2 May 2017

We are shocked at beheading. But what is a rabid enemy supposed to do? Let’s keep lectures of humanity for our school kids and send some finest men to avenge our men in more brutal manner. Soak daggers in pig’s blood before crossing LOC. Carry out an operation that sends signals of paradigm shift in Indian response henceforth.

Those who know Jihad would understand the significance of pig’s blood in Indian operations. Jannat and Pig’s blood can’t go hand in hand.

Vande Mataram

12 february 2017

2 Jawans martyred in Jammu and Kashmir fighting Jihadi pigs.

Agniveer offered a solution to the Government few years ago. When you are fighting religiously motivated criminals, you need to know their religion first to counterattack.

Now look. According to their holy book, a Jihadi fighting with Kafirs will enter Jannat with all wounds and blood that he died with. So now we know what is to be done. Indian Army must declare that all bullets used in operations in J&K and LOC are dipped in pig’s blood. And all future operations will be using similar bullets. Let us see how many Mujahids are ready to face 72 virgins with pig’s blood in wounds. Let us see how many Mujahids take up arms in first place.

I don’t know what is causing delay in this.

~ Vashi Sharma

PS : Salute to the bravehearts _/\_ Agniveer is committed to avenge your martyrdom. We will do everything possible to destroy Jihad.

2 May 2017

In times of such emergency, it will be unwise to point fingers. Entire nation must stand as one. Few crucial pointers:

1. While enemy attacks from across the border, the hands that power them are inside.

2. While there are practical constraints in dealing with enemy across the border, only our guts and realization of seriousness of matter stop us from acting inside the border.

3. Even if you allocate the entire GDP of India to Kashmir valley, that will not change hearts of those who hate us.

4. The cause of hatred is neither development nor history. The cause of hatred is purely religious. The haters believe that it is their divine duty of hate idol-worshippers and only Jihad can fetch them Paradise.

5. This cult of hatred spread by keeping sword in one hand and holy book on other hand. It can be controlled in exactly same manner – pig’s blood soaked sword in one hand, and Bharat Mata ki Pooja on other.

6. One surgical strike is far worse than no surgical strike at all. A little rainfall creates more mud than clean the place. Surgical strikes make sense only when they keep happening – every few days, in every other random place at border, and without provocation.

7. Once enemy has started the war, it is a sin to respond only after a tragedy. The war across LOC started 70 years ago. Now until the enemy is dead, we must continue to bleed it till it dies.

8. Fight war not as per how you will defend in UNO. Slay the rascals as per how you can save the next jawan.

9. Encourage Human Rights activists to cover the alleged atrocity of Indian Army. Next time army plans to attack a terrorist camp, bring along some human rights activists to witness the brutality. Pay them extra to promote it. It will scare away the upcoming terrorists and also human rights activists.

10. Remember, life of a jawan is priceless. They are not pieces of chess. Until we learn the science of bringing a jawan back to life, beheading of a jawan must be the greatest attack on our nationalism and self-respect.

Agniveer offers to provides its skills and everything to government to fight this war against terror. We know the terrorist mind in and out. We have knack of sensing upcoming nonsense. We would be glad if government uses our skills to save the next jawan.

Vande Mataram

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  • Now Agniveer obviously like a child makes two Errors . First ,these terrorists are inspired by Religion . No they are not and nor are the early of India known for rapes and genocide inspired by Corrupted Vedas.

    Your Solution is purely Nonsense and you are not the only one with this mindset. IN MY KASHMIR , I witnessed Cows painted with Pakistani flags and brought before army so they wouldn’t cross and the CLAIM THAT ANYONE WITH PAKISTANI FLAG WILL BE KILLED HAD TO BE TAKEN BACK BY UNFORTUNATE JAWANS.

    I once saw a cold blooded Pakistani suggesting that they should CUT 100 COW HEADS in Pakistan for each flag burned of Pakistan in India. Obviously, no one is fool like Agniveer to add fuel by giving any weightage to these things.

    You guys cannot stop that but I don’t think they will make a political war a religious one.

    Beef is tasty by the way

    • Vedas are a little tough to understand for those who believe in Flat earth. Impossible for those who learn it through Jakir Nalayek.

  • Sorry Mr. Agniveer

    There is a problem in your analysis. We can’t kill a pig to defeat Jihadist.

    Our war is with Islam sponsored terrorist. We need to find a way to kill them keeping others unharmed. That will be Vedic way.

    • You don’t have to kill a pig to get it’s blood. If you have ever donated the blood you must be knowing it’s largely a painless procedure.

      • Looks like Vedic Fools are still saying All life is sacred. I wonder why don’t you stop BATHING as you kill Millions of micro-organisms intentionally or stop brushing and then wander like dirty aghoris. All life never was and never will be sacred, Even when you walk you kill living beings . No way to stop it man.

        1. Those who call it unintentional will first stop brushing and bathing and eating too.

        2. Archaeological evidence suggest that Early Man was a flesh eater. N It’s how he lived.

        3. There are places in world where Vegetables are short (I am assuming vedantists know little bit of Geography) ,why shouldn’t they eat meat for survival.
        Ps: INDIAN (ASSHOLE) VEGETARIAN SOCIETY suggest ,we should transport vegetables to them (WOWWWW!)
        3.1 What when there was no way to transport
        3.2 And since transport makes it costly than meat itself ,why should they purchase it. (It will cost around 500 per carrot)
        3.3 All this prove Vedas beyond doubt as false , because no possible solution except eating meat seems to be the right option.

        Since Vedas call it Sin,therefore it’s false as its unnatural too.

        From passages in Vedas itself,It looks like THE AURTHOR OF VEDAS thought plants to be non-living . It’s later interpretation becomes “Pain” and since today we know Plants too feel pain . Now,we see less pain and more pain thing.

        Agniveer himself in his article unfortunately even with his own translations couldn’t hide the facts when he quoted ” Oh teeth! How can you eat someone that is capable of becoming father or mother” thus proving that Vedic knowledge is a piece of shit.

        Plants too have sexes as we know today and have different methods of reproduction.

        One way or the other , VEDAS IS FALSE . It’s been 3 years since my 11th Class that I realised that Vedas too was a paganism cult with no basic foundation.

        Moreover, It can’t be debated as the Only word of God as ;
        1.No one in the world ever knew about Vedas EVEN TODAY , How can it be that the first message hasn’t progressed since man came?
        2. What about those who never heard about Vedas in there lifetime (More than 90% of world population )
        3. Agniveer Quoted ” Vedas are a way to prosperity ” but prosperity has been achieved without Vedas overtime.

        Muslim countries are most richest in the world
        Qatar (Rank 1)
        Kuwait (4)
        UAE (6)
        Saudi Arabia (10)

        The countries where Vedas is little bit know (INDIA and Nepal) are poor. How come?

        And THE SANSKRIT unfortunately is a dead language now. No country with this language .No state. NO DISTRICT EVEN. How can one even debate onVedas. It can’t be the last possible word of God.