Angels in Islam

Let us now briefly understand what angels or farishta in fanatic version of Islam are and learn science from that.

1. Angels helped Muslims in battle of Badr through a battalion of 3000 angels. (Imran 124)

2. Angels and Souls climb up to him in 50000 years. (Maarij 4). Another ayat says the time is 1000 years (Sajda 5) and Mullahs fight on which is right.

3. On Judgment Day, 8 angels shall lift the throne of Allah Miyan. They will have faces of mountain goats (Haka 17)

4. There are angels of death who shall torture the Kafirs in Hell!

Thus Angels are Allah’s agents who work for Him for tasks that He cannot himself do! Or else, why would an all-powerful Allah need mediators for petty things!

Science in Quran

There is a lot of literature on Science in Islam on sites like Faith Freedom and Islam Watch.

Let me just present a few brief snippets that explain all. They say that a smart person can judge presence of fire from smoke itself.

a. Surate Bakar 22 – Allah made earth as bed and sky as roof for you!

b. Surate Rad 2 – You can clearly see that Allah lifted the skies without any pillars!

Tafseer-e-Husaini states that pillars do exist but we cannot see them!

c. Surate Lukman 10 repeats the same. That he created the skies without pillars.

d. On Judgment day, sky will tear, stars will fall, rivers will split and graves will rise. (Inftar 1-4)

e. Sky will tear away due to clouds! (Furqan 23)
Tafseer-e-Husaini explains that a white heavy cloud shall tear away the 7 skies which has been currently stopped by Allah.

f. Surate Nooh 14 −16 – Allah made 7 skies and fitted moon as light and sun as lamp.

g. Takveer 11 – The skin of sky shall be peeled like goat skin.

h. Water was brought down from sky (Rad 17)

i. Surate Kahaf 85 explains sunset: “When he (angel Zulkarnain) went to the place where sun sets, he found that sun drowns in a mud-pond.”
Nowadays, Mullahs explain it by saying that Zulkarnain made a mistake. But then why Allah put such false illusions in final message for whole world?

j. Mountains were made to stabilize the earth! Another stupid statement which these days is used by Mullahs to prove science in Quran. Actually the Quran writer did not know about round shape of earth or heliocentric model of solar system!

k. Allah made all animals with water! (Noor 45)

These are just a glimpse. Readers can read Quran and explore more themselves. These days many claim to have discovered new scientific facts in Quran. But they can never provide anything scientific from any translation or commentary on Quran before 1900. They simply twist words to force science in Quran and make bigger goofups.

Wise can understand. But those blinded in ignorance can be helped only by Allah!

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Update 22 April 2010:

I am attaching a few useful documents prepared by other scholars which evaluate claims of Islamic science in detail.

The Quran and the Shape of the Earth

Samples of Quranic (koran) Contradictions and Flaws by Syed Kamran Mirza

Does the Quran mention the speed of light

Refuting Zakir Naik’s claim of Science in Quran

Science in Islam

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