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My take on the Babri Masjid/Ram Janmabhoomi issue and why it is imperative that this generation truly understands the Ram Mandir issue.

In 1961 the Sunni Waqf Board challenged the Nirmohi Akhara’s 1959 case about the same issue, it must be noted that Mir Baqi was a Shia Muslim so ideally it should be a Shia property and hence the Sunni Waqf board doesnt stand a party in the case, its ironical that Sunni Waqf Board is party to the case but Shia Waqf Board is not !

Moving ahead, when the hearings began the Sunni board claims were rejected one by one, and all documents, settlement maps fabricated with words such as Azaadi Masjid, Mosque birthplace etc are forged. Abul Fazal, granddaughter of Aurangzeb, Mirza Jaan, Novelist and Historian Mira Rajab Ali beg, all have documented that that Babri was erected after demolishing the grand temple.

We are dependent on China for Kailash Mansarovar, are in court for Ram temple in Ayodhya, not just mentioning the Srikrishna Janmabhoomi temple which also was broken and a mosque is built upon it, Somnath Temple was built after being broken multiple times, Destruction of India’s holiest place Kashi Vishwanath temple was also done by the same Islamic bastards.

In India, there are thousands of mosques that were erected after destroying the temples. ‘The Might of Islam’ mosque near to the Qutub Minar in Delhi has an inscription in Arabic that reads that ‘twenty seven Hindu and Jain temple were destroyed to create this mosque (‘Quwwatul-islam masjid’)’. The invaders felt proud in doing so and left stone carved attestations of their brutally towards Hindu temples and people.

Do we need to keep them and display them in public proudly, when they should only belong to a museum for historical sake? Countlessmandir during this time were destroyed and either converted into mosque,turned into toilets or into cow slaughter house.

Coming back to the Ram Mandir issue, The fact that with the entire UP available Mir Baqi (commander of Babur) didnt invade any other temple or did use a vacant place (i know i’m expecting too much) for building a mosque but the most sacred place available in the land is a proof in itself that Babri was never built as a mosque but as a victory symbol to humiliate Hindus.

The same pattern of building a mosque over the most holiest/sacred Hindu places has been done all over India, Sri Krishna temple in Mathura, Kashi Vishwanath are other examples.

Also it was built as a tomb, not a Masjid, for Babar to glorify that he crushed the sentiments and religious beliefs of kaafirs. The same Muslim bodies shrieking out against the Ram Mandir speak not a word as the Arabs themselves destroy mosques, tombs and madrassas all over the Middle East.

When an independent nation continues to have the symbols of oppression and shame that it suffered (over and above the requirements of a museum), then, in the minds of its generations, a doubt over its own self belief, over its own identity crises will continue to be felt.

When a similar situation happened in Europe, it ended with the Spanish Reconquista. Within a mere forty years, not one Muslim mosque remained in all the Iberian Peninsula. In India, Swamy- the most outright Hindu among mainstream BJP leaders- asked for the return of only four- and was still refused!

About time , we end Lord Rama’s second exile 🙂
Jai Shri Ram.

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By Sahil Shirke

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