Q: You seem to be angry after you returned from FB ban.
Does anger suit a Yogi?

A: It all depends upon how you define anger.
If it is irritation caused due to obstructions in sensory pleasures,
it must be purged from life.

But aggression towards villains is not only desirable
but necessary for a yogi.
This is exactly the feeling that Krishna wanted to generate in Arjun
through Gita.

Vedas call it Tej or Manyu.
Suppression of this Manyu in name of spiritual awakening is the top reason why every impotent Jihadis are dominating us.

Ishopanishad calls this path of escapism as gateway to eternal Hell.

I am here to work for destruction of terror nexus,
and Manyu is my best friend.

My Yogic path lies in following Krishna – by being Agniveer.

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