PERFECT Answer to those Demanding Proof of Shri Ram | Agniveer

If You insult Ram, get ready to get disrobed. This is how to deal with fanatics in guise of debaters.

Karwa Chauth Critics, Its High-time to Set Your (Misplaced) Priorities Right!

Some liberals see Karva Chauth as anti-woman and regressive but find women-liberation in burqa and minority-rights in triple talaq and halala. Never saw them utter a word against polygamy practitioners.

Agniveer’s Open Challenge on #UniformCivilCode (UCC) that SHOOK Islamic world

To Jihadis and liberals who are opposing Uniform Civil Code - You have 24 hours. Accept challenge & get your arguments, or accept defeat.

THIS is why Muslim Personal Law MUST be Abolished [with 4...

If Muslim Personal Law is not burnt away in dustbin, there are only few options left. Read to know.

“Implement UCC If You Have Guts” : Jihadis to India lovers

Believe it or not, THIS is current state of affairs in 'secular' & democratic India. Jihadis need to be reminded this is not Saudi.

“2-Kid-Policy a MUST, along with Uniform Civil Code to Root-out Terrorism”...

Time for some tough decisions for government of India. If you have to, deal with goons the way Shri Ram dealt with demons.

Vijay Dashmi – No Victory without Shri Ram [Mandir, Ayodhya]

Strengthening nation against enemies - inside & out. Jai Shri Ram! Dushhera - a day of calibration & not celebration for Agniveer. Read to know why.

Appeal to Muslim Brothers to re-affirm commitment to Peace and Harmony...

Not even one Muslim leader who dares to say "Gandhi will go to Heaven despite being an idol-worshipping Hindu." Many who say "Gandhi is a Kafir who will burn in Hell forever." Can anyone explain why?

Provide Security to Kamlesh Tiwari | Agniveer’s Appeal to Govt of...

GOI must immediately act and ensure safety of its citizens from Jihadis. With threats like "behead Tiwari", lakhs of Jihadi terrorists held rallies on roads of Indian cities brandishing swords.

Expert Tips | Balancing Professional & National Duties | Agniveer

How to find balance in life between work for self (bread earning), relaxation, work towards Nation? Read Expert Guidance.