Being a Gorakshak is no easy thing.
I being one myself at one time in Ghaziabad (West UP) know what it means.

Trucks that are full of cows are always full of illegal weapons like Katta (Desi pistol), daggers, swords and butchers.
They are ready to unleash them all on you if you dare stop them.

Many times they would shout Halla hu Akbar Jahangir and challenge you if you Ghaskhors (grass-eaters) can match the strength of beef eaters.
Their eyes challenge you.

They say – “We kept your mothers in bed for 1000 years.
Now we are taking your mothers away. Do what you can”.

Those who don’t want to believe are free not to.
But this is what I have grown up seeing.

Its always a fight. When they get our men, they win.
When we get them, we win.

Its no simple Delhi or Mumbai goody goody situations.
Every day is a fight.

Fight for survival vs fight for dominance.
Brave Hindus of West UP have always put up courageous fight.

And as a result despite being in minority in places like Meerut and Muzaffarnagar,
Hindus still survive.

Because the killer instinct is intact.
We know how to give it back.

Thousands of ‘Martial race warriors’ of Muzaffarnagar are still living in tents on Delhi-Ghaziabad border because of wrath of brave Hindu Jats.
Point is, they [Beef Mafia & supporters] must learn to behave.

They will have to realise that they are sons of soil and not rulers of history.
Otherwise nobody will be able to stop something dangerous that is coming up.

Mother or Prophet?

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A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow

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Genre: Religion

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