The Islamic iconoclasm during the medival Indian history is replete with instances of torture on the non Islamic subjects .

Compulsions like disarmament of non muslims, sending of women to harems, discriminatory taxation schemes like the Jaziya, the pilgrimage tax were in practise effectively to check the “dhimmi” (non muslim) subjects from practising their religion. Islamists cite Quran 9/29 while giving three options to non-believers in a Sharia-run state – get killed or convert to Islam or pay Jaziya as symbol of your subdued state and a guaranty of safety for your lives and honor.

The likes of Thapars, Habibs etc. hail Akbar for the removal of Jaziya but around 6 years later when the Hada Rajputs of Bundi accepted the suzerainty of Akbar, they mentioned the exemption from payment of Jaziya as a precondition for accepting the Mughal suzerainty. As usually made out in the cacophony by the secular brigade, Jaziya hardly has anything to do with fiscal impost. It carries a stigma attached to it and aimed at humiliating the Dhimmis.

In the long run, its sole aim is to convert the non Muslims into obedient Muslims. Had it not carried any stigma, the Christians of Banu Tabligh tribe would not have agreed to payment of twice the Zakat Tax instead of Jaziya during the reign of the 2nd Caliph Umar.

The sole aim was to break the fighting spirit of the Dhimmis so that acceptance of the true faith would remain as the only option before them.

Now a simple application of the grey matter should force us to think that why did the Hadas ask for an exemption from something that had been already stopped years ago. However nobody bats an eyebrow over the chronic lie that has percolated our history books.

Even if Akbar had removed it, his feudatories continued it as a vast empire like that of Akbar was hard to be governed by uniform rules. His governors in Bijapur continued with Jaziya unabated.

Sikander Butshikan, the ruler of Kashmir levied not only Jaziya on the dhimmis but also zakat tax on them.

Fatwa-e-Alamgiri is an elaborate manual that documents how Aurangzeb went about collection of Jaziya.

The Brahmins were supposed to lay 48 dirhams, the Kshatriya, Vaishyas 24 while the rest 12 dirhams per head per years. The payer had to go to the Kotwal unmounted and offer the money keeping his hand at a lower than that of the Kotwal who was supposed to snatch it as a mark of humiliation.

The land tax or the Kharaj was payable at rates twice those paid by the Muslims. The customs paid by the Hindu traders was also twice those of Muslims. Apart from that Hindus had to pay pilgrimage tax for visiting their holy sites.

The leftist historians might disregard it conveniently but then such stories need to be studied right from the original sources. Amir Khusrao in his work Aashiqiya or Ishkiyaan (edited by Rashid Ahmed Ansari,pg.46) says that had Hanafites not allowed the Dhimmis the right to practise their religion on the condition of payment of Jaziya, Hinduism would have been long wiped out if the surface of Hind.

“Ba-dhimmah gar na bûdi rukhSat-i shar’
Na mâNdi nâm-i Hindû zi ‘Sl tâ far”.

Please respect the fact that you are still a surviving Hindu because it was because of your forefather’s efforts to keep his faith intact so that the likes of communist Hindus can write a critical appreciation of Hinduism.

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