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Last week I wrote about why I am ashamed to be Indian and even more ashamed to be from Delhi/NCR. It drew a lot of controversies. Some strongly supported it, some strongly opposed. Some called it realistic, some called it pessimistic. I am glad that the piece made its own humble contribution in stirring emotions and being one more straw to increase weight of the growing protests against treatment of women in this country.

The fact that many youths now view this and related incidents as challenging their notion of patriotism and self-image, brought them to streets and join in a protest that has never been seen before in such cases. Many repented the fact that they have contributed to this menace by being eve-teasers themselves in past. Others berated the fact that they have themselves been using vulgar abuses related to mother and sister and hence being party to this crime. That many youth are now willing to reform themselves and others is indeed a welcome news.

This gave me a sense of satisfaction that weight of my shame of being an Indian is getting lighter. But soon I realized I was wrong. New dimensions of my country’s shamelessness were revealed that make me even more ashamed to be an Indian.

This relates to a subtler but more sinister aspect of Indians and specially those closer to the epicenter of power aka Delhi. This is ARROGANCE.

Arrogance devoid of any solid foundation or merit, based purely on unethical immoral proximity to seats of power. It is not just an arrogance of being anti-woman in an uneducated uncultured male dominated society, as discussed in previous post.

It is much more widespread and based on presumption that “I have right to be arrogant and shameless because I have zero merit in me and still I can dominate through corrupt means and connections.”

This is the reason why Delhi is among the most hated places in world. And because Delhi is the capital of India, it represents India and hence makes entire India even more ashamed. And more someone is closer to seats of power, more he or she contributes to SHAME for entire India.

Thus I am ashamed of everybody who proudly showcase their links and contacts in bureaucratic and political circles.

I am ashamed of government officials like police and authorities who blatantly misuse their powers to persecute the aam-aadmi and have no compunction for their own gross derelictions.

I am even more ashamed of those who are politicians themselves and expect red-carpet treatment.


I am much more ashamed of my government that considers arrogance as its birthright.

That this arrogant, self-obsessed, elitist, insensitive government represents me globally and decides rules and regulations that I and you must follow, leaves no scope for me to feel proud.

And since government in a democratic country represents the average mentality of the population, I am still more ashamed to be Indian.

I have remained apolitical throughout and did not write anything in support or opposition of government even during the peak of anti-corruption movement. Because for me, that is just tip of iceberg and does not represent true and complete picture. But with the attitude that the government has shown towards the protesters against rape-case in Delhi leaves no room for doubt:

“We have chosen a most arrogant, self-obsessed, power-hungry, elitist, insensitive incompetent set of people to rule us and decide our fate.”

And hence we should be ashamed.

Let me explain each of the terms I used for the government:

1. It is very clear that rape incident happened on streets of capital city because the police was incompetent. The same police force will find most obscure places next to a road turning to catch a traffic breach off-guard and earn some black money. It does not matter to them if the red-signal was hidden behind a tree or the U turn board was hanging upside down. Each day, Delhi police earns millions of black-money through this proactive action to catch petty offenders. After all they are divinely ordained to loot the aam-aadmi. But the same police did not dare stop a single bus ever that has black glasses on windows despite clear instructions from High Court years ago. The reason is simple: Catching these buses don’t fetch you great money. Afterall the drivers are not the owners of the vehicles. Further, most of these buses (White Line or Chartered Buses in Delhi lingo) belong to either politicians or someone close to politicians. So why invite uninvited nuisance.

The government of Delhi and Center as well put blind eye to all this for very same reasons. After all politics is all about money and links and contacts!

If not, then why they were silent?

Either they were self-obsessed, power-hungry or they were simply incompetent.

In either case, they are cause of SHAME.

2. Just look at the way government dealt with protesters. Lathicharge, Tear-Gas! What a shame! This was near repeat of what happened on Ramlila Ground few months ago. The same police which is culprit for allowing this rape to happen by its misplaced priorities is now beating up people because they demand safety and dignity of women!

There is not one single person of character and personality right from highest position in country to the average constable who could have addressed the anger of protesters in a mature, honest and compassionate manner.

How can there be! Every position of power – right from President – is filled not based on competencies, but simply on basis of affinity to echelons of power. How can we expect, except through a random rare chance of luck, that a statesman can breed in this political setup that is mathematically flawed and by its very organizational nature gives rises to corrupt arrogance of incompetence.

Recently the news flashed that the Unofficial Prince of India – progeny of an ex-Prime Minister who became Prime Minister because he was son of an ex-Prime Minister and so on… – reprimanded the protesters that they should be ‘rational’.

Look who is talking! And to whom!

If he expects family of rape victim to be ‘rational’, it shows how ‘rational’ he himself is. Or does he mean that the youth should not consider rape victim to be their own family?

And after the talks broke down, their is another lathicharge and tear-gas shelling.

Either the government is elitist and insensitive or a bunch of psychopaths.

Either ways, they are a cause of SHAME.

We elect a government that beats up people who respect women
We elect a government that beats up people who respect women

3. They say all accused have been caught. But that does not suffice for any sensible person. Why is there a reluctance from government to accept this as its own failure to provide security to citizens? What steps the government has announced to punish that state machinery which allowed breach of High Court order to happen openly for years. And why should not the Home Minister resign for this gross failure? If the government prefers to lathicharge protesters instead of answering these relevant questions with facts and sensitivity, then either they are arrogant and self-obsessed or they have been incompetent throughout without any intentions to improve.

Either ways, they are a cause of SHAME.

4. Recently I was in airport and noticed something very startling. At Security Check, there was a list of VVIPs who are exempt from security check. They included President of India, Vice President, Chief Ministers etc. And surprisingly, at the end there was name of Sri Robert Vadra. Now is he the official son-in-law of the nation? Why is Sri Robert Vadra more special than the aam-aadmi?

Recently there was an allegation on his source of income. (I don’t care much about that because most politicians and associates in sin-capital of India seem to have questionable sources of income given that they don’t spend even a second on anything except nation-welfare. Either they have a magic wand to generate money without investing time, or are simply corrupt. The third case is that all faculty in MBA courses should resign and let these politicians teach how to make millions and billions without spending a second.)

But the sad part was that this arrogant VVIP treatment at expense of aad-aadmi did not even come into highlight. Even his detractors did not raise this point prominently because they perhaps accept this VVIP syndrome as acceptable part of our culture.

For someone like me, this would be bigger issue than allegations on financial corruption. And hence I am even more ashamed.

Now why do I talk of Robert Vadra on issue of crime against women?

Simple, if my government can officially and openly patronize such non-entities because they are relatives of some family of their party-leader(s), why should I not assume that such unethical favoritism is rampant at all levels and domains that the government can influence?

Why should I not assume that

– Admissions in police force happens through nepotism (bhai-bhatijavad and jugaad)?

– Criminals are left scot-free because of their connections?

– Rampant violation of High Court directives was done to protect interests of some influential people?

– Protestors are being tortured because some influential family-members dislike them?

– The recent gang-rape and many such crimes happening every few minute are a culmination of the incompetencies and callouness arising due to such nepotism happening everywhere in the system that is supposed to be ‘servants’ os aam aadmi.

In general, why should I not believe that I am living as a slave under a pseudo-independence where I have freedom only within my tiny shell? And beyond that, for all major issues and matters, it is a cartel that is ruling me.

Slavery is never a sign of pride.

Hence I am still more ashamed.

Wait wait wait….

We cannot simply offload the blame on government and escape.

It is We, the people, who have elected this cartel.

Who sell our votes for some bucks to choose any Tom, Dick and Harry.

Who will easily vote for anyone who promises a liquor shop to our family or a job to our worthless son.

Who thrive on vote-bank politics.

Who vote on factors of caste and religion.

Who even gift away votes for daaru and dhamal.

Bitter but true. Bulk of nation votes in this manner.

And hence, the government we gift to ourselves represents what the average Indian deserves. For last 65 years we have been proving ourselves that we deserve corruption, failures, poverty, nepotism and miseries. These are not what I can proudly aspire for. Hence I am ASHAMED.

Last time, I wrote that I am ASHAMED to belong to a society that does not know why and how to respect a woman.

Now I am still more ASHAMED that I belong to a society that does not know why and how to choose what they want in life. And hence get beaten up by government for demanding respect for women.

Last time I appealed all to promise that:

My pride will be restored when a woman of any age can freely move in any part of country at any time in day (or night) with dignity.

Now I appeal to promise that:

My pride will be restored when we throw away a governance system that thrives on arrogance and unethical misuse of power. And beats up people because they now want respect for women.

Till that happens, I am STILL MORE ASHAMED to be Indian.

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  • I had said through Arya Samaj forum to the world that before you start any movement first save the life of that girl.The full case was attracted by only laticharge in Delhi.But the victim who was taking his last breaths was neglected and full politics was introduced.Now that girl does not exist in nature.In future if rapes would occure I would be the first to give medical treatment to the girl.

    Message to the girls:
    The moral of the full story is that nobody can save your life.Even nature will neglect you.Girls!If you want your safety than please do not rely upon others.The world is merciless.You are your protector.Police can’
    t help you.Government can’t help you.Doctors can’t help you.Parents can’t help you.God can’t help you.Devtas can’t help you.Krishna came when Dropadi was being made naked.But that Krishna did not came when that girl was being raped in such horrible manner in a bus by 6 persons.Girls!Be with you.

  • Damini was so special. Her will to fight back the trauma was extraordinary. She shook the entire nation and our corrupt system never got so afraid before.
    May her soul rests in peace and may her sacifice brings light ,hope and dignity to our women.

  • Tragedy. Damini died in Singapore. May she rest in peace. I hope no matter what our backgrounds and differences we can be together in giving our condolences to her family, and work to make a positive change out of this tragedy.

    • All things are not bad in any society, religion, country. There may be many good things in Islam also. Even Pakistan many things may good in their culture, people, politics. We can learn from it.

    • @Anti-Agni
      many where Islam is follower of Veda. Veda is foundation of all philosophy. If there is any sever punishment in Islam for the rape it is perfectly in line of Veda.

      • Here we see anti Agni trying to fool people into believing Islam will protect women better. It doesn’t. Real world of Islam does not, case in point Pakistan where our Indian Muslims got their wish for a Muslim state. Now what is the plight of women there…:

        “According to a recent report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a woman is gang-raped every eight hours in the country. However, because of social taboos, discriminatory laws and the treatment of victims by police, campaigners believe the real figure is far higher. Women who report their rapists remain more likely to go to prison themselves than see justice, so most cases are never reported. Women who are raped can face legal difficulties anywhere in the world, but human rights groups remain particularly concerned over Pakistan’s record. Their alarm is centred on enforcement of the ‘Hudood ordinances’, a complex set of Koranic laws whose name is derived from hud meaning ‘punishment’. Similar sharia laws have existed in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan for centuries, but Pakistan’s were enacted by former President Zia ul-Haq only in 1979, as part of his radical attempt to ‘Islamicise’ the country.

        The legislation has always been full of legal ambiguities, and none more so than the Zina ordinance which deals with adultery, premarital sex and rape. The maximum punishment for adultery is stoning to death for married people and 100 lashes for the unwed.

        For a rape trial to go ahead in Pakistan, four adult Muslim men, ‘all of a pious and trustworthy nature’, must have witnessed the attack and be willing to testify. Evidence from female and non-Muslim witnesses is considered worthless. A woman who can’t produce those witnesses can be prosecuted for fornication and alleging a false crime, the penalties for which are stoning, lashings or prison.” http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/sep/17/pakistan.theobserver

        Far from providing protection and justice for women, they face instead the very real danger of being cruelly punished languishing in jail or lashed and may even be horrifically killed with stones if married.

        What person wants that as the only solution?

      • Arun i have given a link, have you seen that? Delhi is witness of rape on every 18 hours interval and you still spread hatred for Muslim countries?

        Islam not only give hard punishments but Islam make such environment in which rape can’t occur easily.

      • Yeah you give hard punishments to the women who are raped and cant produce four Muslim male witnesses (testimony of non-Muslims and all women do not count – that is part of Islam’s solution), which will be nearly every case of rape since it is so unlikely that there will be four Muslim male witnesses around to witness a rape who are not involved in the rep themselves. On the contrary rapes can occur easily because of the difficulty for a woman to get four Muslim male witnesses. And in Pakistan gang rapes according to the stats reported in the paper happen every 8 hours, and that is under reporting as women are afraid to report being raped thanks to the punishment they will face if they dont have those witnesses. Even in this Delhi case there were no four Muslim male witnesses to prove the woman was raped. The only male witnesses to the gang rape besides her friend who was beaten were the rapists themselves. This Delhi victim under Islam’s solution would be in jail or lashed for zina and you want to peddle Islam as the only solution. Just what that Dehli victim needs to be jailed or lashes in front of hundred on top of being gang raped.

        Anti-Agni it is you who arrogantly used this Delhi rape as an opportunity to peddle Islam as you said as the only solution, as if rapes would not occur or if they did somehow women would be treated better than in non-Musilm countries. But the reality of women being in jail, or lashed, or cruelly stoned to death as the Islamic solution pretty much shows any sane person that that is a terrible solution and none than people want for rape victims.

        And you are upset because lets face it jailing lashing stoning to death rape victims who cannot produce four Muslim male witnesses is pretty bad and this fact of life under Islam makes it harder for you to peddle Islam as the only solution or even to be consider it one possible solution out of many solutions for people who respect women and human rights.

        You are so proud of Islam so why would news reports showing the real Islamic solution in practice in Islamic countries be hateful. They are merely reporting statistics and facts from those Islamic countries. You should proudly say this is the justice women get in Islam – women make sure you have four male witness to prove rape or you will be jailed, lashed or stoned to death. This is what Islam as the only solution will provide you.

      • Who cares what you want. I am replying here to your lame peddling of Islam as the only solution out of this Delhi case.

      • Arun pak is not an example, most of the paki women never veil. i am talking about Islam not pak.
        2years female child have been raped in Gujarat, one gang rape in delhi and one in Punjab, so you can’t junp to Pakistan .

      • It is Islamic laws that they are following and Islamic punishments they are giving. So pathetic. That is how you try to salvage Islam by distancing your self and pretending it is Pakistan and not Islam? Where do you think they got the four Muslim man rule and that the testimony of non-Muslims don’t count.? Islam. Where do you think they got the idea to lash an unmarried woman and stone a married one? Islam. You bring up the rapes in India, but what you don’t get is that no one is saying rapes don’t happen in India. It is you that arrogantly proposed Islam as the only solution, but clearly in Islamic countries that solution is not so rosy. These stories are in many Islamic countries where a woman can be accused of fornication when she reports rape if there are no witnesses. not only Pakistan. You cannot defend the jail, the lashing or the stonings, or the stupid four Muslim men thing. You know it is barbaric and dumb and shows Islam is not the solution. All you can do is pretend that is Pakistan and not Islam.

  • Instead of covering up the wrong doings of Government and its allied politicos if Main Stream Media(MSM) had done their job India wouldn’t have come to this stage.Just read this http://mediacrooks.com how dangerous the MSM has become to the Indian Democracy.

    • Actually everyone is responsible for this jeopardy.Whether it is government,police,persons in the bus,conductors,or her boy friend with whom she was travelling.

      • How come the victims become responsible for the crime?These crimes are happening for too long in Delhi.
        If you ask me the main culprits are Main stream Media.These protests should have happened way long ago.The reason for my allegation is you wouldn’t have seen this many protesters if it wasn’t shown on these channels.And the only channel that afford to show this is Times Now,other channels NDTV,CNNIBN,ABP,AAJ TAK,Headline Today,etc., have to follow up or parrot what Govt. says because they are loss making channels and dependent on Govt. doles.
        I’m not endorsing Times Now,it’s already been slapped a Rs 100 crore fine for wrongly displaying a one judge’s photo instead of another in a hawala case.How many of you know about this?
        Anna Hazare movement wouldn’t have become that big if it wasn’t covered by Times Now.
        In simple words I would say Arnab Goswami has the power to show the news to the nation what he wants.And that’s very dangerous.
        And that is the reason I suggested to read this site http://mediacrooks.com

      • I know media always confuses us.The media was blaming protestors and media was really supporting the cruel nature of police.I have watched the full scene by sitting 4 hours on tv.Media is on the fingertips of Government.It has nothing to do with the truth.

      • I am not saying that the victims are responsible for crimes.But what were conductors and drivers doing when the girl was crying out loud.No media is telling anything about conductor and driver of the bus.

  • India has copy pasted British law. if it had vedic law & vedic system of education & compulsory yog education in school then these things could be stoped.

  • The problem we are facing today is more of social than political.
    change of govt will bring anothet set of corrupt (somewhat less) politicians.
    Everyone is trying to politicise the issue for his own political benifits.
    Voilent protests are nothing but politically motivated tools to destablise law and order.As all the culprits have been arrested ,hopefully govt will ensure that they must get harshest punishment and as quickly as possible.

    • @RespectWomen1 : lethargic and ignorant people like you are one the key contributors to the plight of the nation today, as you are too selfishly indulged in your petty shell of a life.Do you know about the case of “Sonali Mukherjee” when acid was thrown on her in 2003? the perpetrators as per the so called pathetic law of this land were sentences for 9 years but they got bail in 2 months time !!! and now they happily live their life while this lively girl is scarred for life.
      she was 17 when this incident happened and now she is 27, still waiting for justice.
      Shame on you to support and faith in such a corrupt and inefficient system.you don’t deserve freedom.

  • I still dont understand…..where was everyone who was traveling on the bus. The first one should have been stopped….how did it become gang rape? Was everyone just watching> Why did the conductor or driver not stop it?

    • Apart from 2 victims ,6 more peoples were travelling and all of them participated in the crime .
      Actually it was a pre planned as they wer on the run and have looted one passenger before boarding these 2 victims .

  • @All
    What Veda say how to treat with the rapist?
    उत्सक्थ्या अवगुदं धेहि समंजिं चारया विशन्। य: स्त्रीणां जीवभोजन:॥
    Its utmost duty of the King or Ruler to punish those Sinners (Rapists) who destroys the life of a women by Illicit conduct or Rape by hanging them upside down and by beating them so that Morality, Peace and Justice prevail in his kingdom – Yajur Veda 23:11

    हे शक्तिमान राजन् (विशन्) जो पापी लोग स्त्रियों के साथ व्यभिचार एवं बलात्कार करके उनका जीवन नष्ट करने वाले हैं उन्हें पैर ऊपर और सिर नीचे करके उल्टा लटका कर ताडन करना चाहिये और इस प्रकार अपने राष्ट्र में न्याय का संचार करना चाहिये।

  • Last thing people want is that. In Australia the top Muslim leader blamed women themselves for being attacked because they were not in their room in their home and not veiled outside so were “uncovered meat.” Restricting women to their home only going outside with a male escort completely bundled up is not a better world but one where they are not free and are not safe and are prisoners of their own home.

    “…In the religious address on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

    “The uncovered meat is the problem.”

    The sheik then said: “If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”

    He said women were “weapons” used by “Satan” to control men.

    “It is said in the state of zina (adultery), the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa).”…”

    No thanks. Limiting the freedom of women and blaming them for being assaulted is not the solution.

      • @Anti-Humanity
        Why don’t you agree to the point that you cannot keep the :”kraken” within you at the bay, which is ever ready to taste the “backless” part or even a bit of skin if seen of women? If you CAN, then why to complain about what women wear? They have their rights to wear whatever they want to. Just because you cannot CONTROL yourself out of lust, doesn’t mean women have no right to wear what they want.
        Swami Dayanand has CLEARLY advocated abstinence [Brahmacharya] too, are you blind to see that? He himself was continent man throughout his life unlike your “Prophet”. The one who follows a religion where it is legal to keep slave-girls and have intercourse with them has no right to throw mud at others. So you better not teach us how to respect and behave with women!
        The solutions to such problems doesn’t lie in wrapping women in black clothes but in changing our *men’s* attitude towards them.

      • @Anti-woman was that supposed to be coherent reply because it wasn’t.
        You are an idiot who idiotically is obsessed with aryasamaj. You are a pathetic broken record. A witless fool who in hate negatively labels everyone who is Hindu and stands up to your dumb comments an aryasamaj. That is all a sorry twit like you has. You are boring. Go to the aryasamaj site and ask them your nonsensical question.

        I don’t even get what is the point of your incoherent question. What is your point about sleeveless and backless saris? Who the hell cares if any group allows them or not. What does that have to do with anything you twit?

        A woman should be safe and free day and night no matter what she wears. What about that is difficult for even a obsessed fool like you to understand?

  • उत्सक्थ्या अवगुदं धेहि समंजिं चारया विशन्। य: स्त्रीणां जीवभोजन:॥

    हे शक्तिमान राजन् (विशन्) जो पापी लोग स्त्रियों के साथ व्यभिचार एवं बलात्कार करके उनका जीवन नष्ट करने वाले हैं उन्हें पैर ऊपर और सिर नीचे करके उल्टा लटका कर ताडन करना चाहिये और इस प्रकार अपने राष्ट्र में न्याय का संचार करना चाहिये।

    Its utmost duty of the King or Ruler to punish those Sinners (Rapists) who destroys the life of a women by Illicit conduct or Rape by hanging them upside down and by beating them so that Morality, Peace and Justice prevail in his kingdom – Yajur Veda 23:11

    • In Vaidhika Nyaaya Shaastra which is lakhs of years old, there are no references of these kind of cruel punishments. Those mantras are not intended for the purpose mentioned. The nonhuman punishments were started in India only after the Mughal invasion. What is crime? It is a weakness of the mind, so all Bhaaratiya Shikshaa Neetis were based on this fact & the punishments were formulated to purify the mind, thereby helping the accused to overcome that inferior state to make him really Human. Meanwhile the punishments were such that it would impact on society also & the crime rates can be reduced. There is no death sentence any where is Vaidhika Nyaaya Shaastra. It says that if a judicial system incorporates the cruel punishments & death sentences, psychologically it will reverse impact the society and the crime rates grow up. This can be practically seen now a days in the Countries where Cutter kind of policy is there ever for a small mistake! E.g., The terrorists, human bombers & many more who don’t care about their death!

      Similar is the case of Rapists, it is the result of Ati-Kaamukataa again an utterly bad state of mind. Vedas are more towards precautionary & preventive measures. Social Psychology based awareness should play a role here.

      The present IPC’s are purely by British! So the interpretation of Vedas based on present judicial laws & present mindset is not proper. If real Vaidhika Nyaaya Shaastra comes to implementation there is no requirement of High Court or Supreme Courts, all the cases originate locally & will be solved locally by the Panchaas in the Graama Vyavastaa, this is one of the agendas in Grama-Swaraajya which is nothing but Raama-Raajya.

      Referred from: http://veda-vijnana.blogspot.in/2012/12/vaidhika-nyaaya-shaastra.html

      • @vishwaisumana:
        I don’t not understand what you are trying to convey , Are you saying that “Vaidhika Nyaaya Shaastra” ,which essentially is the “nyaya sutra” , propounded by “Akṣapāda Gautama” is above and more pertinent than the “shruti”?
        why and How you blatantly call it “lacks of years old”?? Besides, the Nyaya sutra is not related the “justice” its a philosophy related to “attaining knowledge” more in line with Buddhist philosophy
        So, please set your knowledge and understanding right.

    • इस मंत्र का यह अर्थ कैसे किया .. यहाँ स्त्रियों में जो जीवभोजन अर्थात व्याभिचारी है न कि बलात्कारी, उसे दंड देने की बात कही है ।

  • Namaste Guruji,

    Great Article! When times now and ibnlive were interviewing the protesting students, most of them were not happy with the leadership that rules Delhi or India. It then becomes pertinent to understand on how one of the most corrupt and arrogant governments after India’s independence gets elected in different states even now! I came across this video some time back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z-GWpfsASE . It shows different ways in how easily an EVM can be rigged. Hari K. Prasad et al made this video. Any other country’s government would have immediately banned the use of EVM but in India, Hari Prasad was arrested. Dr. Subramanian Swamy was fighting this case, but of-late I don’t hear any updates. EVM rigging can be a major concern in the next general elections.

    With humble respects,

  • Anti-agni

    I will like to give you example from life history of Veer Shiva Ji . When Veer Shiva Ji soldier caught very beautiful wife of a Muslim Sardar and brought her to gift to please Shiva Ji. Shiva Ji got angry and punished his soldier as he insulted Womenhood and addressed that lady by name “MOTHER” and send her back to her heirs with full respect and security. Now compare Veer Shiva Ji with Muslim Sardars of Aurangzeb who when ransacked villages of Jats of Mathura ,They captured Hindu sisters and daughters to satisfy their lust. it was not their fault as they were influenced by Holy? teachings of Quran which says:-

    Quran not only allows slavery and sex with captured women and slave girls (4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50, 70.30), it says Allah may even pardon those who forced their slave girls to sell their bodies.

    Quran 24.33: Force not your slave-girls to whoredom that ye may seek enjoyment of the life of the world, if they would preserve their chastity. And if one force them, then (unto them), after their compulsion, lo! Allah will be Forgiving, Merciful.

  • Rightly written Agniveerji,
    We truly deserve the government we have.
    Always, something happens and we Indians love to protest and get beaten up by Police. Blame government for what ever happened for a while. Go home take pride for few moments because you are among the crowd. And gradually forget everything and get busy with daily life as if nothing happened.
    And another incident happens and we repeat the same cycle…………
    “We need like MINDS distributed everywhere SILENTLY opposing any kind of injustice, and not just gathering of BODIES at one place.”
    In this particular incident:

  • This is another example that the system is totally rotten that cannot punish even the hardened criminals. Rape of a women is happening in thousand every year in this rotten establishment. More important is how the system is dealing with such type of crimes? As usual as if nothing serious happened that need to overhaul police, judiciary, investigative agencies, criminal justice system, protection of eyewitnesses. We believe that persons who are running the system are the real rapist of innocent women, they are the real culprits, that’s why these criminals are mostly going out without punishment or lighter punishment. Look what happen to ex.DGP of Haryana police who had light punishment for rape of a tennis player and
    now leading a comfortable life. What this system did to punish that culprit?
    Rajendra Kanu
    Therefore we are in favour of radical changes in the above mentioned laws, without which society cannot punish these type of criminals.