Vivekanand had said, “There is one pillar that unites Hindus from East to West, North to South – they all hate beef.”

It seems this half-broken last pillar of unity will not last long enough.
Do not blame your Hruday Samrats then. Blame your pimpy impotent Andh Bhakti that does not even spare mother.

FYI – Thousands of cows slaughtered on Eid because Mr Pradhan Sewar issued warning to Gorakshaks and turned blind eye to cow-killers despite specific warnings in advance.

Q: Vivekanand never used such statement ever in first person. It is surprising to read such statement from you.

A: Maybe language was different. Essence was this. Here is the excerpt as popular today:

Q- “And what do you consider to be the function of your movement as regards India?’

A – “To find the common bases of Hinduism and awaken the national consciousness to them. At present there are three parties in India included under the term ‘Hindu’ — the orthodox, the reforming sects of the Mohammedan period, and the reforming sects of the present time. Hindus from North to South are only agreed on one point, viz. on not eating beef.”

Q: Irony is our Pradhan Sewak worships him as his icon…

A: Politicians make icons based on vote bank, not anything else. Nowadays Gandhi is trending

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  • Swami vivekananda- (California)
    “You will be astonished if I tell you that, according to the old ceremonials, he is not a good Hindu who does not eat beef. On certain occasions he must sacrifice a bull and eat it. That is disgusting now. However they may differ from each other in India, in that they are all one — they never eat beef. The ancient sacrifices and the ancient gods, they are all gone; modern India belongs to the spiritual part of the Vedas”