6 slaps trap Zakir Jihadi Naik in Idol vs Human worship...

Time to get amazed at the depths of stupidity Zakir Clown Naik and his horde of followers are ready to stoop to, to prove they do not worship idols!! Daily dose of schooling for Jihadis.

Kaba rule NOT about direction BUT dictation

Hoax of unity through facing Kaba. Read to know whether it stands the test of sensibility.

2 Scientific Miracles by Zakir MBBS Naik prove Islam is best

Zakir Bhai MBBS proves why Islam is best with the help of Scientific Miracles he studied during his MBBS. Agniveer verifies and exposes his bullshit.

Why 15% Population of Earth produces 100% Terrorists – Brutal analysis

Know why despite Islam means peace, Muslims are spreading pieces (of others) instead of peace.

Rape Non Muslim Women to Fight Idolaters – Islamic Books Shock...

Know why 85% of rapists in West UP, Kerala, WB, Bihar, Kashmir are Islamic followers.

Convert or Die – Prophet to Non Muslims

Islam means peace. Was good. Tell another joke.

Islam is Fastest Growing Religion and Cancer Cells are Fastest Growing...

Islam is from God because it is fastest growing religion says Zakir Naik. Cancer cells are fastest growing cells and hence cancer is from God says logic.

6 Reasons why 50% of rape convicts convert to Islam in...

Analytics experts find striking correlation between tendencies of rape and conversion to Islam in US Jails. Experts are working on the reasons. Results till now are shocking.

3 Ridiculous Claims of Zakir Jihadi Naik taller than WTC towers

Zakir Jihadi Naik goes full retard and makes some claims taller than the WTC towers his hero Osama destroyed. Agniveer helps bring back to reality.

Islam means peace – and 10 similar jokes

Islam means peace. Know 9 more best jokes of century.

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