Honest, piercing, to-the-point, mind-opening, checkmate answers from Agniveer founder Sanjeev Newar to all who have problems with Shivaji Statue.

Statutory warning – Keep tankers of Burnol ready if you dislike Shivaji. Watch at own risk. Will burn at wrong places.

Watch full video here:

Some people got offended when we published our video on Shivaji Maharaj’s statue on Youtube. They are upset that we called them pig although we never called them pig. We only called those as pigs who believe that

– idol worshippers are worst of creatures

– non-believers will burn in hell

women can be married in 2, 3 and 4 numbers

– wife can be divorced without her will

– apostates should be killed

– calling someone Kafir is cool


This is exactly what ISIS terrorists believe. So if you are different from ISIS, you are not a pig and you don’t have to align your rear with the arrow meant for someone else. Just chill.

In case you believe in above, you are a pig. Crying in emails and messages won’t help. Mending ways will.

Hope that helps.

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