This is the description of Judgment Day in modern Quran (Do not ask for coherence between different ayats and logic. Simply enjoy the fantasy):

1. Mountains shall move like clouds.

2. Earth shall be moved and mountains shall be broken.

3. Sun shall be folded, stars will become dirty, mountains shall move and the skin of sky shall be peeled just as skin of goat is peeled.

4. Sky shall burst, stars will fall, rivers will be torn and graves shall be lifted.

There is debate among scholars if graves mean graves or dead in the graves. Quran is unclear about those who got cremated or could not be buried.

5. Sun and moon shall be collected together and put into river.

6. Trumpets will be blown and suddenly they would run from their graves to their Allah.

What about those graves which have been destroyed? There is no use of brain in religion!

By the way, there is a big issue in many countries over scarcity of land for graves. Cremation is a more sensible option being adopted in many places.

7. Allah sent wind, lifted clouds, and then gave us life after death and lifted the dead bodies.

8. The bone below the spinal cord never gets old and this shall be used to create the world on Judgment day. This will happen through 40 days of rainfall which shall make bodies grow like plants!

9. By the way, when sun, stars and moon are destroyed, it no more remains a Judgment Day but is Judgment Night with no source of light!

10. Scholars fight on duration of Judgment day or night. Some say it will be equal to 50,000 years and some believe it would be 1000 years.

Some even claim that their will be 50 stations in the Judgment ground and people would have to wait for 50,000 years at each station.

11. A book detailing deeds of the person has been put around his or her neck which will be used to decide who will go to Hell or Heaven. This details if the person is lucky or unlucky.

Some scholars say that this has already been put around the neck when he was first born.

12. There is description of another book called Taayar which shall fly and come in hands of the person.

13. The book shall be handed over on right hand for good people and on left hand for bad ones.

14. Even the witness and testimonies shall be brought for Judgment. The voice, hands and legs will also give testimony. All parts of bodies will give testimony.

The description is interesting, and only lacks a lawyer in the court.

When Allah knows everything, why he needs to create such a drama to give judgment. How is Allah different from a moody Nawab who enjoys dance and nautanki?

And then Kafirs are expected to believe all this blindly or burn in Hell forever!

In Vedic judgment, there is no specific judgment-day. We are getting rewards or punishments for our deeds every moment without any delay. Good thoughts, good actions and good speech brings to us favorable environment and negative ones unfavorable. Its a continuous process as also highlighted in the interesting book “The Secret” (though its much deeply explained in Vedas)

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Judgment Night

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