Who Harassed Prophet’s Wives? Shocking Truth from Scriptures

The shocking truth of Hijab. Know the man who harassed Prophet's wives. Heartbreaking.

Hijab Outside, Rape Inside – Why She doesn’t Want Kids Around...

How the 'modesty' of woman wearing Hijab is torn apart inside the four walls of house. Why she doesn't want kids to be around when her husband is in.

Do you know the dark secrets of Islamic literature?

Dark secrets of most popular Islamic literature translations. Know what Zakir Naik's scriptures ask you to do when lights are dim and a woman is near you.

Islamic Woman – Torn Between Hungry Kid and Tharki Husband

The Islamic view towards women, the way ISIS leaders make sex-slaves out of captured women after war, and various associated inhuman practices can be traced down and understood by reading this.

Kill Nirbhaya’s rapist who is now Jihadi

14 reasons why Mohammad Afroz should be killed right now. Govt of India ignored Agniveer's previous inputs. Ignoring this time can be lethal for India.

Vedic Verses on Women in Hindu Society

Place of women in a Hindu/ Vedic society described through Vedic mantras focusing on the subject. Read to know what Vedas say.

Status of Women in Vedic Society

Verses from Vedas - foundation of Hinduism, describing the rightful place of women for a prosperous and blissful society.

Agniveer Silences allegations of Sexism in Manu Smriti

Allegation of Hinduism-haters - Manu Smriti is grossly anti-women and denigrates the Matri Shakti (motherly force).We have already discussed how Manu Smriti has been...

3 Shocking reasons why Islamic State loves to rape, rape and...

Islamic State books ask them to rape and kill to reach Allah. These are freely available online and offline. No woman is safe till they are not banned.

Love Jihad in Patna – 10 unknown facts you must know...

10 shocking facts about Patna Love Jihad you never knew. There is more than beef and MMS scandal. Read, memorize and circulate to save next sister and daughter.