The toughest lie to catch is the one which is most proximate to a truth. The leftist historians take the benefit of this difficulty only to plant and fabricate false stories and mould the gullible minds.

One such story that has been fabricated around the prominent Hindu festival is the story that as and when the Chittor Fort was besieged by the ruler of Gujarat and the Queen of Chittor, Karnawati sent a rakhi to the Mughal Emperor Humayun asking for a help. The Mughal got touched and reciprocated to the call and came to the rescue of his Rakhi sister and helped Chittor to survive the siege.

This episode is inadvertently present in the essays written on the topic of Rakshabandhan by every kid in its primaries. It also consolidates the myth of peaceful coexistence of Hindus and Muslims during the Medival era Muslim rule in India.

A closer look at the myth debunks it easily. So far in the history of Chittor there has been Jauhar performed by the Rajpoot ladies thrice. First in 1303 when it was attacked by Alauddin Khilji and Queen Padmini commenced Jauhar to save her honour.
Second in 1535 when Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor and Queen Karnavati committed Jauhar and lastly in 1568 when Akbar attacked.

Now if Karnawati had to commit Jauhar in order to save her honour, whom did Humayun save Chittor from ?

It is true that Karnawati did send in a Rakhi to Humayun through Seth Padmnath asking for Mughal help to break the siege of Chittor by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.
He reciprocated by sending in return gifts and did make a move. When he was at Gwalior, he received a letter from Bahadur Shah telling him that he was fighting the Jehad against the Idolators and why should two pious Muslims fight each other over Hindu Rajpoots?

The Muslim inside Humayun got alarmed and he waited at Gwalior for a month only to return back to Delhi.
Meanwhile the siege continued and at the end of 1534, a chief of Humayun, Mohammed Zaman rebelled against him and left him and reached Bahadur Shah for protection.

An enraged Humayun asked Bahadur Shah to hand him over the rebel which he denied. Humayun attacked Gujarat and routed his depleted forces at Ahmedabad.
Bahadur Shah thought for lifting the siege of Chittor in order to save his kingdom but his minister Tatar Khan advised him that Humayun being a pious Muslim won’t help his Hindu adversaries.

The exact happened and Humayun waited at Sarangpur to see the result of the siege.
Finally in March 1535, the Rajpoot womenfolk committed mass immolation and the Rajpoot men fought in a battle against a numerically superior enemy.

The Rajpoots lost and now it was the time of two Muslims to settle their equations.
The two armies fought at Mandsaur and that of Bahadur Shah lost.

The narrative of this incident is mentioned in the biography of Humayun titled Humayun Nama written by his sister Gulbadan Banun Begum as translated by Annet Beveridge.
So it is evident that this entire story is fabricated to portray the Mughal iconoclasts in a positive light .

Humayun who had blinded his younger brother Kamran with a lancet by his own hands and then rubbing lemon juice over it has been shown to help a lady whom he would have preferred in his harem .

The leftists play with the emotion of the ignorant Hindus to belittle the sufferings of the Hindus during their Holocaust under the Islamic rule.
The entire episode has now been narrated and the readers themselves are free to take a call on the veracity of the much propagated lie

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