Lingayat – We are not Hindus because we do not believe in caste system.

Agniveer – Most Hindus do not believe in caste system. Agniveer fights against caste system. Top 3 Hindutva leaders – Swami Dayanand, Swami Shradhanand, Veer Savarkar were anti-casteists. Means you are more Hindu.

Lingayat – But we do not go to temples. We have our own Linga.

Agniveer – Many Hindus do not go to temples. Many saints practice penance and not Moorti Pooja. So what? And from where did this this Linga come, if not Vedas and Purans?
Show me one thing that genuinely separates you.

Lingayat – Silence.

Khalistani – We are not Hindus. We are Sikhs. We do not worship idols. We believe in Ek Onkar. We believe in equality.

Agniveer – You seem to be reading from Arya Samaj translation of Vedas. What is different then?

Khalistani – We wear 5 Ks.

Agniveer – What makes you think 5Ks are anti-Hindu? All warrior classes keep long hair and have a pagdi/safa style. Ever seen a Rajpooti warrior? Everyone wears Kachha, everyone keeps a Kanghi, every other Hindu keeps a Kara. Agniveer recommends for self defense. And when Jihadis are around, everyone must keep a Kirpan. What Guru Gobind Singh recommended is best practice for every Hindu. And before him, even Sikh Gurus did not keep these. Then what is so unique and anti-Hindu about it?

Khalistani – But we go to Gurudwara.

Agniveer – Every other Hindu sect goes to Gurudwara to thank the legendary gurus. The name itself is a Sanskrit word. Entire Sikhism is based on Vedic lexicon. Even word Sikh is from Shishya. Onkar is Om. Names of Gurus are based on Hindu legends. Do let know one genuine difference.

Khalistani – Silence

Same is the case with every other separatist. They are nothing but naughty designs of enemies to split us. Time to unite and be proud of our common great legacy.

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