Q. You seemed to be a spiritual person till few years ago. Suddenly so much aggression and hate! What happened? Not spiritual anymore?

A. Spirituality to me means most worthwhile action at the given moment. If my mother is in ICU, doing Yoga Asans or Advaita debates in home won’t be called as spirituality. That will be stupidity. Every other thing is Haram for me until my mother recovers and I get her back home safely.

I can’t engage in discussions involving Aatma/Paramatma until my Mata, Dharma Mata and Bharat Mata are safe. Just to let you know, we have reached a situation in our own country where Jihadi pigs were caught pulling women’s sarees on street in Aligarh (100 kms from Delhi) few months ago.

Spirituality to me in such situations only means breaking bones of those who are pulling Sarees of our Mothers or filming them. Everything else seems waste of time and cowardice.

-Vashi Sharma

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