Zakir’s 10 Claims vs IITian’s 38 Slaps on Islam – Fastest...

Zakir Naik and his moronic terror gang attacked Non Muslims. Agniveer broke their entire jaw with a single punch! Read to believe!

IITian Slaps Zakir Naik 35 Times on Kaba Worship, Storms Internet

Zakir Naik insults Hindu gods. Agniveer slaps him 35 times. See how wetness in his pants increased with each slap.

Zakir Naik, Digvijay Singh’s terror nexus exposed!

Breaking terror nexus, Burning the roots. Act now. Agniveer founder - Sanjeev Newar - Terror analytics expert, speaks out.

How IIT-IIM genius exposed Zakir Naik’s terror connection

Watch to know how Sanjeev, an IIT-IIM and world's top Risk Expert used his skills, knowledge and dedication to first expose the greatest mentor of terrorists today.

Agniveer effect: NIA scanning Zakir Naik’s speeches

Agniveer efforts made NIA scan Dr Zakir Naik's speeches. Congratulations team Agniveer and Shri Sanjeev Newar for their consistent efforts and to present genuine opinions.

जाकिर नाइक – आतंकियों का शरणदाता

मैं उसे ओसामा से भी बड़ा आतंकी मानता हूँ .क्योंकि ओसामा बिन लादेन आतंकी कारनामों को संचालित करता है और जाकिर नाइक ऐसे ओसामाओं का निर्माण करने के लिए 'प्रजनक' (ब्रीडर) का कार्य कर रहा है.

11 reasons why Zakir Naik’s Peace TV must be banned worldwide

Shocking truths about Zakir Naik and his Peace TV. Both must be banned immediately to prevent the next terror attack. Read, spread to save world.

Our Hero is Martyr Mustaq Ahmed, not Terrorist Afzal- Indian Muslim

A Muslim takes on Afzal lovers. Be Agniveer. Save humanity!

जाकिर नाइक -आतंकियों का प्रश्रयदाता

पढें क्यों ज़ाकिर नायक एक आतंकी और खतरा है । जानें कैसे ज़ाकिर और IRF इस्लाम का अपमान कर रहे हैं। ....

I Worship Idols

Terrorism breeds on hatred for idol-worshippers. Agniveer promises to fight fire with fire. Agniveer is greatest champion of idol-worship till the mindset that says “Idols-worshippers are worst of creatures” is made extinct.

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