Don’t question Rajdeep. Question those you voted for

Why should Rajdeep and Barkha explain why they are anti-Hindu? Ask those you voted for - why they are forgetting their Raj Dharma?

THIS is ROOT of all that’s wrong with the SYSTEM

My currency will have image of Lakshmi-Ganesh than some politician responsible for enormous rapes and riots.

Kaba rule NOT about direction BUT dictation

Hoax of unity through facing Kaba. Read to know whether it stands the test of sensibility.

Religions of ‘Visionaries’ – Overcoming Religious Confusion

Read to know the characteristics of 'Visionary' religions of the world. And why a group among this visionaries seems to require our immediate focus.

Answering FAQ on anti-Hindu Conversions issue

Sharing a real life conversation with you all to answer FAQs on Hindu Unity, conversion issue and more....

Science and IRF

Explore analysis of IRF's research in astrophysics.

3 Ridiculous Claims of Zakir Jihadi Naik taller than WTC towers

Zakir Jihadi Naik goes full retard and makes some claims taller than the WTC towers his hero Osama destroyed. Agniveer helps bring back to reality.

Prophet in Hindu Scriptures – Vedas (Part 3)

An analysis of the claim by Zakir Naik that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is prophesised in Vedas.

Deradicalization Post #1

For those who want to join the path of 'Holy' War against non-believers.

Aurangzeb or Kalam?

Who are you? Sword of Aurangzeb against India or Missile of APJ Kalam for India? Choose your side now.

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