Agniveer silences Yasin malik

JKLF Chief Yasin Malik : Kashmiri Hindus are cowards because they fled the valley. Now Indian state has illegally occupied Kashmir. Kashmiriyat belongs to us. Indians came from outside and occupied it by force. We don’t want any outsider in Kashmir. India haay haay. Indian Army haay haay.

Agniveer (Slap 1): Why was your great great grandfather a coward?

YM : Zaban sambhaal ke baat karo (mind your language). How dare you call my ancestors cowards?

Agniveer (Slap 2): And how dare you call an entire community of real Kashmiris as cowards? Now come to point. Why were your ancestors cowards?

YM : They were not cowards. They lived in valley and never left it.

Agniveer (Slap 3) : But they left their faith at sword’s point. They were Hindus once. Then they converted to Islam in times of Sikander Butshikan and Jihadi rule.

YM : Haha. Coward Indian. I am an Arab. Can’t you read my Muslim name Yasin? Now don’t digress. Leave Kashmir.

Agniveer (Slap 4): Malik is an Arab tribe? So we had an Arab Gen V P Malik commanding Indian army in Kargil war? Anyways, since you are an Arab, what are you doing in Kashmir? Pack your bags and leave for where you came from riding camels.

YM :

Agniveer (Slap 5): What happened? Packing bags?

YM : Wait. We don’t hate India because it is outsider. But because Indian agent Jagmohan ran an anti Muslim campaign in 80s and 90s in Kashmir.

Agniveer : (Slap 6) Really? But article 370 that you and all Kashmiri separatists follow  (like your faith-book) clearly says no OUTSIDER can own a property in Kashmir. And 370 came into existence when Jagmohan was a kid. So its clear, you hate outsiders and want to stop outsiders at any cost.

(Slap 7) If your hatred for India/Indians is justified because India did wrong (supposedly) with you in 80s, Indian Army’s hatred (supposedly) for you is justified too. Because you and your Arab/Turk/Afghan masters whom you came with in Kashmir spilled blood of millions for centuries. One of you is known in history as Butshikan (iconoclast) just because he had a fetish of desecrating Hindu temples and build mosques with former’s ruins.

We lost lakhs of men. We lost lakhs of women. Women lost their honor. Children lost their mothers. Hindus lost thousands of their temples. So what should we do? Kill Lakhs of men in return? Rape their women in return? Destroy every single mosque in Kashmir as revenge? If your theory of justification of hatred/violence is correct, India and Indian Army have thousands times more reasons to destroy you right now.

YM : Ok, I accept, my ancestors didn’t come from outside. They were native Kashmiri Hindus who changed their faith during Islamic rule.

Agniveer (Slap 8) : Who is a coward now? Those who left their religion and chose to live or those who practiced their religion despite Jihadi demonic rule?

YM : But still, you have to agree that Indian Army is committing rapes and atrocities. Your own Indian filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj showed it in Haider which shows truth of Kashmir and nothing else.

Agniveer (Slap 9): Are Kashmiri separatist women prostitutes and expert in incestuous relations ? Do Kashmiri separatists kiss their moms on neck? And their moms kiss their stepsons on lips?

YM : This is derogatory, below the belt.

Agniveer (Slap 10): If your gospel Haider is to be believed, Kashmiri separatist wives sleep with other men and then are found seducing their own children. Is this not the clear proof of separatists being sons of prostitutes?

YM : Oye, this movie is the work of fiction. And death to the maker of movie for portraying our women in bad light.

Agniveer (Slap 11): So you accept you were using fiction to demonize Indian Army?


Agniveer (Slap 12): Count your days. Next time you abuse India in front of an Indian, consider yourself in Jannat with virgin goats.

YM : Who are you?

Agniveer (Slap 13): I am death for iconoclasts. I am death for Jihadis. I am death for rapists. I am death for traitors. I am death for invaders. I am son of Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh. I am soldier of Bharat Mata. Mess with me at your own risk. I am Agniveer.


Vashi Sharma is an expert on terror, Kashmir, Pakistan, extremism, Islam and foreign policy. He is a respected energy scientist with numerous international level publications. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. He is an expert in concentrator optics and works in domain of optimal utilization of solar energy.

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