A Session with Agniveer is being held by Arya Samaj Rohini Sec-7, New Delhi on June 24, 2012 • 5 pm – 7 PM. Theme of the session would be “Vedas- The Foundation of Scientific Thinking”. For details, please contact Vivek Arya 09313359147, Rohini Sec-7 Arya Samaj.

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  • Due to innovative thinking and initiative taken by some people I was able to attend a wonderful session on Vedas- Science in Vedas, and learnt a lot.Got introduced to highly educated people including doctors, IIM, IIT, college students and discovered presence of Surya Vigyan, Karm Vigyan and all compositions of Adhivaidic Vigyan within the Vedas. Great intellectual session!!!Loved it.

    (IT Professional with desire to know my Sanatana dharma, Noida)

    • really thanx to speaker.. who guide us in knowing our vedas more better way… they told us that modern science working base is derived from one mantra of yajur veda… they give us facts of having modern science developments in our atharvved & yajurved through mantra numbers. & finally, they told us that vedas helps us in discovering knowledge within rather than spoon feed outside…..