The Context

One of the most controversial episodes of Ramayan is the Agnipariskha (Test by Fire) of Sita. As per the alleged episode, after Ram had defeated Ravan and rescued Sita, he refused to accept her doubting her chastity. Thus, Sita jumped into fire. The Fire God then rescued her and hence she came out unburnt. All gods came from heaven to convince Ram that Sita is pure. He then agreed and accepted Sita.

Various strong viewpoints exist on this issue. Traditionalists justify the action of Ram citing his overriding responsibility of setting right standards in society as a king. Feminists criticize the culture of that era and Hindu religion for being anti-woman. Anti-feminists use this story to explain why women should have limited freedom. Evangelists cite this episode (among many others) to convince Hindus to leave Hinduism and accept any other religion. It is a favorite of Dalit movement protagonists who showcase this as an example of Brahminical dogmatism. Miraclists (those who explain everything through some miracles) explain this as a grand strategy of divine. Some explain that the Sita which was kidnapped by Ravan was actually a shadow of Sita and actual Sita was hiding inside fire. So when shadow Sita went inside the fire, actual Sita came out.

The Loopholes

What I always failed to understand was why Ram had to make such convoluted plans that would be known by none in any case. Could he not have implemented some less controversial and yet more efficient plans?

In general, I have always been confused by stories of miracles. The era before advent of videography and imagery seems to be full of miracles. Farther and remoter the place and event, more the probability of miracles explaining it. Whether it be Purans, Bible or Quran, the key events are explained by some miracle or the other. Whether it be splitting of Red Sea, or travel across seven skies in one night, or splitting of moon by simply pointing it, or churning of sea or Sita being fire-proof, its all a miracle happening everywhere which none of us has ever witnessed nor expect to witness in our lives. These miracles happen very inconsistently. For years someone would toil and then suddenly achieve something through miracle.

If one considers these stories as symbolic of certain deeper facets of life, it is indeed a very useful tool. We have so much to learn from such stories if we don’t take them literally. However, we are supposed to blindly believe in them verbatim in order to not be termed blasphemous. This is where these stories start separating religion from spiritualism.

The debates I often witness among religions – which religion is best – eventually boils down to who can prove the miracle of his religion to be more authentic! 

And the atheists would laugh down such tales of miracles as a reason to hate religion. So they lose an opportunity to be purposeful in life, consider themselves as chemical reactions and become greatest victims!

Coming to the particular story of Sita’s asbestos test (asbestos is the material that is fully fire-proof), I could always see the flaws in it. The Ramayan era seemed to be very liberal from perspective of women rights. Women even took part in battles. Obviously participating in battle implies that there is a huge risk of getting imprisoned. Ram’s step-mother had accompanied Dashrath in one such war. So the family of Ram was quite liberal in these matters. Ram himself had been instrumental in uniting those women with their husbands who had been cheated by someone else. He made his friend Sugriva accept his wife again who was captured by his elder brother.

And if we trace the overall theme of Ramayan, there is no doubt that Ram was a role model par-excellence. Few people have inspired me as much as Maryadapurushottam Sri Ramchandra. (other two being Hanuman and Krishna). Its not out of nothing that he is the greatest icon of Hinduism for millenniums. Thus, this story as well as many others seemed to me like anomalies that contradicted the natural flow and other principles advocated in the same Ramayan.

Had it been a mythological story, we could have let go of this episode as imagination of the author or symbolic of something else. After all, there is no sensible way to explain what being fire-proof has to do with chastity of a woman. And if so, then all chaste woman should be fire-proof, which clearly is not the case. Because chastity does not convert your skin into asbestos. Further, what example is being set by such test in not clear. In fact by expecting such miracles to prove chastity of woman, generations have been misguided to denigrate women. Needless to say, this notion of chastity is blatantly against Vedas and Manu Smriti. 

In case of Ramayan, the fact remains that it is a historical text, and not yet another tales of Aladin. Further it is a text associated deeply with not just Hindu psyche. Ram is a role model for entire India regardless of religion. He is a cultural icon. Thus these stories denigrate Hinduism, culture and nation – every thing. If these be true, if indeed Ram was anti-woman, then Ram cannot be role model.

So I decided to test out what the exact episode is in Ramayana. Now Ramayana is an epic text, and not a divine text in lines of Vedas. So, while Vedas have been preserved for ages through a variety of methods to protect from even minutest aberration, other texts have not enjoyed that protection. Ramayan and Mahabharat are thus replete with latter day adulterations. Same is the case with Manu Smriti.

Please note that for ages, there was no printing press and publication house to publish authentic versions of any text. They used to be written by hand and memorized and spread across various schools and among scholars. So adulteration was easier. While it would be impossible to decipher each adulteration, if one analyzes one can identify the obvious adulterations. Such adulterations can be identified by change in language style, change in story flow, being out of context, suddenly a miracle happening and then the story continuing again as normal and contradiction with rest of the text.

We have already analyzed how more than 50% verses of existing Manu Smriti can be purged out as adulterated through analysis.

In case of Ramayan, if we analyze the verses elaborating the Sita Fire-Proof test, startling truths emerge.

The story by and large goes on smoothly till 113th chapter of Yuddha Kand. In this chapter, Hanuman goes to Sita to inform her about victory of Ram.

In Chapter 114, Ram states that women are respected by the respect they get from nation and their own habits. Any kind of restriction on women – of home, dress code, boundary –  in order to protect their respect is unwise. (27). This shloka sums up the Hindu view of woman.

The rest of the verses in Chapter 114 except the last verse do not take the story any further. They seem to be adulterated.

In the first 6 verses of Chapter 115, Ram emotionally elaborates how he destroyed the enemy who had committed a grave crime. In the next 4 verses, he acknowledges the efforts of Hanuman, Sugriva and Vibheeshan. Verses 11 and 12 seems to be a clear adulteration that act as a filler to redirect the story.

In Verses 13 and 14, Ram expresses his satisfaction of getting back Sita after winning over such grave challenges.

And then in Verse 15, he takes a surprise U turn and states that he did not do all this to get back Sita. Clearly this verse is an adulteration. Not only it suddenly gives a new direction to the story, it does not relate to rest of the Ramayan where Ram had been even weeping in separation of Sita. Even if Ram had to force Sita for Fire-test, he could have said this straight instead of lying here. In entire Ramayan, Ram has been a truth-seeker, so this sudden twist is an obvious adulteration.

And from there, all the remaining verses of Chapter 115 appear clear adulteration. For example, in verses 22 and 23 he advises her to live with Bharat, Lakshman, Sugriva, Shatrughna or Vibheeshan. The fake verses cover the entire 116th chapter where Sita answers Ram’s allegations and asks Lakshman to prepare a fireplace. Then she jumps into it. Suddenly, in this chapter, all Rishis, Gandharvas, Gods emerge, who were non-existent so far.

In Chapter 117, all the major Gods come to Ram to talk to him. This is perhaps the only instance in Ramayan where divinity suddenly overpowers the normal course of story. This is the first time that Ram is spoken of as the Ultimate God Himself. If Ram alone is Ultimate God, why the lesser Gods are coming to convince Him of his ‘mistake’ is unexplained. And why Ram asked so many Gods to come. In this Chapter, they praise divinity of Ram for all the 32 verses.

In Chapter 118, Fire God comes out with Sita in her lap and offers to Ram. Then Ram explains that he was playing a game to convince people about chastity of Sita. Finally the last verse 22 says:“Having said so, Ram met Sita with great happiness.”

If all verses from Chapter 115 verse 15 onwards upto Chapter 118 verse 21 are deleted, the story continues smoothly and this intermediate miracle drama has no relevance or impact whatsoever.

Recall that Chapter 115 verse 14 has Ram emotionally explaining how he got back Sita with great efforts. And then Chapter 118 verse 22 says: “Having said do, Ram met Sita with great happiness.” There is perfect continuity. 

Now Chapters 119 and 120 are again pure adulterations where the Gods praise Ram even further, then Dashrath also comes with God Indra and they have very long discussions. Indra then makes dead soliders alive again through magic. Chapter 121 starts with: “Ram slept peacefully that night and spoke with Vibheeshan in morning.” With minor adulterations, story continues as normal about how Ram and Sita went back to Ayodhya on Pushpak plane. Now, till end of Ramayana, nowhere does any reference to miracles happening emerge.


So, if one undertakes a cursory glance of Ramayan, this episode clearly emerges as a latter day adulteration which may have fuelled many debates, groupism, anti-Hindu mindset, anti-woman mindset, conversions and insults thrown upon character of Ram. However, the fact remains that the very basis for all this is dubious.

To sum up:

Following verses are clear adulterations:

Chapter 114: Verse 28 onwards, except last verse

Chapter 115: Verse 15 onwards

Chapters 116 and 117

Chapter 118: Except last verse

Chapters 119 and 120

If you remove all these adulterations that bring discontinuity, the story moves very smoothly and logically. 

Real Ramayan and Real Mahabharat

Some other frivolous myths from Ramayan and Mahabharat that are used to denigrate the noble culture of Hinduism but do not exist are as follows:


– Sita exile (entire Uttar Ramayan is fictitious and a latter day creation having no linkage with Valmiki)

– Killing of Shambuka , a shudra by Ram (again fiction from frivolous Uttar Ramayan)

– Hanuman, Bali, Sugriva etc being monkeys or apes. They were human beings, Hanuman was a great scholar, brilliant and impressive personality

– Ram, Lakshman, Sita being meat-eaters or alcohol consumers


– Draupadi being married to 5 brothers. Her name was Panchali because she was daughter of ruler of Panchal, and not because she married 5 brothers.

– Krishna married 16000 plus wives.

The reason why Ramayan and Mahabharat were so susceptible to adulterations is also obvious. After Vedas, these 2 texts have been the most respected texts of Hinduism for several centuries now. So, if you are able to manipulate these, it is easy to manipulate Hindus. Same is the case with Manu Smriti – the oldest law book.


The greatest benchmark, thus, to identify truth is that if it is as per Vedas or as per reason, accept it. Else reject it as an adulteration. Follow the overall theme and do not be bogged by minor details if they appear contrary to reason.

Jai Shri Ram

Vedas alone are true Dharma. Based on rock solid foundation of Vedas, Hinduism is a culture that should be proud of not only all Indians but entire humanity.

Ram is a role model for entire world. We should be proud that we are progeny of Ram. Whether we respect Ram as a God or God-driven is a personal belief. But character of Ram is as pure as diamond. Agniveer is committed to defence of glory of our role models.

Jai Shri Ram

Reference: Valmiki Ramayan published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur

This post is also available in Marathi at and in Hindi at

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Lord Ram was maryada pusushottam , and he has higher duty of being a king thn being husband. He was nt like kalyuga leaders who keeps family first n people last. To set an example fr entire human race, he decided to take agni pariksha, but he himself knew Sita… Read more »

Sorry in my previous post i wrote a mistake….HUNUMAN BEING HUMAN not ape or vice versa


Can you provide evidence about hanuman being animal not ape or vice versa. Because many atheist friend Question me on this. NO answer with me to quote!!!
Please write about atheist also.How to counter them.

Kul Bhushan Singhal
How can a DHARMIC DACORIAN law having Religious sanctity be declared an ADHARM , without Sita getting Physically involved in it…………THINK..>>>>>THINK, then answer . VALMIKI RAMAYAN contains lot of additions, alterations made subsequently and accepting the fact that Ramayan, Mahabharat, and all Puraans are also coded, the history that they… Read more »
Dr Shailesh G
Hello Sanjeev ji, great samaritan work . I know the basis of this epic and then basis of its later distortion, you’d be thrilled to know when I’d publish it in a book may be. I need to stay in touch with me. You’re doing a good job, I wish… Read more »
DInesh Raj C
AS per the case of KRISHNA’S 16000 wifes .. It was the status that he gave to them as that of rajapatni and who married these women will be given official job or something like that was announced , i think so …. This was done to protect their dignity… Read more »
Saurabh Chauhan
Dear Agniveer, You are going to play a vital role in helping the sanaatan dharma to end from this earth by doubting. End of eternal dharma is definite then only kalki avataar will be incarnated by Vishnu-who is protector of Universe. Islaam is the fastest growing region which is happening… Read more »
Saurabh Chauhan

Dear Agniveer
अयं अग्निर्वीर्तमो..(yajurveda).
you are writing this on your website and then asking how agni can give the proof of Sita”s Chastity. Doubting everything sometimes make you ignorant.

Saurabh Chauhan
Rama, Krishna, and other prophets were messenger of God they were not supernatural power. Goddess of nature is the supreme power thats why in sanaatan dharma we thank every greatness of God by bowing and joining hands before them be it cow, peepal, sun or anything else. Worshipping these things,… Read more »

Absolute nonsense. Rama and Krishna were the 7th and 8th incarnations of Lord Vishnu. They were not mere mortals. Sanatana Dharma cannot be confined like a monotheistic faith. There are different templates like Advaita Vedanta, Dvaita Vedanta and Sankhya Vedanta.

Saurabh Chauhan
Agniveer,You are trying to understand things with limited boundations of human brain. Things may be more complicated. Dharma can not have a name be it Hinduism, islaam or any other. Dharma is eternal. Hindus will end, muslims will end one day what will exist is eternal (sanaatan) dharma.You will keep… Read more »
Dear Sanjiv, I had posed the question to my mother about how Ram could be considered an ideal man if he was party to an Agnipiksha that his wife had to undergo. She could not give me a satisfactory reply so I found my way to your article. It is… Read more »
Saurabh Chauhan

Rama was ideal man but not supernatural power. He was messenger of that power which is goddess of nature. Every prophet has to undergo a critical examination in his life.


To everyOne, no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.


if hanuman was not an ape, why does Goswami Tulsidas describe him as such? It’s also being said that Tulsidas was a reincarnation of Valmiki and had met Hanuman himself. So, he must have seen him. Please clear this.


you should read Ramayan, when Ram met Hanuman and said that Hanuman was not an ordinary forest dweller and he must be well versed with the vedas as his samskrit uccharan was perfect. do you think that an ape can read and understand the vedas?!

The Real Deal
Agniveer, appreciate your efforts in defending Sanatan Dharma keeping vedas as central point. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on having rebutted many concocted false theories regarding the religion of our great motherland/holyland Bharatavarsha. I dont find any problem with you picking up Dayanand Saraswati’s stand as your focal point. To… Read more »
Charu Arora
Commendable- convincing Power and the virtuous assertiveness displayed in entire Text. Deserve a sheer “Well Done” and a Pure Justice been done in true sense. Really, its an exceptional piece of work which is the need of the hour to save Humanity and also it exhibit how we can actually… Read more »

अगर आप अपनी पोस्ट हिंदी में लिखेंगे तो ज्यादा लोग जुड सकेंगे.



myth, mythology, legends, apocryphal folk tales mixed with prejudiced narrow minded thoughts to subjugate majority so called lower caste indians, i wish there was british rule to help prevail british rulez


[…] guy, but a small attachment can leave you flowing in the wave of adharma. Regarding, smritis Sita’s Agnipariksha in Ramayan For other question of yours you need to understand the concept of avatar. Ram was just a normal […]

Excellent analysis and theory. It does answer many of the troubling events in Ramayana and Mahabharatha. However, my question though, is there any linguistic evidence – that is can we prove that based on the grammar, structure, and the words used can we conclude that certain words inserted at a… Read more »
Brother, this is a mythological story , A STORY, A FIGMENT OF IMAGINATION, AN APOCRYPHA, the brahmins have ruled lesser mortals for centuries by concocting such stories and now since proselytization is rampant in hinduism because of divine anathema in it, groups like Agniveer have started fighting a lost cause… Read more »
Somehow, it is necessary for some people to prove that the religion that existed in India for centuries is not a religion but just a fiction !! People want to show that they are intellectual/secular by disapproving eveything that belongs to the great philosophy that is popularly called Hindu religion.… Read more »
Abhi, Clearly amit is not his real name. Next he doesn’t realize there are a lot of mythological stories in islam as well. A good one is: It is verse from the quran: 2:67 to 2:73 Basically it talks about beating a dead person with a piece of sacrificed… Read more »

good one 🙂
But I know a better one !! if anyone of them prove that indeed they get 72 virgins after death, may be I will also consider to follow their religion of Peace 🙂

Next not all Hindus believe Rama is God or an incarnation or godman or superman or x-man or prophet or spiderman or something else. He was just a man. I, like millions of other Hindus do not even believe in godman or superman or x-man or prophet or spiderman or… Read more »
Ahem Ahem, Brother , The religion of peace is REAL and its veracity is always substantiated by historical facts, unlike PAGANISM which stems from vivid imagination. It’s sad that some bigots have made their limited human origin thoughts and prejudices binding on lesser mortals like majority lower caste people in… Read more »


With all do respect not all Hindus believe Rama and Krishna are the incarnation of God. Please look up Arya Samaj for example. THat is just one group but still very religious and HIndu.

Amit and Priya.. are the names that some Katuaa is using to deceive the hindu people here… they are by default liers … and are taught in their book to lie when required !! this is what their religion teaches…. dont worry about them. All hindu’s believe that Ram and… Read more »
Neeraj Kumar
there is a particular line: “the event became history, the history became legend, and the legend became myth” that is all that there is to discuss……………..the history that is being talked about of Islam or Christianity, it is merely 2000 years old, give or take a few years, it does… Read more »


You think I’m admin, lol. Now that’s really funny. I actually disagree with somethings with Agniveer. Sorry home girl, you got me wrong.


This fellow Krishna Rao is an admin of Agniveer and he will block and allow comments based on his whims n fancy , he blocks the comments which does not suit his agenda. He enjoys with few nerds and illiterate followers of Agniveer and does not dare to come out… Read more »

I dont need to reply now !! I think people are wise enough to guess who you are !!
Every one knows what your REAL religion is doing around the world !! Good luck with your REAL religion !!

I really like the fact that Agniveer bravely confronted Zakir Naik through various online posts and articles. It was and continues to be a great attempt. However, my problem starts when Agniveer sounds so Arya Samaji all the time. I have a big time problem when Arya Samajis openly say… Read more »
Brother Siddharth, Namaste! Aryasamaj is so famous for its hard stand for Dharma and true hinduism that if anybody stands by the same dharma and truths of veda, is attached to aryasamaj. Please come out of such thought. Agniveer and the team is highly learned and the articles are very… Read more »
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Your style is very unique in comparison to other folks I
have read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess
I will just book mark this web site.

Ankur G
why do we nee Ram?? If u agree that people have adulterated Ramayana,( be it of any belief, it can even be the hindus who wanted to justify the suppression of dalits and women), then it is quite possible that the metaphor of Ram is used as a weapon to… Read more »
“Publicly applauding ram through some of your posts can be taken in a wrong sense for a wrong selfish purpose.” can you explain this. You should have said “why do I need Ram” and not “why do we need Ram” . besides why should we not have the true legend… Read more »

i just want to know that
If ravan has a SRAP that if he touch any woman which not agri for touch than he was blast or burn in to the fire
THAN how he kidnep the sita without touch i think sita is agri for kidnep
Sorry confussed?


There was NO such shraap. Ravana kidnapped Sita as he had no other way of enticing Maryada Purshottam into a war.

What are some lesser known facts about Ramayana?… Lets start answering with loud voice —JAI SHRI RAM Some other frivolous myths from Ramayan that are used to denigrate the noble culture of Hinduism but do not exist are as follows: – Sita exile (entire Uttar Ramayan is fictitious and a… Read more »
Darshan Sharma
I fully support and stand by Agniveer. One must deduce truth and separate grain from the chaff. Hanuman and others were vannars (VANA + NARA) in other words Kings and Tribal Chieftains of Tamilnadu. Wars are always fought from geographical proximity and kingdom are always separated by geographical features like… Read more »

Shri Ram was born in treat yug and that is atleast 8 lakh years ago.

I don’t know what the truth is was never there to if it actually happened or was that just a myth, who cares? Rather than wasting time in verbally proving you are wrong, you are wrong, it would be much better if you use the same time to serve the… Read more »
sanjeev kumar
The debate about the authenticity of Ramayana and Mahabharata can be proved with a lot of available proofs.Ram Setu and submerged Dwaraka are greatest examples of the sacred texts.A person not willing to accept it has taken place can still learn a lot from these sacred books.The relations between parents… Read more »
“Bhai shanatan dharm ji, vahi to mujhe samajh me nahi aa raha hai ki “Agniveer ji” is par pratikriya kyu nahi de rahe hai???? aur rahi bat earth k age ki to bhai aap bhi jante hai ki viggyan niradhar koi bat nahi karta…. “@AGNIVEER JI’ kripya javab dijiye is… Read more »
priya bhai shanatan dharm ji, hum aap ki is bat se poori tarah se sahmat hai ki manav is prithvi pe subse ant me aayaa…. lekin mera swal ye nahi hai ki manav is prithvi pe kb se aaya ya manviya sabbhyata is prithvi pe kitni purani hai….swami d”DAYANAND SARASWATI”… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma

Jaha tak dayanand ji ka parshan unhone satyarth lilkne se pahle hi bhumika me hi kah diya tha ki unhe hindi ka acchi parkar gyan nahi hai aur isme galatiya ho sakati hai.

Please you reconcile fact age of earth as per science and Veda.


manniy sri sanatan ji isme khas baat kya hogayiagar swami jine isko svikar kar liya hai to? ap pura satyarthprakash padh lijiye jyada galti usme nahi milegi1 vyakaran adi bolne,likhne ki shaili me kuch bhed ho sakta hai!

Sanatan Dharma
@raj.hyd Bhai mere kahne ka maksad yah hai ki uppar Arya ji ne parshan kiya ki Satyarth parkash me shristi ki aayu 1 arab 97 karod varsh hai jabaki nasa ke viganiko ke anusar shristi ki aayu 13.7 arab varsh hai. To me kah raha tha ki ye dayanand ji… Read more »

paramadarniy shri sanatan ji vaidik sanskriti me bhi is srishti ki ayu 4 arab 32 karod saal ki batlaiyi gayi hai ! isme se karib 2 arab saal se kuch kam ka samay nikal chuka hai !

Sanatan Dharma

Nasa ke Viganik pritvi ki aayu 4 arab varsh hai aur brahmand (Universe) ki aayu 14 arab varsh ke lagbhag batate hai. Aur issme ko hareni ki batt hani hai qyoki surya aadi prithvi se pahle hi bene hai.

adarniy shri sanatan ji , swami dayanand ji ki baat bhi galat ho sakti hai aur nasa ka vaigyanik paksha bhi gaklat ho sakta hai ! yah ganit ka anuman hai aaj bahut se vidhivat sahity jala diye gaye nasht kar diye gaye ved bhi swami dayanand ji ne jarman… Read more »
priya bhai @shanatan dharm, javab dene ke liye dhaynnyavad..lekin agar aapk prithvi ki bat karenge to uski bhi aayu 4.54 carode vars haiaaa…janne ke liye is link pe clic kijiye aur dekhiye “NASA” ki report…
Sanatan Dharma

Jaha tak mera gyan hai 1 arab 97 karod varsh ki manav sabhayta hai aur manav iss prithvi par sabse bad me aaye usase pahale pashu, pakshi, Dinosovar, jalchar jiv aye aur phir last me manav.

RESPECTED AGNIVEER JI , NAMASTE! aapne humara sandeh door kiya vedo ki adulteratiaon aur authentication ke bare me..uske liye dhannyavad…mera ek aur prashn hai ki swami “DAYANAND SARASWATI JI” ke anusar is sristi ke utpanna hue 1 arab 97 karod sal ke lagbhag ho gaye hai…jubki hume science ye batati… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma

kripya dhyan se padhiye 13.7 arab years ki aayu brahmand (universe ) ki batayee gai hai prithvi ki nahi.

Durga's daughter
Dear Agniveer, I can not thank you enough for this article!! When I was a little girl I watched the Ramayan series on tv with my father. I was simply mesmerized by Sita and Ram, to me they were the ultimate couple ever! So beautiful, perfect and so in love.… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

Please refer our article
Vedas have been preserved scientifically so that any attempt to adulteration can be identified. So no one debates – not even Western indologists – on authenticity of Vedas.

Dear Agniveer Jee Yet another excellent piece of work! For vested interests, people adulterated the original works, it has logically been proved by you! However, by your accounts, as you write Hanuman was not a monkey, that sounds quite logical also, even Tulsidas could not get the right guidance. Though,… Read more »
Durga's daughter

Hi Arpit, yes I’ve heard somewhere as well that Hanuman wasn’t a monkey. It was more like a tribe that lived in the jungle. They were like jungle people, quite ferocious-looking but still humans! It makes more sense doesn’t it?

Sanatan Dharma
@Durga’s daughter Namaste Sister Yes, Hanuman was not monkey. He belonged to a tribe Vanar. Hanuman was great scholar of Veda and a monkey can not be scholar of Veda. Rama himself acknowledge it when he met with Hanuman and said to Laksman about Hanuman न अन् ऋग्वेद विनीतस्य न… Read more »
From reading this article, it “Appears” that a good research has been done. However, I totally disagree. When someone tries to understand the God and his work during one of his several incarnations such as Bhagwan Ram, he first has to get the divine power to understand that. As you… Read more »
Jay Arya
agniveer can you translate for me valmikya ramayana there are there are somesuraaghaTasahasreNa maamsabhuutodanena cha | yakshye tvaam prayataa devi puriim punarupaagataa || 2-52-89 tau tatra hatvaa caturaH mahaa mR^igaan | varaaham R^ishyam pR^iSatam mahaa rurum | aadaaya medhyam tvaritam bubhukSitau| vaasaaya kaale yayatur vanaH patim || 2-52-102 samaashvasa muhuurtam… Read more »

dear agniveer
can you post this article in hindi
i want to make people aware about it



dear agniveer
can you post this article in hindi
i want to make people aware it

Anand Joshi
It is true that Ramayana & Mahabharata are the epics which was written thousands of year ago and todays editions of these epics were not same as it was originally written. It is difficult to identify which is the addition and which is corrupted. If you simply say that Uttar… Read more »
Anand Joshi
Dear Agniveerji, Very first thing is that do not entertain Muslims & Christian on this site as they do not have respect towards hinduism.Their religions are not permitting them to do so. If any non hindu who really hates his religion for the bad things in it and really want… Read more »
Slave of prophet
@Agniveer Your own Hindu people are against you then for what you doing all this. I assure If you go to a Hindu preacher say Sita Agnipriksha is adulteration/fabricated story they will say you are anti-Hindu & slap on your face. Yesterday when I given your sister concern website article… Read more »

you should better care for yourself .Go to ….and see how many muslims r against Islam ……..and still muslim clerics unable to take challenge of Ali Sina ……

Jay Arya
your wrong no learned hindu would do that maybe evil ignorant hindus/brahmins would do that and if some pagan hindus are against arya samaj/agniveer it is because they are have believed in what they have heard and watched from ignorant hindus who have been influenced by the people who tried… Read more »
Jay Arya

i have heard that even some scholors say uttara kandam was not part of orginal valmika ramayana so agniveer isnt the only one say this other hindus are also saying this

satyavan tripathi

Dear agni aveer

what if all thes are ur imagination and pseudo logical conclusions ???????? u are equating spirtual truths with human logic …


arunesh dixit
I believe in you Tripathi ji. You have rightly said that if it was there, it would have been a spiritual fire. Even if ordinary fire, then it was a spiritual event and only great Yogis can enter into that Agni without getting any harm. However, Agniveer’s mission is different.… Read more »
Neeraj Kumar Bishnoi
sir, how can you confirm that what was written in Ramayan or Mahabharat for that fact is not true to the word? before 1950 if a person says that a man can see & commune with another with a difference of thousands of miles is a possibility, that the form… Read more »

Someone not burning in fire is a spiritual truth?

arunesh dixit
Dear, it is a spiritual truth and rather a very obvious truth. We are into this world under the clutches of senses, can not percieve anything which is more illustrious and bright. Our mind can not allow us to see beyond a capacity of brightness as we can not hear… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma

@satyavan tripath
What are spiritual truth? How do you judge truth and falsehood? If I claim I went on sun yesterday. Will you believe in me and my father supports also my claim.

arunesh dixit
Yes, Satyavan is speaking the truth. In simplest example – It is like you have burnt into your dreams and will not get any feel any hurt when you awake. I am not saying spiritual world is like a dream but yes as dreams are reality, spiritual regimes are also… Read more »
Reality of sati
Mughal emperor Humayun (1508-1556) was the first to try a royal fiat against sati. He was met with resistance from the local Hindu population. Akbar (1542–1605) was next to issue official general orders prohibiting sati and insisted that no woman could commit sati without the specific permission of his Chief… Read more »
sati was the most cruel part in indian history,it started b;cse the occupying islamic force after defeating even raped the dead bodies of the women who have killed themself out of fear being rape.for this purpose the womens killed themself by imolating.i will ask u one question in hindu tradition… Read more »
Neeraj Kumar
evidences??? they just need confirmation by the westerners that it is so. one european or american says it in front of media, and they will start believing in it. that is all that is needed to make us realize of our own heritage. one will die screaming that Sanatan Dharm… Read more »
Thnk u arunesh for ur time and info, it cleared my doubt to sum extent. Bt still thnk it would have bettr if a direct battle take place between ram and bali. It is uniqueness of hinduism that being a believer v can debate on our believes,it helps to purify… Read more »
arunesh dixit
Jai Sri Ram! Sid, thank you. Actually there was no need of a direct battle and hence it was not happened. As Agniveer ji has said above that to kill a Terrorist, direct battle is not required. We must understand whn a battle or dharm-yuddha can happen. During those days,… Read more »
arunesh dixit
Dear Agniveer ji: I can give you the explanations for soe of the questions about Ramayana: Q1: Sita was accepted afte fire-test? Ans: We need to understand the background of this event. Those rishis and greats present there were not torturers. And, Sri Ram has never asked ma Sita to… Read more »

Thank you so much agniveer..
Like 2 knw why ram killed vali by hiding?

Please let me know if i am right or wrong. I am telling u wht i know from other sources, it can be correct or not. Bali asked some questions to Lord Ram. He said, the war was between me and Sugreev,I had no enmity with you. In such condition,… Read more »
Somnath Singh

Your Source Plzz !!

Somnath Singh
As per Valmiki Ramayana :- There is nothing like whatever u vomited above .. Ram was stated that Vali diverted from the path of DHARMA , was frivolous without consulting the elders who are wise was committing his act as per his whims. Ram continued that “You are a sinner,… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

For same reason that Navy Seal killed Osama Bin laden in a surprise attack. Bali was a terrorist and hence deserved this treatment.

Santana Dharman
Dear Agniveer, I do not accept this explanation. Lord Rama violated at least three yudha dharma. 1. One should not attack an enemy engaged in combat with other person. 2. One should not attack an enemy without warning. 3. One should not attack a person from a hiding. 4. One… Read more »
Somnath Singh
Santana Dharman@ //I don’t know why you are trying to explain everything on the Hindu scriptures. // Answer:- Becoz many ppl tries to reach to conclusion within knowing the complete truth. The question you were asking about “killing by hiding” is already been asked by Vali and it was answered… Read more »
arunesh dixit
Sid, through this Sri Ram has presented a good example/good lesson for every Hindu too. We should not refrain ourselves from removing any evil either from front or from back. An evil is evil and ultimate goal of a righteous person should be to remove the evil from any side.… Read more »
It’s indeed a great job done. Like today’s sikhs waering turban(as an integral part of their body), the Vaanaras also used to wear monkey attire for some reason but surely they were not monkeys. I think people like Agniveer(might be a maharshi incarnated) should put in their god/nature gifted inquisitive/research… Read more »

Jai shri Rama !

Hail hail Agniveer !

We had an interview with a scientist who perceives Ramayana scientifically. He has written a wonderful book “Valmiki Ramayanam, A scientist’s view”. This definitely gives a clarity that Bharat was not only advanced in their lifestyle, but also in science and technology, arts and astronomy. As Agniveer points out, the… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

When one reads Ramayana, many places of adulterations are obvious because they do not match the high level of thinking displayed elsewhere. Indeed, it seems as if Science & technology was quite advanced in that era.

@Agniveer Agni : Which ERA ? What ERA ? You mean to say that in that imaginary ERA science was so developed in our country that a Monkey was able to cross 16 crore km non-stop to swallow a relatively smaller star called SUN which is 1,10,000 times bigger than… Read more »
@suv, you seem to be a paid agent of Xtian missionaries. Even if you are born into a Hindu family as you claim, you are like a Jaichand to the Hindus. You don’t have any knowledge whatsoever on the Vedic Sanatana Dharma, and your ignorance and bigotry makes you speak… Read more »
Dear Agniveer, Above you have said that it seems that the science and technology was quite advanced in that era. I assume that you mean that it is very much possible that it was more advanced than it is now. If the above is correct then many of their deeds… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
It could be if it is consistently depicted. But if there is inconsistency in such magical events, and the reason behind such magical events is frivolous, then that is not acceptable to rational minds. For example, there could be better tests to check for chastity than jumping into fire which… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
Yes, If rama/Krishna was God why did not they opened this before the whole world during his life time. Why was he frightening to open this. If this can be disclosed after the death of Rama that he was god why not this could not be revealed to all during… Read more »