Q. Why is the Kashmir issue never solvable in India? What was the main reason over the issue? Who created it?

A. Solving Kashmir issue will need guts to stand for truth and future. A mindset of pushing it by 5 years will not help.

Politics is driven by pursuit of power through path of least resistance. So political vision is for only 5 years on issues that demand bravery. Sardar Patel and Netaji attitude is rare.

Main reason is Islamic terrorism. A prominent group claiming allegiance to Islam has believed that all non-Muslims are villains, and converting entire world to Islam through sword, threat, lure, whatever is prime agenda. So they would go out of their Arabic homes to conquer lands through kill and rape. What ISIS is doing today has been happening for last 1300 years.

Now consider that ISIS is able to maintain hold in parts of Syria, evict or kill natives, and then claims in UNO that all people in Mosul want a separate nation, so recognize us as a country!

Exactly same is case with Kashmir. 700 years ago, terrorists captured Kashmir through deceit, raped and killed and evicted natives, broke temples and converted en-masse. Then Ranjit Singh defeated them and established rule of sanity. But as Hindu secular culture is, there was no revenge taken on Muslim population – no killing, rape, reconversion. Freedom and tolerance is core of Hindu/ Sikh culture.

But demographics had changed. And vast number of Muslims continued to hate Hindus as idol-worshipping rascals, and dreamt of converting whole world to Islam. Other natives were neutral and hence nurtured these fanatics.

But when India was close to independence, they showed their true colors and wanted to break away from India. When the king decided to come with India, again the rape, killing, eviction happened.

Our weak appeasing government, that had earlier foolishly accepted split of India, remained meek and did not allow army time to bring fanatics in control.

They signed some stupid documents and put a silly rule of Article 370. This vagueness and foolishness of one Nehru and some of his silly sidekicks was imposed on entire India. That plagues us till today.

So who created it?

Everyone of us – who did not learn that fanatics must be dealt with iron hand. You dont feed crocodiles in hope that instead of biting you, it will lick you.
Congress led by Nehru Gandhi – they monopolized decisions of future of India disregarding the history of oldest civilization. Kashmir was integral part of India – culturally, historically, geographically, socially, religiously.

But in hurry of becoming PM and getting clothes ironed in Paris, fools made compromises that trouble us till today.


Stand for truth and history.

Beat the shit out of every separatist or anyone who says idol-worshippers are worst of creatures.

Ban all translations of Quran or any other book that translate them to imply, that making entire world Muslim will give them heaven, or says non-Muslims will go to Hell.

And encourage youth to integrate with rest of India. Throw away Article 370.

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Quora Answer by Agniveer Sanjeev Newar

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