Sex has deeply influenced the Ethics and Morality in Islam. It always remains a battle for them, how to satisfied God as well as Lust simultaneously. So they developed a very unique form of duality in their ethics and morality.

It is very important to understand psychological struggle which Muslim have been facing for many centuries. Here are few examples of these psychological struggles-

1.) Four Marriages, a legal way of satisfying lust- Presently tradition of four marriages seem very common to us, in fact our society has accepted it at face value, but now in 21st century we need to understand underlying human psychology behind this uncivilized tradition.
Historically in tribal community, where wars were common it might had some sorts of benefits, but presently it has become a legal method of satisfying the lust.

If any Muslim is not satisfied with his present wife, he can use this method. Best thing about it is that you can make fool yourself as well as society. You can also appease Allah because in your eyes you have not done anything wrong and you can freely enter paradise for enjoying 72 virgins.

2.) Burka– Here again sexuality has played a very important role. It is an attempt to control sexuality of a woman by those sick minds, who think women are a piece of meat and it must cover up from top to bottom with black cloth, so that no one can consume it. For them man is like a horny animal who is obsessed with sex and he need to be control at every step.

3.) Mutah, a Legal form of Prostitution- Islam give you facility to enjoy any woman ( who is ready to make sexual relationship but does not want to marry) without committing any sin. You can have a temporary marriage, say for 2 or 3 hours and once you are satisfied, you can give her Talaq.

For Muslim there is nothing wrong in it because it is valid form marriage. But in reality it is legalization of Prostitution. Here again Muslims makes fool themselves. Though Allah know best.

4.) Stoning, a cruel punishment for Adultery- This is one of most cruel form of punishments. One can imagine how adultery shocked the Muslim minds, they become so wild that do not hesitate to kill any one. They think –“How dare this girl let someone to touch her body parts, Why not we?”

This type of mentality is very common among animals, where some time male kill other males and even female after sex so that no other male can make relationship with her. So again sexuality has played an important role to shape this punishment.

5.) Muslim marriage law– Muslim man can marry any infidel girl after changing her religion( Although we know love has no religion but it is very important to change religion before marriage) but Muslim woman cannot marry any infidel boy unless he ready to change his religion( as per holy Koran).

Here psychology is that a Muslim woman is property of Islam and only Muslim man can marry her. Here again Lust overtakes the Love otherwise Why Allah, Who has created billion of galaxies will bothered about marriage?

6.) Idea of Islamic Paradise- If any Muslim who follow all above 5 rules properly (which attempt to control the sexuality) then he will get 72 virgins in reward. So control sexuality, enjoy legal sexuality (on earth) and get reward of sexuality in heaven.

By Pardeep Kumar

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