A shocking pattern in Love Jihad cases we have dealt with apart from conversion to Ilsam has been videography of ‘those’ moments.

Pigs record everything and then blackmail girls to come again.

Girls are then asked to sleep with other pigs.

Girls are also asked to bring their friends/sisters next time.

If you don’t do it, they threaten you to make your video public or upload on p*rn websites.

Best way to prevent such things is to stay away from pigs in first place.

No friendship, no brother no sister.

Second, if someone is blackmailing you now and you are afraid to tell your parents or police, do not go to that pig to get raped again and again.

Contact Agniveer.

We will handle it.

But don’t go to the pig. Remember it always.

Your Brother
Vashi Sharma

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  • awesome post 🙂 . you are doing a job like a god’s person. i really hate these pervert bastards ! They should bee hanged ! hate you pigs . porkistan . i would like to add there are several pakistani muslims on facebook who play with girls emotions do dirty talks with them and blackmail them . please indian girls stay away from pakistani muslims as well . they ask for your photos for their imagination. dirty nation .