On 16th March, Suresh Chavhanke, MD and Editor-in-Chief of Sudarshan News landed in Hyderabad along with his wife Maya Chavhanke and a few of his supporters who joined him all the way from Jammu-Kashmir. It was in Jammu, where Sureshji started off his road show and embarked on an All-India journey in order to get the “Population Control Bill” passed at the Central Government. It has been reported that when Suresh Chavhanke and his supporters, who include senior citizens and Indian army veterans as well, began their journey down south, they were warned against holding rallies, particularly in Hyderabad. They received prior and clear warnings from MIM and other peacefuls on social media against holding any rally in Bhagyanagar.

He was arrested TWICE here in Hyderabad by the “friendly” Telangana police. As citizens of Bharat, we have a lot of questions to ask and someone needs to provide answers to these questions.

First of all….Who is Suresh Chavhanke? Why was he in Hyderabad and what is his mission? Why was he arrested? What is this Population Control Bill? Why isn’t our Mainstream Media covering this? Why are all local and national news channels shying away from reporting all this? Not a single news cover, report or even a whisper about this whole Suresh Chavhanke vs Owaisi-KCR in Hyderabad fiasco!! Why???

This was all covered solely by Suresh Chavhanke’s own flagship channel Sudarshan TV channel, live. Their cameraman was assaulted live on TV and the camera was broken by the Telangana police.

Here are some answers, provided by local Agniveer correspondents who were there at the event, first-hand.

Suresh Chavhanke is the chairman, managing director and editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News. He began his career as a journalist and went on to anchor a TV show called ‘Bindas Bol’. Over time, he gained immense critical acclaim for being a right-wing ‘pro-Hindutva’ reporter and faced the wrath of leftist ‘liberals’ for aiming to implement the Population Control Law, centrally.

He was in Bhagyanagaram (Hyderabad), Telangana this week as part of his roadshow, known as the “Bharat Bachao Yatra” which is essentially targeting and addressing the peaceful population explosion crisis that our country is currently facing at the moment. His demand is that the government pass a law to control the number of children per family, uniformly. Whether Hindu, Christian or Muslim, he intrinsically aims at having a judicially centralised ‘uniform code’ on the number of children per household/family in India. “Hamare Do Toh Unke Bhi Do” is one of his popular slogans. A sort of a birth-control offshoot of the UCC, if you may.

In his bid to spread awareness about his cause, Suresh Chavhanke Ji began his ‘yatra’ in Jammu and slowly marched his way down south. His aim is to go to every Indian state, hold massive road shows and collect citizen signatures in order to get this law passed centrally.

However, when he reached Hyderabad (read as Owaisi-land), he ran into problems that neither he or his team of army/navy/airforce veterans and educated supporters ever fathomed. Despite having Supreme Court and Central Home Ministry clearance, Y+ Security etc Suresh Chavhanke and his wife Maya Chavhanke were arrested by Telangana police twice!

On two separate occasions, Mr and Mrs Chavhanke were arrested, once for entering the city, 50 km away from Hyderabad at a place called Sangareddy District and once for daring to offer prayers at the infamous Bhagyalakshmi Mata Mandir at the old city. Their Crime??

Being pro-Hindutva and daring to challenge the ideology & authority of the Owaisi siblings and their minority appeasing, boot-licking minion of a Chief Minister (KCR) seems like Suresh Chavhanke’s biggest crime. The Sudarshan TV supremo was arrested for having a spine, despite having Y+ security!!!!

Suresh Chavhanke was dragged out of his convey, arrested along with his wife Maya and whisked away to an unknown location. The ‘friendly’ Telangana police, manhandled army veterans, women and senior citizens, thus proving that the only thing ‘friendly’ about Telangana Police is their annoying mobile caller tune and nothing else! It should also be noted that it is against the law in India to arrest a woman in the absence of female police officer. This was however carried out, all the same, no questions asked. In no other state did this yatra face any peculiar and violent disturbance like they did in Hyderabad! Not even in Jammu!

Local MP and unabashed pro-Hindutva MP Raja Singh (saffron-terrorist sic.) intervened and got the couple released. The Sudarshan TV head honcho successfully went on to attend an event that was organised at Begum Bazar Sanatan Dharma Sabha along with Raja Singhji. It is interesting to note that the Begum Bazar event, which is located in the heart of the old city (read as potential riot zone) was also on the verge of cancellation as well. Local friendly police were there too, trying their best to terminate the event, citing their reasons as ‘inciting communal violence’.

The evening sabha was a grand success, proving that pro-Hindutva ideology still permeates across the masses even in a potentially riot-challenged city of overpopulated and uneducated puncture-shop peaceful vermins like Hyderabad. The tyre-mending and beef biryani consuming ‘peacefuls’ of the city failed the first time but went at it again the very next morning.

Suresh Chavhanke and his wife along with their supporters were arrested once again when attempting to visit the very infamous Bhagyalakshmi Temple (hot-bed and communal riot-inducing spot) of the old city.

Another interesting fact about this temple is that it lies meters away from the famed, communal violence instigating Charminar of Hyderabad. What’s even more interesting is that this temple lies inches away from a ‘chilla’ (peaceful, non-sharia abiding, blasphemous shire) which is situated right inside the Charminar. Bhagyalakshmi temple has been the historical riot-starter since history immemorial and attempts/methods to demolish this shrine might also be a part of the compulsory syllabus of all madrasas across India! In 1979, this temple was desecrated, when a peaceful rammed a bus into this shrine. This temple is way older the Charminar itself and the temple are now under the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). But, that still doesn’t stop the Owaisi duo from targeting this sacred space time and again. The entire history of this temple and its folklore has been distorted down and the people of Hyderabad have now forgotten that this glorious city is also named Bhagyanagaram, after Mata Bhagyalakshmi. More on that in another article.

The irony of this entire situation is, despite having Y+ security, Supreme Court orders and a bunch of faithful supporters, Suresh Chavhanke and his supporters were arrested! No one gets charged for sedition after shouting slogans of “Bharat tere tukde honge” and pro-Pakistan slogans but get arrested, beaten and thrown in jail for no reason when retired army veterans who faithfully served the nation all their lives and common Hindu citizens join forces to shout “Vande Mataram”!

– By Sister Prerna Thiruvaipati

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