Islam and Vedas have one thing in common – belief in one God, Ishwar or Allah. While Islam proclaims that there is no God but Allah, Vedas state that He is neither two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine , ten or more. He is only One.

However the similarities end there. Because while Vedas do believe in One Ishwar, they do not consider disbelief in One Ishwar – either Atheism or Polytheism as an unpardonable crime. Thus, even an Atheist or Polytheist would get good rewards for their good deeds and move ahead in their journey towards total bliss. And with time, as ignorance is removed, belief in One Ishwar shall emerge as a natural process. Thus there is no scope for forced belief in Vedas.

Dominant Islam as preached by likes of Zakir Naik on other hand is brutal. It states that Allah can forgive all sins, but not Shirk – or refusal to believe in One Allah.

Thus, a person, how-so much noble and good intended, is destined for Hell if he is atheist or idol worshipper or polytheist.

One would wonder what is so criminal about not believing in Islamic version of Allah that even a rapist and murderer could be forgiven by Allah but not one who commits Shirk!

This concept of Shirk is the foundation of Islam – non-tolerance for any belief apart from that on Allah and Allah alone.

Let us now also review the Quran and ensure that Quran does not teach this Shirk in any manner.

1. Surate Nisa 136 – One who does not believe in Allah and his angels, his books and prophets and Judgment Day is indeed completely misled.

Thus, here belief in Allah is not sufficient. One has to believe in these additional entities as well and hence Quran itself teaches Shirk.

2. Islam believes that only Allah was present in beginning and everything else including souls, angels, world was created later. This is different from the Vedic view that Ishwar, soul and Nature are all eternal and Ishwar manages creation to give appropriate results to souls as per their deeds.

The flaw coming from Islamic belief of Allah being sole originator is that now Allah alone becomes the culprit for all misdeeds of Kafirs. He is responsible for crimes of Satan. This is because it is Allah who created them and designed their tendencies and their destiny and stored it in Loe Mahfooz. In many Ayats of Quran he has announced that He has already written their fates.

Also if Allah is living, and none was present apart from Allah to begin with, how were non-living things created from complete consciousness?

Thus the basic Islamic ideology brings Shirk or insult or allegation on Allah.

3. Coming back to Quranic Ayats, it is clear that belief only in Allah is not sufficient. So while Islam shouts a lot about Shirk meaning belief in anything apart from Allah, in reality belief in Prophet is also necessary apart from belief in Allah to save one from Hell.

For example:

a. Surate Nisa 13-14 – Those who obey Allah and Rasul (Muhammad) alone will go to enjoy Heaven and those who do not will go to Hell.

b. Al Imran 174 – Believe in Allah and Muhammad

c. Surate Mayda 92 – Obey Allah and Muhammad

d. Surate Noor 55 – Obey Muhammad and you may be forgiven.

e. Surate Nisa 66 – Believe in Muhammad because he brought truth

f. Ale Imran 30 – If you indeed believe in Allah, then be my (Muhammad’s followers). Allah will love you and forgive your sins.

g. One who rebels against Muhammad after this order and follows people other than Muslims shall be thrown into Hell.

Some Mullahs say that the message of Muhamamd was none other than message of Allah, so all these Ayats refer to Shirk against Allah alone.

But if that be so, what was the need of adding Rasul/ Muhammad in these ayats? And what about noble people like Vedantis, Arya Samajis etc who refuse to believe in Muhammad but are otherwise good people? What about those who condemn Muhammad for stories of lust and killing associated with him, but are noble people otherwise? Why should they go to Hell?

And if that be so, what remains to be proven to showcase Islam as a barbaric intolerant religion?

4. Why is Gabriel not included, if Muhammad is included? After all if Muhammad was agent of Allah, so was Gabriel- the angel who transmitted Allah’s message to Muhammad? Why does Kalma have Muhammad’s name but not that of Gabriel?

(Kalma is the Islamic proclamation that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. This is necessary to believe in to have passport to Heaven, regardless of all other good deeds.)

5. Islam makes it more clear in Surate Nisa 150, 151 that those who differentiate between Allah and Muhammad and say that they shall believe in some things but not on other, and want to have a middle path are true Kafirs. And we have prepared worst of punishments for them.

Thus in this Ayat, all scope of any understanding with Muslims except accepting Islam blindly is doomed forever in Hell!

What more is needed to perpetuate terrorism!

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