Shah Jahan – the great Mughal – was a bastard child of his grandfather. And he slept with his own daughter because she was more beautiful than his wife. While the world believes he was building Taj Mahal in memory of his deceased wife, he was ‘tasting fruit’ he produced from that wife during that time!

Shah Jahan was no different from his ancestors and children each of whom was an innovator of a new form of sexual perversion. Babur, Akbar, Humayun, Jahangir, Aurangzeb to Bahadur Shah Zafar. You name it!


Babur excelled in sex with slave-boys. Read about his sexual exploits here. The Babri Masjid is testimony of his perversion.


Humayun started his sex-adventures as a young boy like Mohd. Afroz of Nirbhaya Rape case. He fathered Akbar from a minor child he had bought as his wife.


Akbar broke all records of sexual perversion. He started a new religion to become prophet and have rights to rape anyone left, right and center. He had a royal harem of 5000-plus women, but had special fetish for babies. So he did not spare his daughter-in-law – Jodha Bai – who was married to Jahangir, his son.

Shah Jahan – the bastard

In a massive harem (brothel) of 5000 plus women, it was difficult to keep track of who fathered whom and who mothered whom. Pity that ERP systems from SAP and Oracle were not available then.

That is why you will find conflicting historical records on who was mother of which prince. Finally, historians had to comply with whatever information was made official.

The Mughal Sultans took care to appoint eunuchs and women of royal family to manage their harems, so as to maintain chastity of their sex-slaves and pseudo-wives. But who could stop a Sultan from enjoying a slave of his son!

God-fearing Muslims consider it anti-Islamic to lust own daughter-in-law. But Akbar – prophet of Deen-e-Ilahi – had divine powers to create his own rules as per his own interpretation of religion.

He would send Jahangir to war expeditions and enjoy the sex-slaves supposed to be his daughter-in-laws. When Jahangir came to know about it, he rebelled. He killed one of his sons when he realized that the son was actually his brother. 

For more the the tragic story of Jodha – Akbar, please read this: Jodha Akbar, Rape of daughter in name of religion. Dirtiest picture

He was not sure of any of his other sons either including Prince Khurram – later known as Shah Jahan. Even DNA test could not help in this case. Jahangir fought with his sons his entire life.

Akbar – real father of Shah Jahan

While Jahangir hated Shah Jahan, Akbar doted on him. Akbar, at one point, wanted to make Shah Jahan the next Sultan.

There is confusion on who the actual mother of Shah Jahan was. Some say it was Jodha Bai. Some name Jagat Gosaini. Some name other names. That is true for almost every Mughal Badhshah and Shahzada from Babur to Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Whosoever she was, she was not far from lust of Akbar.

It is a historical fact that Jahangir hated both his father and his sons. And Akbar loves his ‘official’ grandsons. It is also a historical fact that at least one wife of Jahangir committed suicide. Or probably she was killed by Jahangir.

Or was it Jahangir?

Jahangir could not solve this confusion till death. Was Shah Jahan his brother or son? This resulted in a love-hate relationship with Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan rebelled against Jahangir during his final days and then assumed throne. He put Noor Jahan – his step-mother in prison. And inherited incest from his grandfather/ father – Akbar the great!

Shah Jahan – lust for daughter

We shall review the hunger, brutality, rape, and perversions of Shah Jahan’s ‘golden era’ in some other post. We shall also review the fake claim of he having constructed Taj Mahal in memory of Mumtaz Mahal separately in Taj Mahal series. We shall focus on how he trapped his daughter into a web of incest.

No special love for Mumtaz Mahal

There is no evidence of Shah Jahan being deeply attached to Mumtaz Mahal except few Bollywood films and dubious claims of constructing Taj Mahal in her memory. Shah Jahan got engaged to Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Banu Begam) in 1607. Then married royal princess of Iran in 1610. After they had a daughter, he decided to marry Mumtaz Mahal in 1612 after a long wait of 5 years.

Mumtaz Mahal gave Shah Jahan 13 lucky children and died giving birth to 14th baby in Burhanpur, a thousand kilometer away from Agra. Meanwhile Shah Jahan married 6-7 more women after her death and built a harem (brothel) of 5000-plus sex-slaves. He continued his marriage spree and harem-enhancements even after her death. So much for the epic love story.

Drama after Mumtaz Mahal’s death

Shah Jahan pretended to be mad in mourning after Mumtaz Mahal’s death. To soothe himself, he tried sleeping around with innumerable sex-slaves and expanded his harem with more women. But all this did not work.

Jahan Ara was 17 when Mumtaz Mahal died. She resembled Mumtaz Mahal remarkably. As per historians and European travelers, she was very beautiful, sensuous and had attractive figure.

Shah Jahan is said to have seen Mumtaz Mahal in her daughter. Something like the Anil Kapoor starrer Lamhe.

He came with a wonderful excuse and quote of the millennium:

“Why must a gardener not enjoy the fruits of the plant he has planted!” 

This can become the ultimate slogan for every pervert in this world.

He made a nubile Jahan Ara fulfill the duties of her mother to take out her father from mourning. He also saw to it that Jahan Ara did not interact with any other male. If anyone did, he was killed.

He appointed Jahan Ara the head of his royal harem (brothel). It took 2 years to come out of mourning and by that time Jahan Ara was in her clutches.

Killed daughter’s boy-friends

Jahan Ara was a liberal girl. She would enjoy to drink and spend nights with eligible guys. On one occasion, Shah Jahan got to know about it. He went to his room in night. The poor guy hid into the bathroom. Shah Jahan ordered his eunuchs to kill him.

On another occasion, he hugged a guy who had proposed to Jahan Ara. Then he gave him a Paan (betel-leaf) to eat. By the time the fellow crossed the doors of durbar to ride on his coach, he collapsed and died.

Helpless Jahan Ara

By the time Jahan Ara matured, she realized that she has no other choice but to be her father’s intimate daughter. An ugly 4 sided battle for next emperor was brewing among her brothers. She chose to side with Dara Shikoh – the most liberal of the four – so that she can get out of clutches. But he was killed by Aurangzeb.

Finally she was imprisoned along with Shah Jahan. The bastard got taste of his own medicine in his last days. But he still had Jahan Ara to solace her and act as replacement of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.


After Shah Jahan died, Jahan Ara knew she will have to die unless she does something. She accepted her fate and surrendered to Aurangzeb’s lust. When father had abused her, why prohibit brother and die? In any case, at a mature age, there was no option to find any suitor who would flee away with her at risk of offending the brutal Aurangzeb.

She ‘reconciled’ with Aurangzeb. The skeptic Aurangzeb ‘tested’ her loyalty properly. Despite knowing that she sided with Dara Shikoh, he trusted her so much as to appoint her the head of his royal harem (brothel) like her father. She was now to choose the best of best women for her brother and manage the brothel whose size was largest in history of Mughal rule so far.

Aurangzeb also allowed her to stay separately in her own palace. He would visit her or call her when needed.

Jahan Ara is supposed to have accepted her fate, consider her body as a carcass, and got into spiritualism.

She did not marry despite being the most beautiful and had no official offsprings.

When Samajwadi Party leader Mohammad Ikbal recently said “Rape is common between father and daughter”, it reminds us of Jahan Ara. And countless Jahan Aras who have been victims of their own father’s lust since ages. And continue to be exploited by pervert fathers and lustful brothers. They have accepted it as their fate.

But should we stay silent just to preserve the aura of Golden Mughal era?


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