I see a lot of craze over Third Eye Awakening these days. It sounds glamorous and promises miraculous powers. Some famous experts are teaching it, I hear.

I would however not recommend it. There are two reasons to it.

1. This entire hype over concentration, trataka, chakra activation is over-exaggerated. Yes, there is a systematic approach to it, and that immensely helps. But the current trend of short-cut approaches does more harm than benefits.

The foundation of Yogic powers lies in mind control. The foundation of mind control lies in attitude control. The foundation of attitude control lies in wisdom and actions. In Yog, this is called “Kriya Yog”. Built upon Kriya Yog is the framework of Ashtang Yog. The first two components of Ashtang Yog are Yam and Niyam. Without these, whatever you do will only make you more insane. It is like driving a car at full-speed without gear-oil, engine-oil, brake-oil etc. Without these faster you drive, quicker you destroy the car.

Learn from a Yogi who can help you master these fundamentals first. In fact, once you start mastering these, you will find that miracles start happening. They are not that long-term. But that is the base that cannot be brushed aside in 2 pages of a 100 page book on Yoga. Or explained in 1 hour of a 100 hour program. Should form at least 50% of the curriculum. If not, go to Yoga retreats for social networking, vacations, fun. But not for learning Yoga.

2. Among Chakras, the foundation starts from Mooladhaar. Unless you have mastered the lower 4 chakras (Mooladhar, Swadhishthan, Manipur, Anahat), you do not have the foundation to practice higher chakras. In fact, practicing on Anahat and Manipur are much more beneficial than any other Chakras purely from physiological perspective. Will help solve lots of health problems.

Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) does not get activated in an unhealthy body where rest of the Chakras are sleeping. On contrary, it will give head-ache and slow your thinking power. Reduces logical powers. Good for those who want a great fan-following that cannot think very clearly. Not for serious Yogis.

Also know that third eye does not necessarily get awakened by focusing on Ajna Chakra. You can achieve same benefits through focus on other body parts, or not even focusing on any body part. Yoga Darshan recommends various approaches to control mind. Focus on body parts is just one of them. Surrender of emotions to Supreme is most powerful one. But it takes time to understand Supreme and surrender. Once you surrender, all Chakras are awakened automatically.

But if you find Chakra appeal too luring to ignore, start from Mooladhar. Spend a lot of time on Manipur and Anahat. Refrain from Aiyyaashi in these days.

Avoid Ajna Chakra focus if you are too much in screen-watching, social media etc. First develop the attitude of enjoying an unconditionally settled mind at bliss with Self. And this settlement must not be slackness.

If you are young and fit, practice some calisthenics and HIIT to make sure your lungs, veins, arteries are fit enough for advanced Sadhanas. Go slow, go certain. Don’t go by hype.

There is a lot to gain if you go systematically. Don’t lose it over some hype or short-term achievement feelings.

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