Let us beginning by conceding that Kashmir issue is existing since partition and since majority of Kashmir are Muslims, we need to give them an ear rather blindly being jingoistic about it. People including soldiers, Kashmiris, militants are dying as part of this conflict since many decades now and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution in sight. Here is an approach i suggest rather than being blindly confrontational about it. Agree to Azadi based on three conditions.

1) Because they want azadi on religious basis let them prove existence of Allah. The absolute truth of existence is existence-consciousness not god which is only a concept. If a Muslim reading this can provide direct proof of Allah, then take Islam seriously. Otherwise Islam is as fake as Hindu sects like ISKCON which don’t have a clue how truth is structured.
So condition 1: prove Allah exists by providing direct evidence of Allah himself, not creation stories or miracles.

2) If we agree to let go of Kashmir, Pakistan should also agree to take all Indian Muslims once and for all. because India was partitioned to give Muslims their own nation let us complete this formality once and for all.
Condition 2: azadi only if Pakistan agrees to take all Muslims.

3) Since Kashmiri Pandits are the original inhabitants, azadi will also mean some land is left for them who will remain with India.

If the above three conditions are not met or agreed with, within a certain timeline, remove article 370 and move on. There is no point in people, whether they Kashmiri Muslims or Pandits, whether they are Indian soldiers or Pakistani soldiers, unnecessarily losing their lives because we can’t talk and solve problems

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