Original Name: Shakunika/Shakuni Vihar

Location: Khambhat, District Anand, Gujarat

Renamed as a symbol of Islamic atrocities – Jami Masjid

Jami Masjid of Khambhat is originally the Jain temple built by Princess Sudarshana.  Obeying the religious command, beautiful Shakuni Vihar was destroyed and converted into a mosque by Alauddin Khiji during his invasion of Gujarat in 1296 -1315 AD.

Inside structure of the mosque(?) has Toran art which is Hindu style carvings. 100 pillars support the roof of the main sanctuary gives evidence that this place is a Hindu temple. Also, the absence of minaret style structure raises the question.

Destroyed but still clearly visible carvings of holy ‘Kalash’ on the pillars of the mosque(?) gives testimony of the forced conversion of fabulous Hindu temple into a mosque.

Muslims must realise how their Hindu forefathers – Kafirs – and their cultural heritage – Hindu Structures – were forcefully converted to Islam. And they must unite with Hindus to intensify the movement of reclaiming their cultural heritage back.

This article is authored by Prerna Thiruvaipati ji.


“This is entry of the mosque!! Sure it must be where the statue of god must have resided once.”
“The snap of so called mosque was originally Bhim ki Rasoi. Now see the pic. Even a kid wont see anything close to Islamic structure here.”

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