectual death is obviously inevitable I have exposed him and made his fraud crystal clear. Please donate these 11 lakh rs to my organization. A huge thanks to both of you for 16 lakh rs. And now, our organization (Agniveer) will use this 16 lakh rs for :
– martyrs (and not the separatists who are vomiting there garbage everywhere) of our Indian army to support their families,
– for supporting all those women who are being raped because of these psychotic jihadis.

So please give that money to us. And look, these kanhaiyas, afzals, yakubs etc are just insignificant pawns of this huge evil-formation, by grabbing whom we become very happy and satisfied with ourselves! Real game is very very large. Please just try to understand by the fact, that ISIS is operating an entire empire! They are running their very own currency! They running their own press and TV channel. So, when there are red alerts and Pathankots coming on a daily basis to us, we cannot afford to take this thing lightly.

And anybody and every body who directly or inirectly supports this nonsense, is the biggest threat to the World and to India. And even after 2 partitions, when partitioned happened purely on basis of religion, even after 1000 years of attacks by extremist invaders, if we cannot understand this thing. Where these pseudo-liberal pseudo-intellectual terrorists endorse Auranzeb and shy away from praising APJ Abdul Kalam, if we are still failing to have a zero tolerance policy towards it…

Barkha dutt said one thing spot on after the conclave, to which I agree. That if we become so tolerant that we cant stand against intolerance (some dialog she delivered from poem of an English poet), she speaks good english by the way. So I agree with her on this, that all this intolerance that is going on, this terrorism, jihad, this ‘we will liberate kashmir’ crap, ‘we will achieve liberation through weapons!’ crap! If we still remain tolerant towards such nonsense, towards these Barkhas, Rahul Gandhis, Rajdeep Sardesais, Kejriwals, and all those leaders who, for their own selfish interests are directly or indirectly supporting, encouraging, strengthening the extremists; that ‘Hey, come and shout slogans openly in and against our country, come and casually just kill a few people with bullets, and afterwards we will stand up for your freedom! If you are sentenced to death, we will just say that Supreme court’s judgement was wrong and that it should be re-evaluated, we will even write a mercy petition for you to President!’

So where there is so much of support and infrastructure created for extremists, they will definitely feel more than welcome! Their very minds are already being fed with bullshit from childhood that they will only get a heaven after death when India is captured (It’s a crap called ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ prophecy promoted by extremists, which we will discuss about some other time).

So if in such a case, we dont have zero tolerance policy in place, then we are merely making a mockery of every freedom fighter and soldier who has given life for this country. I will conclude with few lines of this poem of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar:

‘ स्वातंत्र्य गर्व उनका जो नर फांकों में प्राण गंवाते हैं,
(Self-Sovereignty is pride of those who sacrifice their all for it)

पर नहीं बेच मन का प्रकाश रोटी का मान चुकाते हैं|’
(Come what may happen, but always repay for their bread without selling their light of mind.’

Vande Maataram”

– Agniveer


For link to video referenced, please visit Undoctored video of Kanhaiya with Khalid gang threatening India with violence

Donation link for those who announce stupid rewards of tongue and head.

Instead of such filmi threats, they should support our jawans.


Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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  • Indian media is very much against the Modi government. Not only the Modi govt., but any thing that brings hindusim or even some of the programs like World Cultural Events organized by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I was shocked to read so biased news from not only Indian media but western media too. Western media especially NY times and Washington Post always write about Modi as the Hindu fundamentalist leader or Hindu leader but they never ever mentioned Sonia Gandhi as Christian fundamentalist leader or even Manmohan as the Sikh fundamentalist leader. Moreover, majority of the political leaders in US are christian then why media does not write Obama the christian fundamentalist leader. This clearly shows how much western media is biased against Hindus in general. I was just trying to explore more on this topic if other people are also feeling same as I do and I found a very good blog written by Manish Shrivastava that has beautifully tried to explain it in details. Just thought to share this link with you all if you are interested to know – Why the media against the Modi govt and in addition, it also covers many other related issues. Here is the link –

  • Gopi,

    VHP, RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal, ABVP, BMS and Hindu Mahasabha are all Hindu groups.

    RSS is organized into a networked bunch of Shakhas – where the Swayamsevaks (volunteers/members of the RSS) gather together everyday. They usually start with a very patriotic invocation to the mother land (Prarthana), physical exercises and talks (generally on how superior Hindu culture is). They also have an online version – eShakha.

    • Yes but problem with RSS and BJP is they are political outfits. They do not say that their ideology is Hindu Dharma. Instead they say it is Hindutwa which even they do not know what it is.

      Hindus do not have an organization who upholds real Hinduism

  • We all are frustrated and I can understand your anger. But mere frustration or anger won’t solve the problems. These anti-national group of people are pack of hyenas and trust me, they are cowards but they dare to bark anti-national songs because they are very much united in their evil ways and rest of indians are not. You do not hear from many Hindus against anti-JNU nationals, because they are not united as a group. Individually, most of indians who love their country are speaking against these traitors but those are individual voices. You do not hear them. Therefore, it’s really important that we should have our own media, our own journals and many more people in the politics and bureaucracy who can stand for the protection of the country. I still believe that we still have many honest people at every level but they feel isolated and lonely and thus do not have confidence or courage to do anything at individual level. At the most, they get frustrated as you and I get. And start blaming on other Hindus for all the problems.

  • I like this response better than your previous video response to Kanihya Kumar. There should not be political correctness and truth must be told at any cost. There should not be any soft corner towards any person who incites anti-national slogans. There must be zero tolerance towards terrorism and these type of traitors must be severely punished.