Woman – Foundation of knowledge

Read to know what Vedas have to say about rights and potentials of women in matters of education, Yajna and Vedas. Respect woman to save the society.

Women in Hinduism

A scrutiny of claims of Vedas insulting women. Must read for all who love or hate the Vedas.

Zakir Naik claims Islam – The ONLY Practical Religion of World!

Explore why Zakir Naik claims Islam to be the ONLY practical religion of world! May Allah make us all impractical!

WHY Resistance to UCC? Hype of ‘Women Rights in Islam’ EXPOSED

Read to know why there's such a strong resistance by Islamic leaders against implementation of Uniform Civil Code and removal of laws demeaning women. Read straight from Islamic scriptures on the status and respect for women!

Polygamy in Hinduism

Exploding myths of Polygamy in Vedas - the final authority of Hinduism.

Women in Vedas

Women are accorded the greatest respect in Vedas. No religion, philosophy or even modern feminism can match the same. Presented here are verses from Vedas...

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