Love Jihad in Patna – 10 unknown facts you must know...

10 shocking facts about Patna Love Jihad you never knew. There is more than beef and MMS scandal. Read, memorize and circulate to save next sister and daughter.

I am a Muslim Woman

I have no face. Parvin Darabi confesses the humiliations and horrors of being a Muslim woman. Will make you weep.

Demands – Who is Saving Nirbhaya’s Killer Mohammad Afroz?

Mohammad Afroz- fake juvenile of Delhi gang rape case is set free. My sisters fearing to go out. Who will ensure their safety?

Mohammad Afroz Raped Nirbhaya 3 Years Ago- Intolerance Brigade Silent

Nirbhayas are afraid of Mohammad Afrozes and Aamir Khans. Who will raise voice for them?

Love Should See NO Boundaries. But It Should See the TRAPS

Stay safe, stay united, stay free.

Punishment or Reward?- Delhi Gang Rape Juvenile

Delhi Gang Rape prime convict Mohammad Afroz aka Raju is sentenced for 3 years in a juvenile shelter that will provide him security, isolation, TV, games and everything. So this is the message we give to rapists- rape our girls, kill them and then have fun instead of jail. Ashamed to be an Indian today.

सीतेची अग्निपरीक्षा

Did Ram ask Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha ever? Was there ever any Agni Pariksha in first place? Biggest hoax of History exposed in Marathi, first time at Agniveer!

زن – بنیاد دانش

Article in Persian on glory of woman! Who says women are inferior in status? Read this to know what first book of humanity- Divine Vedas- have to say about women! First Persian article on Vedic Dharma exclusively at Agniveer! Circulate.

સ્ત્રી – જ્ઞાનનો સૂર્યોદય

સંપૂર્ણ સમાજ કીર્તિવાન સ્ત્રીને માન-સન્માન આપનાર થાઓ. સ્ત્રીએ શુદ્ધ ચારિત્ર, નિઃસ્વાર્થવૃતિ અને સન્માનીય કાર્યોના આદર્શ સ્વરૂપ છે. એ ધૃણા અને અજ્ઞાનતા જેવા શક્તિશાળી અવરોધોનો નાશ કરી શકે છે. વેદોનું અનુસરણ કરો અને સૃષ્ટિનું રક્ષણ કરો!

Still more ashamed

People now want to respect women. And government beats them up. Hence I am still more ashamed to be Indian.

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