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Frequently asked questions on Theory of Karma

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Question: What is Theory of Karma?


Put simply, theory of Karma states that
1. Your thoughts become reality.
2. Inversely, your present reality is nothing but a cumulative manifestation of whatever thoughts you decided to think of till date. These include both the conscious and unconscious thoughts.
3. The purpose of this reality is to help you rise above sorrow and achieve bliss. And you can change your reality to higher bliss by changing your thoughts.Thus, life is not an unplanned random chemical reaction. Instead, life and world around is a well-planned system built to guide you towards bliss. And the way to use this system effectively is through directing the thoughts towards achievement of bliss.

Question: Does it mean happiness alone is goal of life?


Exactly. The only goal of life is to achieve happiness or bliss. And the way to achieve it is through proper understanding of the mechanism of the life system and directing our thoughts towards most optimal use of this system.

Question: What about those people who sacrifice their own happiness for sake of others?


They do not sacrifice their happiness, they merely sacrifice their short-term conveniences in pursuit of higher levels of happiness. The satisfaction derived from selflessness is way above the happiness derived from mundane activities. You can compare it with our own lives. As children, we enjoy many activities like eating soil. But as we grow up, we seek higher levels of pleasure and will never be eager to exchange these pleasures with many of the childish pleasures.As you will realize, the way the world has been designed, we are all closely interdependent like various molecules of water in a pond. We cannot maximize our individual happiness without maximizing the happiness of the world. So smart people trade-off their short-term conveniences for significantly higher levels of happiness derived from thinking about and acting for betterment of the world.

Question: Are thoughts everything? What about actions?


Thoughts are not everything. But they are the only starting point we have in our control. Everything else including our actions are next steps of the process that starts with each thought. All we do and achieve starts with a thought in the mind. Even the thought of ‘empty thinking without action’ is a thought we decide to accept that leads us to the resulting consequences as per Theory of Karma. And decision to act is also a thought we decide to accept.And as we would realize, thoughts that do not culminate into actions, in general, lead us away from bliss. In complete framework, three aspects of this thought should go hand in hand – Knowledge, Actions and Contemplation. A thought system that encompasses all the three is necessary.

Question: How do we decide what thoughts will lead to happiness and what thoughts will not?


There are various ways to decide it. But the fundamental principle is that
Truth=BlissConsider two forces to be operating in our lives: Knowledge and Ignorance. Knowledge leads us to truth and Ignorance away from truth. And they are controlled by our most fundamental thought – the Will or Sankalpa in Sanskrit. This Sankalpa or Will leads to further thoughts which result in consequent actions and these result in the reality we face. If we direct our Will to pursuit of Truth, we will move closer to Bliss. And away from Bliss otherwise.The rest of the ways are merely expansions of this basic principle, Truth = Bliss

Question: How do we decide what is truth?


There are various ways. Basically its an evolutionary approach. Decision of truth demands exclusion of all sorts of blind beliefs and an openness to change the stand as and when we get new information and facts. The essential component is again, a Will or Sankalpa to accept the truth.The various methods include:
a. Process of elimination. Like a smart CAT or GMAT aspirant, one should immediately reject those choices which are obviously false, based on reasoning and fact. For example, when we know that earth is round, all theories based on hypothesis of earth being flat, including so-called religious books should immediately be rejected.
b. Testing for internal contradictions in an hypothesis. For example, a theory says that God is just. And then it says that He shall put more women in Hell. Now both these statements contradict each other. Hence they are worth immediate rejection.
c. Internal analysis and reasoning.
d. Verification of facts
etc.This is a science in itself requiring detailed analysis and contemplation. But the only prerequisite to understand it is a Will seeking truth.

Question: How does Theory of Karma works?


It works instantaneously. Each thought in the mind produces a a certain pattern of neuron firing in the mind. Based on this, various physiological changes start taking place including change in hormonal levels, heart-rate etc. Further, even the neurological patterns start adapting to this thought. Thus, if you think of same thing again and again, the neurons create a pattern that next time it is easier to take that thought process ahead. That is why we see people getting into good or bad habits. These thoughts define one’s thinking patterns, and hence his or her personality, health and actions.Thus, each thought influences who we are. And by changing this thought, we can decide who we would be. Further, the same process is happening among all humans. And when we interact with them, based on our thought patterns we produce a myriad of social patterns and behaviors, which further influence who we are.Not only humans and society, this influence is also extended to nature in general because we are designed to exchange matter and energy continuously with nature. Thus we would see that merely by will-power, at times, unbelievable miracles happen in medical science.Thus thoughts become our destiny. We, the souls, are different from our body and mind. And when we die, the body and mind (brain) stop having sustainable exchange of matter and energy with nature, and hence the system decays to death. But the soul, who was controlling this system, is unaffected.Now it gets into another emerging system (mind-body) and starts its journey again. Because memories are part of brain cells, they get destroyed in this migration process. But the soul carries a vital body with it which carries the Sanskaars (traits) with it. God ensures that the new system provided is the best fit for uninterrupted journey ahead for the soul. Now, based on traits, the soul develops its personality again. It also continues interaction with the world outside in the same manner as it was doing earlier and continues to evolve itself.

At each moment, God ensures that situation we face in the world is best suited for our pursuit of ultimate bliss. This is a continuous optimization process. If we exercise our will to do stupid things, stupid situations emerge and we start a descending to unhappiness. If we exercise our will to do things in pursuit of truth, we ascend. This process is uninterrupted by death.

Question: What about animals and lower species? How can they exercise their will?


Broadly speaking, only humans have the potential to exercise their will. Other species can only accept what happens to them and cannot exercise their will? When a soul descends too low that it no more exercises its will as a human, then it gets birth as animals where these tendencies that it had collected can be purged out. Same is case with those born insane or terminally ill.Please note that it is a multi-dimensional world. So depending upon the thought patterns in these various dimensions and aspects of life, the potential combinations are virtually infinite. It is not a discrete system but completely continuous. Thus conditions vary for birth of each soul – in different species, conditions, health, society etc.

Question: What about accidents and events on which we have no control through our thoughts?


Critically analyzing, on most of these events we have a control through our collective intelligence. Thus, collectively we all are responsible for terrorism and environmental damage. And we all can do something about it even individually. We can never absolve ourselves of any responsibility on pretext of we being one single individual, as per Theory of Karma.The birth we got on this earth was best suited to our future growth (as bliss seekers) given our traits and tendencies so far. These include our exercise of will in social aspects as well. So the events we face are also consequence of our actions.There are certain events we face without any apparent control of ours. They result out of our past actions. In any case, none of the events hamper our eligibility to seek further happiness ever. At best, there may be a temporary delay, based on theory of Karma. And even this delay can be used to further elevate ourselves on certain other aspects that we may have missed so far. Remember, its a multi-dimensional world with variety of aspects to look into.

Question: Why do we not remember our past lives?


Because in general, they are unnecessary to fulfill our goals. Remember that this is a completely optimized process with no scope for redundancies. If we remember our past lives, we would not be able to look ahead. Thus, most of the events of even this birth are not remembered by us, forget about past life. Its a natural law that only what is relevant is remembered. And when people try to break this law by living in past, they get into a variety of mental problems because of indulgence in an unnatural act.The maximum pleasure we derive in life is by living in present and directing our efforts to future. That is why, perhaps the common word to mean Ghost and Past is Bhoot in Sanskrit.
(By the way, there are no ghosts as per Theory of Karma!)

Question: Why we get punishment for acts of past life we do not even remember?


There is no concept of punishment and reward, in the sense we normally understand, in Theory of Karma. There is only a continuous self-correcting optimization process directed towards maximization of bliss or happiness. Unlike commonly believed, it is never that suddenly a disaster happens in life out of blue. There are no discontinuities in Theory of Karma.An example is case of diabetes. It does not happen suddenly one night. On contrary, due to bad lifestyle habits, we keep accumulating diabetes. And when symptoms start manifesting in middle age, we term ourselves as diabetic. But in reality, this did not happen in one single day. We were always diabetic from first time we did something contrary to good health habits. And each moment that we lived healthy, we moved away from diabetes. But each moment, we ignored health issues. we were a step closer. The final manifestation of the disease represents cumulative effect of the entire journey. Now we may not remember even 1% of the acts we did to cause our diabetes, but still we turn diabetic, because our tendencies were diabetic.Similarly, even though we do not remember our past lives, our current tendencies are a cumulative summary of our entire history. Details of specific events are not important. The so called punishments that seem to come out of blue are nothing but continuation of those traits that got manifested into visible symptoms presently.And the way out again is simple- refine our thought process. As we refine our thought process and start learning how to use our Will for increased happiness, we shall stop accumulating tendencies that cause grief. And then these so-called punishments will cease to erupt.

Question: Why do good people have to face so many miseries when they have good thoughts and good actions?


1. Happiness is a state of mind. What we often consider as misery is nothing but short-term inconveniences that anyone would gladly trade-off for higher levels of happiness. For example, when we play sports, we pant, get injured, get exhausted, but we still keep playing. Because the happiness we derive is much higher compared to these petty pains. In fact we enjoy this pain!2. Many of these miseries are due to cumulative tendencies of past which start showing symptoms now.3. Many other are similar to what happens when we start exercising after a long time. It pains for a few days because our system is not adapted to the healthy habit. But in a few days, the pain vanishes and we start getting the benefits.4. Many other are those natural troubles which we can never get rid of in life. And one of the goals of using our Will is to learn how to ignore being affected by these mentally.5. Some miseries are because even good people are not good in all aspects. Thus, one may be a very honest person. But he does not have a strong body and did not learn how to defend himself. He is killed by goons because he was weak. This is because of his lack of right Will in matters of health and self-defense. Remember, being powerful goes in sync with knowing truth.

Question: Why we see bad people getting so powerful?


The inverse of above is true in most cases.
1. These bad people are never at internal peace. Nature did not design us to tolerate being corrupt, cheat, criminal, crooked etc. Even if we learn to ignore symptoms, these do cause their adverse effects. Despite having material power, these people are the most unhappy ones we know – always insecure, tense, trusting none and facing mental troubles. Bad habits or bad traits are like unhygienic or junk food.2. Again, the world is multi-dimensional. Good or bad is not a singular adjective to give to anyone. One maybe bad in almost all aspects of life, but has great confidence, self-belief and tactfulness, which are positive traits. Accordingly, he would succeed in certain areas of life including material aspects, but would fare miserably in other areas.

Question: What is the purpose of Theory of Karma?


So that we all can achieve the ultimate levels of bliss. Its a complete meritocracy with no favoritism or whimsicalness. As we think, so we become. It all depends on direction and intensity of our thoughts. If we examine life critically, we will get enough clues to see this theory at work. And we can then use it to gain our happiness, without depending on others’ whims.

Question: Why does God test us?


No, God never tests us. Thats a false notion. God only manages this system as per Theory of Karma for us. and has given us complete liberty to decide our fate. What we think to be a test by God, is nothing but our own previous traits that we are battling.

Question: What is the goal of life?


To gain ultimate level of happiness, by using this Theory of Karma.

Question: Even Sex, Boozing, Sensuality et al give us happiness? Is it right as per Theory of Karma?


No, they do not give happiness. Instead they create illusion of happiness by numbing our senses and intellect. Anything that causes us to act without using the faculty of thinking, is actually a surest recipe for miseries. Our happiness increases only when the source of that happiness is less and less dependent on external sources. This can happen only through knowledge accumulation and acting with full-control over mind. Another way to look at it is by asking ourselves, “What is the purpose of this act?” If answer is merely entertainment or habit or other vague excuse, thats not the right act as per Theory of Karma.The goal of life is to liberate ourselves from these false excuses by enhancing our knowledge. And any act that dumbs us moves the vehicle in opposite direction.

Question: Does God not forgive all our past sins, if we seek apology for our misdeeds?


Does that happen in real life? Do we get healed after an accident due to careless driving by saying sorry? If one could get away so easily by saying sorry, people would get lazy and simply say sorry when troubles come. Nature and its laws are nothing but physical manifestations of God’s system. The rules that apply here are applied elsewhere also. In Vedic parlance, it is called, “Yat Pinde, Tat Brahmande” – Whatever happens in micro-system happens elsewhere also.There is no place for apology in Theory of Karma. There is scope only for improvement. And this is exactly like starting to exercise after years of laziness. It will pain initially. System will take time to adapt to it. But the more the will-power, better we come in shape. No miracle will happen out of blue. But sure-shot progress will definitely happen with right Will.

Question: Is there a framework to understand how to start using this Will properly?


There is indeed the framework of Vedic Yoga for this. This has nothing to do with the so-called acrobatic exercises and poses you see. This is an approach to master the Self and master the art and science of living each moment as per Theory of Karma. It is extremely intuitive and based on sound principles that anyone can appreciate. Its the only system that works. But its a practical science and needs practice like martial arts or gymnastics.

Question: Where can I learn it?


You are already learning it if you are resolving to be on path of Truth and Happiness. Its an automatic internal process. Experts can help you provide distilled knowledge that you can start applying in your life and get results faster. But remember, unlike other arts, this is a process of internalizing. No teacher or guide can help you provide absolute knowledge. They can provide directions and you will have to decide as per your own intellect. In Theory of Karma, there is no transfer of responsibility. That remains 100% yours.If you want more details, mail me at [email protected]

Questions only Hinduism can Answer

Questions only Hinduism can Answer

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  • LawOfKarma scientifically explained:
    The studies mentioned in the video illustrate perfectly how this ‘law of karma works instantly’, and how this law of karma as mentioned in this Agniveer article is working continuously in the most fair manner in this so-called ‘unfair’ world. Orator also hints at the simplest of approach for an individual/ society to maximize the working of this Law of Karma for success.

    Video link:

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  • Dear Agniveer, I had a doubt. If a man is morally very upright but stills suffers from something like a genetic disease. Then is it due to karma from previous lives? If yes, then Why do we get punishment for acts of past life we do not even remember? Please answer it,

    • You don’t even remember what you ate yesterday. But that shapes our health. Our deeds form our sanskars and sanskars form our character, health, environment and everything else. Also, often what we consider as disease is also an opportunity. Instead of focusing on problem, focus on what best you can do given a particular situation. Regardless of disease or situation, simply put your best. Your sanskars will sky rocket and take you to higher level. This is a continuous cycle uninterrupted by temporary death. And when all sanskars of Avidya are mastered, there is no need to take further birth. You get Moksha. That is foundation of Hinduism. Please read articles in http://agniveer.com/category/vedas/foundations/

  • Hi Agniveer
    Do you believe in Jyotish Shastra ( Astrology) ? Do you think various combinations and permutations of Grahas ( planets) and Nakshatras( Constellations) affect our lives ?

    • jyotish ki khagol vidya saty ho skti hai n ki falit klpit vidya ! jab insan svatantr satta hai tab usko karmo ka fal mil sakta hai lekin =vah kya kis pal kya karega usko pahale se nahi jana jasakta hai grah nkshatr adi jad padarth hai uska insan par koi vishesh anatar nahi pdta hai !

  • Dear Agniveer( Sanjayji),

    My question is about accidents, I haven’t got any proper answer for this
    For Instance, In my family I lost a sister in fire accident and all the time my mother keeps repenting that it is her mistake that she did not take care of her daughter very well and she is so annoyed all the time about this .
    If karma acts in a fashion where all this happens due to our thoughts, she in her dreams also would not have thought of losing her daughter and suddenly this happened out of no where.
    what cruelty is this and how shall you explain with the help of theory of Karma.

    Thanks and regards,
    Rohit S Iyer
    ([email protected])

    • Dear Rohit, Namaste!
      Karma acts in a bigger and broader way than you are thinking. Why one is born as blind, lame, rich, poor or something are all due to their previous sanskars. Some ppl shine in their lives in spite of disabilities physical or mental. Human life gives an absolute opportunity to everybody to wipe of their past ku-ssanskaras. Iam sorry to know that you lost your sister in a fire accident. It could have been again a result of sanskaras or carelessness or any action that could have prevented the action.
      Karma happens by our deeds, thoughts and words. I would recommend a book called Law Of Karma by Shri HarishChandra ji. He explains lot of such questions in detail with some references to sankhya darshan and other vedic literature.


    • That means once soul leaves the body (death) either soul get another body or achieve salvation depending upon Karma. There is no such thing as someone is possessed by spirit and take absolute control of his/her mind and body as falsely propagated in movies and stories.

      • Dear Serge, Namaste!
        Could you please provide same pramana for your contention of ghosts existing. Jeevaatma is jeevatma and it can only enter a bodily form when suitable body is found to further carry on the karma or gestating the previous sanskaras. There are innumberable jeevatmas around us and are waiting for their time to take some form of life. Jeevatma never takes charge of another living being to control that living beings mind or body as Surya has said above.


  • Respected Agniveer,
    I have many questions roaming in my mind on law of karma.. please clarify it..
    i will pose some questions.. I strong believe that everything is in our hand.. GOOD and BAD are in our hands.. we are responsible for whatever we do..

    1) what about our jawans/ policemen who are fighting for our mother land and protecting good people from bad people.. even they are getting killed by terrorists, selfish politicians, goondas, mafia dons.. is that just because of law of karma..??

    2)In religious riots because of bloody fanatic leaders innocent human beings are getting killed by each other.. many are loosing their mothers,fathers,children.. is that just because of law karma..??

    3)We are seeing many poors, orphans, mentally/physically handicapped people.. is that just because of law of karma..??

    4)Animals are getting killed by humans in the name of ( divine sacrifice, eating, festivals etc).. is that just because of law of karma..??

    5)In some incidents, we see bad people are looting, murdering, raping.. whats the reason for that.. what about innocent victims.. is that just because of law of karma..??

    6)Some accidents are happened unfortunately.. in those accidents, people who stay on roads are loosing their lives.. is that just because of law of karma..??

    7)some religious fanatics openly they are giving statements to kill other religions people.. what about them.. even though they leading their life luxoriously.. is there justice or not.. is that just because of law of karma..??

    Please answer my questions..



    • Dear True Human ji…Namaste!
      Yes, answer to most of your questions is Law of Karma. Prakriti is governed by Laws of Nature and living beings are governed by Laws of Karma. Please note that that karma is not just done in this present life. Past karmas are with the jeevaatma in the form of sanskaras. Some could be fructifying in the present life based on which somethings like the above happen and some could be carried over for the next life. Dayanand ji said, praarabd ko purshaarth se mitaa sakte hai. This means that ill effects of our past karma could be won by our true efforts. Like if i lose a purse and think that it was my fate, you will definitely lose it but if you think back to trace the events where you could have lost your purse and try to get it back, you could get it back. I strongly recommend you to read a book called Law Of Karma, by Dr. HarishChandra ji, of Center For InnerStudies.

  • @vidyasagar ..forgive me but am seriously not getting what you are saying !!
    Could you explain below specifically to each query?
    a) what you are essentially saying is animal soul has capacity to “feel” and through this “feel’ factor , soul somehow gains knowledge and is elevated .. HOW ????
    b) it How and why a soul needs to learn to kill , how does this act increase its knowledge ????
    c)all living animals are dependant on each other for survival……more blatantly so in animal kingdom ….. animals kill to eat and others are killed, to be eaten up……One is killing hence impinging on “right to life” and one is getting killed and experiencing pain unnecessarily…WHY ???? WHY THIS WAY ?
    c) If in animals body the SOUL has no ‘thinking’ faculty as Agniveerji says and he also says all percieved pain across is a learning process including in animals then how do these animals without the faculty of thinking learn??? since there is no thinking ,there is no reasoning, hence there is no WHY in mind …its just a bundle of instincts how will it retain the experience , think and reason over it and then realize this is bad and this is good ??
    D) And even if Animals are package of just instincts with no independant thinking and act as per natural laws then how do we explain ” Caught in the Act ” video serious which everyday are broadcasted on NGC ..where animals are caught doing unnatural acts??? for ex. ..
    A small mouse attacking a bird and killing and eating it !!
    A Lion stalking and killing two leopards one by one systematically without eating it , why this hatred ? !!
    Pack of lions turning on a Lion . not only killing but eating it too..how and why should they act so unnaturally his way ?
    A lioness adopting and tending baby deer to extent of remaining hungry for days but not eating it ….
    not only this I have read somewhere that Homosexuality in found in animals too …..list goes on and one
    why are there these exceptions? if animals do unnatural acts somewhere they are defying nature’s dictate which in turn means they have somewhere excersized independant will or mind ..which means this will create impressions ….the moment we say impressions can be created on souls , then carnivorous animals will never take human form !! if we say impressions cannot be formed in animal world then how do we explain above phenomena mentioned ……[email protected] and @agniveerji can you explain my specific doubts with specific explanations ? Agniveerji ..u have strangely gone silent …..please let me know your views ..are my queries too trivial or elementary ……………?????? tx

  • @ Ajay, This is my thinking to answer your question. The God is just and mercy. So, He gave the knowledge to human beings to merry with the knowledge of every thing and the use of it. If we do not use in a rightous way, even after the God Said ( infact, if any knowledgable person says), if you use in wrong way, then you will get bad effects of that karma. So, If animal killing another animal( what ever way it was) is to remove the illusion of killing from that soul’s attachment. How? You previously killed and enjoyed (temparary) and had the attachment of killing being the enjoyment. Now, you know the pain of killed by some one, so, now you have the knowledge of pain of killing, hence that killing attachment is gone. You purged one karma……… elevated to upper lever in the journey of knowing the abosolute truth…… aply repetatively……. you will know the result…. May be i am poor in explaining the situation, but if some knowledgable person says that it is wrong, and you think it is right then that person will make you to have it know by your self. But if that person is full of mercy then he will let you feel and know it under his administration.

    • @vidyasagar first of all tx for the response …it seems to make sense but then …please refer agniveer agniji comment on jan 11 to my query above where crux of my question was .. how will a carnivorous animal ever climb and enter human soul..since in his current “yoni” he keeps killing and eating and this will keep creating” kusanskaraas” on his soul and by virtue of this he is at a handicap to develop…to this agniveerji”s reply was (my understanding of his reply). that souls in animals “yoni” react instintively/impulsively without the “thinking” process (unlike man) ..hence by virtue of his(animals) incapacity to “think ” he(animal) is virtually in a mental vacuum (for want of better word) hence there is no new sanskaras/kusanskaras being added on his soul nor is he able to apply his already learnt kusanskaras …and gradually over a period of time this “kusanskaras” impressions on animals soul gets faded away and he is ready/fit to move to a higher form of “yoni” ….now coming back to your expanation (correct me if I am wrong), you say a cruel person takes form of a animals and goes through the pain , horror and death at hands of other animals ..thereby learning to abhor /give away his earlier life habit of enjoying to kill others …but then if this animal is in “mental vaccuum” and only can act /react without thinking process as per agniveerji then the whole purpose of your theory of “know the pain of killed by someone , so , now you have knowledge of pain of killing, hence that killing attachment is gone ” gets defeated ..since this animal cannot think , it cannot learn/delearn nor can it carry any sanskaraas …. similarly if I take your theory as true and discard agniveerji’s theory then reasoning of yours on animals being killed or going through pain may hold but then what about animals killing them ….are they not creating bad karma for themselves ? and if you say that they are acting as per instinct in killing (i.e., as per GOD) then how will we explain one animal feeling and understanding the pain of being killed whilst the other animal which is killing , is not going through the “thinking” process and is performing this act in ” mental vacuum” and thus absolved . and by this logic entire karma philosophy may go for a toss since one of the basic reasoning of karma philosophy is that “soul” carries “sanskarras” by its past birth/current life actions/thinkings and behaves in a certain manner or is entitled for certain way of life , i.e, of pain or misery and he takes animals life to purge his bad impressions on souls …by forgoing his thinking capacity for a period of time …….hope you understood my point ..could you explain this new confusions that are arising in me now ?? tx

      • @Ajay, Very good logical thinking. As i said I am very poor in explaining the things, but i will try( hope some time i will succeed). First of all, I am not that knowledgable. I think in my view Agniveer more knowledgable then me. If any thing contradicts him, his should be taken as correct in the first place.
        I am just trying to understand well of agniveer’s views, that is the reason we are discussing. Thanks for the very good logical thinking. Coming to the topic, My example can be applied in both directions( for good or bad karmas). The difference is that Good karmas gives the pleasure and bad karmas gives the pain ( We are not talking here about yoni, but for the soul in Yoni). Question comes Soul is pure devoid of any thing, yes and i believe it. when soul get a yoni, it gets some properties of prakruthi, hence, in that yoni it can feel. Human can feel the same, but can think also to not to do or gets the knowledge of not doing it, if he prefer. In animals, no thinking, just acts only, by which they will be purged (good or bad) and get elivated. A small silly example with my limited mind(or do i say knowledge). You are a good and noble person with always thinks about ahimsa. Some crual person attacks you( may be with reason or no reason, main point is you are aware of it). Because you are ahimsa person, then you will take the pain. But some times ( unless you are well elivated) your thought process begins to start, why this man hit me. what he got out of it? what is the properties or motivations for a person to hit me like this. etc…. If your thought process did not start, then another story, you completly detached from prakruthi and pure. But that thought process puts you to research. If you can’t complete that knowledge ( remember, it is started by you only, but due to action of other person, can i say in general, foreign invader or Prakriti?) in this yoni then God allows to know that knowledge in the next, once you know that then your thought process will not emerge for such situations, hence you will be with your original Soul(elivated). In case of animals, ‘A’ a crual animal kills ‘B’ soft animal. ‘A’ was created by god ( The yoni’s of ‘A’ and ‘B’ were given by god due to its past karmas). ‘A’ (Not Yoni, The sould attachment) learned the knowledge of killing karma( hence elevated). ‘B’ learned the knowledge of getting killed karma ( hence elevated). In case of Human beings, the THOUGHT Process only decides next karmas weather good or bad.Hence, Human beings should learn the knowledge by thought process ( following vedas as God is very mercy to give us that knowledge with a freedom to act) Where as in Animal, there is no thought process, they only learn as per the GOD’s mercyfull teachings by action. Hence I agree with Agniveer’s article of this karma theory. Thanks for raising the logical reasoning. Now I think i improved my thought process and explanation process by your good and valuable reasoning process. I thank once again. Let us remove confusions by the help of intellectuals on this site, that GOD made available to us..

      • @vidyasagar …tx again for responding ….I agree on lot of reasoning that Agniveerji has given on this site , and on lot of issues, and admire him for same , purpose of my discussion is to understand things without any doubts in my mind and none other ! I welcome you . ,Agniveerji or anybody else who can help me in clearing my doubts….. Now coming back to the topic of our discussion…
        a) How do we connect “feel” /”experience” to learning /de-learning process….a psychopath killer not only enjoys killing but also is fearful of experiencing pain or loosing life his own life ….if this killers soul now transmigrates into , say, a Deer’s soul and experiences negative or fearfull feelings , painful feelings of being killed , how will this soul through this experience -link it to not killing or harming others ?
        b) what deeds or impressions are responsible for a soul to get into , say, a lion’s body and kill others , why does this soul need to have knowldge or the feeling of harming or killing others read-“A learned the knowledge of killing others and elevated ” this seems a bit weird….
        c)”Soul is pure devoid of everything , yes I believe in it. when soul gets a yoni,it gets some properties of prakruthi, hence in that yoni , it can feel” please explain what do you mean by pure ? what are the characteristics /properties of soul then ?
        awaiting eagerly for your revert. tx

      • We are on the same page of thinking. Yes, still have questions. May be some one from Agniveer’s team may clarify or comment. I am eager to see them.
        a) I put some lame example: If I do not have the knowledge of Agni, be attracted by that, a thought arises “what happens if try to own this by taking with me by my hand”. Then action happens with the thought( in any time frame). But the property of Fire is to burn, and it burns, then he gets the knowledge of fire and he never get a thought of what happens…etc. However or how much it was attracted, he thinks that his thought it self is false, hence there wont be any karma(or action). Basically, if you have the complete absolute knowledge of prakruti, and soul and GOD then you know how how to use for the purpose of satisfaction or for permanant pleasure. Infact GOD provided everything for our permanant pleasure with Vedic knowledge of how to use also. When we are not leant of Vedic knowledge, then our thought process works and put into actions which will fetch further karmas Good or Bad. As i know, A human being should follow ahimsa. But that human being want to know what is himsa or ahimsa and want or pray GOD to know instead of getting the knowledge from what he has given, then GOD will listen to the pray and this yoni is not suitable so, he gives the suitable yoni to feel it himsa or ahimsa. The soul will have that knowledge of good or bad( Vaasana) and is carried till the soul gets into complete knowledge of every thing. Once it gets this absolute knowledge (same as going back to original) then there would not be any karmas and always be in the merryiment like GOD.( Ananda is one of the property of GOD). Remember these are just my own thoughts with my limited knowledge.
        B) If the soul is not interested in the Prakriti(pure), then it need not to have knowledge(excatly it has all the knowledge already), but, When in Human life, the soul indelged with prakriti, then thought process begins leads to actions in a various time frames. Thought process is not the property of Soul, but indulged with prakriti, the process goes on, till it differs from prakriti. That is only possible only with the absolute knowledge of every thing about the prakriti.
        As an example, you are very astonished by a Magic Trick. Your thinking process starts once you know that it is a Magic Trick. Try to solve it, but with your limited knowledge you can’t. You brags the Magician, If you are lucky, he reveals. Once you have the knowledge of that Trick, then if some where or some time, if you happen to see then your thinking process will not start at all, actually, you will not show any interest what so ever in that at all. In our case only, We raise so many questions (millions of them ) every minute of unknown things. For some, we guess, like these answers, Some goes into actions, and some will be in questions form, may be resolved in later life. Here the point is,-”A learned the knowledge of killing others and elevated ”. Because you and me know the knowledge of killing, it is very odd to us. But think other way you will get answer. -“why does this soul need to have knowldge or the feeling of harming or killing others” Pure Soul is not interested to know as it already have that information within. But Soul indulged in prakriti, started to know, hence it forth with actions in the time frame.
        C) In my view, Pure Soul means devoid of attachment with full knowledge of everything like having GOD’s preperties in less quantity( may be in less quality?)- Its Original Swaroop. These are only my thoughts, but I am not so, hence i can’t explain more as i have not experienced the same. I know or if you think deeply for every action we do, we find, that we are doing these karma’s(actions be either thinking or real physical activities), cause we indulged with prakriti and devoid of knowldege of that prokriti.
        I Honestly mentioning that, this not that i am trying to give an answer to you. These answers are talking to me with you( take ‘you’ as other then me) as a judge to know the absolute truth and to get rid of that attachement with prakriti.

        I am again thankful to you for continuing the discussion. I am wondering why other intellectuals educate us more ? May be our discussion is in line to wards absolute truth or may we are discussing Completely NONSCENSE………..(NON VEDIC).

  • Dear AgniveerJI
    Have mulled on your explanation of my earlier doubt, but still have few doubts like , for example , I find animals killing other animals and eating extremely cruel and if this is a Natural ecological law , I find it very weird..I keep watching National Geographic channel sometimes and have seen such acts of cruelty by animals on other animals, for ex: pack of wild dogs eating a deer without even killing eat and it eventually dies a slow and extremely painful deaths , another example is of a Lion killing offsprings of other Lions to take over the pride in a weird territorial supremecy struggle ….why is there so much cruelty ? what is the mistake of that Deer or those innocent Lion pubs ? and even if this is because of that deers and those pubs earlier life mistakes then how does it help either the Lion /pack of wild dogs or the pubs and the deers …. what explanation can this phenomena have ?? Tx

    • The principle is that knowledge alone liberates. In fact knowledge and happiness are actually synonyms – 2 aspects of same thing. When we reduce dumbness to a level too less, we become animals. And hence that causes miseries. When we are purged out of these sanskars of dumbness, we become humans again.

      Note also that whatever we suffer as pain is also a lesson or medicine to move towards betterment. Please read http://agniveer.com/series/vedic-lessons/ for details.

      • Dear Agniveerji
        have gone through the various topics on page you have given , excuse me if I am coming out a bit on slower side , but basically I am still unable to understand how a deer dying a painful and slow death in the hands of pack of wild dogs would learn to move towards betterment …..and what action of the soul in this deer could have prompted such a lesson , and for argument sake , is there no better way for the soul in that deer to learn or delearn what ever he has to , rather than go through this agony ?? please explain ..tx

      • Dear Agniveerji
        hope you have seen my query…my query is a bit specific, maybe I am missing the connect …but basicaly it stems from a broader understanding of mine that animal kingdom is full of suffering , they are interdependant on each other i.e., suffering is more on herbivorous animals who are killed and devoured by carnivorous animals ..this is explained in science as nature’s law of survival…herbivorous animals eat plants , causing them pain or killing them in process, these herbivorous animals are eaten by carnivorous animals in turn causing pain suffering and eventually taking of a life …Man , maybe because of his intellect reduce this damage by surviving through causing minimal suffering to others (but neverthless he does cause suffering) but its blatant in animal world , afterall its Gods creation too, He comes out a bit cruel there ….how does Law of Karma or any other theory explain or fit into this ……was there not a better way …..and for animals there is a explanation that carnivorous animals were created initially to devour dead animals …then when/ why did they start to kill and eat , and if they started to kill and eat because of lack of food due to human interference then God could have found an alternate method to rectify or teach Man , the importance of maintaining ecological balance tha allow animals to kill and devour each other and also if animals have learnt to kill and eat to survive on their own then somewhere they can”think’ also…..lastly even man causes suffering and pain in order to survive (how much ever he may try, he might cause minimal grief but he still causes grief )…….could you provide explanations for these above and my earlier query ? have gone through your posts briefly but am unable to get explanation for my specifical and fundmental issues as mentioned above and in m earlier query …!!! tx

  • Dear Agniveer
    Namaste !
    If a person is blood thristy or cruel by nature and even has taken innocent peoples life, Now as per law of karma he needs to be put in an animals body to rid/cleanse his soul of these bad impressions …which animal would he become in his next birth ?

  • @ agniveerji
    first thnx for ur artices. Pls answer to my doubts
    1) does the soul have any kind of feelings and sensation when it free from physical body ?
    2) if memmory seperate from soul when we die how somebody realizing their past thru some kind of hypnotism/ PLRT methods ( i have watched in TV)
    3) if the soldiers kill the enemy for good reason it is noble act becos his intention was good according to above article. Then what abt the terrorist killing people becos in his mind his intention is good. Then how karma affect on them ?

    • Terrorists intentions are never good, they are demons killing innocent people in the name of religion which is very immature and stupid. They would also suffer when their time comes.. They are ignorant to highest extent.

      On other hand, soldiers are karma yogis who take care of the country/region which is one of the highest seva accordingly to some vedas.

      Please do not compare soliers of an country to terrorists.

  • seen animals they only do YESS yell, eat, sleep ,sex,..

    before u were born as human you never kneew of questioning.. now since you understand someting you try to question gods creation as if you are above him

    why do karma ..disease ..death.. etc etc..

    first try to know what ur

    an apple ,,mango,,, flower ,,, r what..
    in this garden of god he is only nourshing u..

    this goes on til he decides

  • Namaste agniveer, if we do a bad Karma it will create a sanskar on our mind. how can we correct it ? I think knowledge of ishwar helps one get rid of all bad karmas .is it true ? Do you think purna vairagya is a mental disorder/probably depression ?

    • __________Do you think purna vairagya is a mental disorder/probably depression _________
      Highest stage of consciousness and knowledge.

  • If someone has no karma (in his stockpile of karma) of being punched and out of my free-will I punch him then isn’t the law of karma being defied here?

    • On the same line of thinking, if someone punches me because it was in my karma to receive a punch, though it can be said that I’ve received the effect of my karma but what about the person who punched me? What about his free will if he’s just being an instrument to give me the result of my karma? And didn’t he just create another karma for himself?

      • @Text

        —–If someone has no karma (in his stockpile of karma)——

        This is impossible since Karmas are without beginning as souls are without beginning.

        —–if someone punches me because it was in my karma to receive a punch—–

        Punch is not any Phal/fruit in itself but only one method out of infinite others to provide one with some emotions/feelings. You could get same feeling by other means too. For example one might slip and get same feeling of sorrow.

        —-What about his free will if he’s just being an instrument—-

        One punching you is never FORCED by God. Only thing is that someone is punching with his freewill and you were there deserving same amount of pain that was caused by punch. This coupling (of punch and face) is controlled by God in such a manner that any punch can never hit an innocent (in Karmic sense) face.

        —–what about the person who punched me? ….And didn’t he just create another karma for himself?——

        Exactly. He did his new Karma that he will have to pay for.

      • I’ve been thinking that Karma is that if you punch someone, you get a punch in return. From what I am able to get from you is that: one gets the same pain, not necessary the same action. So does one create less severe karma if he hits a stronger person than a weaker person? Similarly hitting an emotionally strong person vs a sensitive person?
        I’ve also read something like that if one harms a Brahmand then he gets greater punishment than harming a Shudra. If it’s true then why is it so?
        What about Karma of harming insects when we step on grass? Does one get less/no punishment for it because insects feel very little pain / don’t feel pain (I don’t know, just guessing)?
        If some injustice is happening to someone then should he fight for his right or one should bear it thinking that the injustice is happening to him because of his past bad karma and this is an opportunity to reduce my bank of bad karma ?

      • @Text

        —–So does one create less severe karma if he hits a stronger person than a weaker person? Similarly hitting an emotionally strong person vs a sensitive person?—-

        No. It depends solely on whats in hitter’s mind. A soldier hitting a terrorist is noble whereas vice versa is sin. Hitting/loving for noble cause is noble Karma. Hitting/loving for ignoble reasons is bad Karma.

        —-I’ve also read something like that if one harms a Brahmand then he gets greater punishment than harming a Shudra.—-

        This is absolutely rubbish. Whoever wrote it was demon.

        —-What about Karma of harming insects when we step on grass?—–

        Stepping on grass is no Karma in first place. Karma is something in which you have option of doing/not doing/doing otherwise. Walking etc are inevitable and thus free from Karma fruits. Of course if one deliberately kills an innocent, it is sin.

        —-Does one get less/no punishment for it because insects feel very little pain / don’t feel pain—-

        As I told earlier, fruit of your Karma never depends on what is the EFFECT of your Karma, rather it depends on with what INTENTION you performed that Karma.

        —-If some injustice is happening to someone then should he fight for his right—-

        Definitely, because he has to do new Karmas and it is duty of everyone to fight the oppressors. And not performing duty is again a sin!

  • @Agniveer

    Negative thoughts were never get removed the more you fight, the stronger they become? This means negative thoughts are also there in enlightened being’s mind?

  • agniveer, IA, KB, Vajraji
    i had a talk with a doctor. he says there is nothing like soul. “consciousness is like music in the brain. when u die, the music stops, consciousness ceases.” Also in an experiment, when the brain was fed with $external$ electrical signals, the brain did respond.
    The sperm and ovum are living cells. When they unite, they have become a living thing. nothing happens in between(according to him). At what stage does soul come into play?

    • @sarang:

      IMO, an allopathic doctor has pretty much no choice but to deny soul (or anything else for that matter) that is self-experiential. Humans and rocks ultimately are made of electrons, protons and neutrons. Either we can argue that rocks are also sentient just like humans. That is one way to go. The other way to go is that there is something in us humans that makes us different from rocks. That something is probably the soul or consciousness.

    • Namaste Sarang

      The doctor friend is rushing to unscientific conclusions.the scientific world is still struggling to set the bounds within which to study consciousness


      the music in the brain analogy itself points to the hard problem qualia The redness of red or the music-ness of the sound, or the sweetness,/strong> of sugar cannot be empirically established.

      the reaction of a brain to electrical inputs is the same as magnetism generated in a coiled wire when current is passed through it. does this mean that the wire is the source of magnetism?

      brain is an apparatus that collects sensory inputs and sends appropriate responsesthere are many processes inside our body that function without the brain. there are certain kind of worms ( i’ll try to search the exact name) that can recreate their brain if it is removed.The astoinishing part is that these worms dont lose their experience at all.

      as brother Kalbhairav suggested, consciousness could be defined at such a broad level by some people that even a magnet attracting iron may be called conscious by that definition.The key is to ask not if the eyes can red , the question to ask is what is the “redness” that I perceive

      hope i have not confused you 🙁

  • God is not unjust, nor He unkind.
    It is the Karma that follows,
    Soft footed behind.
    And whether it is right or wrong,
    He does not wait for the time.
    No prayers will help,
    No love shall hold,
    The past deeds overtake us.
    Hence do all good and be kind-lovable.
    It is our deeds, that makes our destiny.
    No, oh no, God is never unkind.

  • Here stress is given on truth. I would like to know that whether it has any connection with telling lies in day to day life? or in making false bill to make quick money? Both are carefully carried out in corporate. I am not above it.

  • Namaste Agniveer Ji,

    My Muslim friend asked me about law of karma. He said how does God punish someone according to Law of Karma. I said after death, soul enters any creature and in next births, he gets punishment of previous deeds. Then he said, is that why some are born handicapped. I said Yes. Then he said this ,

    “sins are increasing every day, why handicapped & other creatures are not increasing. In Japan, after nuclear attack, many newborns are handicapped due to that, they are also some sins in their previous birth? One more thing, what is the use of giving punishment to this newborn?”

    Plz answer this coz i m not an expert in Vedas or Law of Karma

    • @Vedic Wisdom
      Namaste Brother,
      Brother its not about reward or punishment at all. Eeshvar’s aim is to help us attain Moksha. Thus this whole Law of Karma is the part of the same. Whatever Karma we do, it leaves its Sanskaar behind, on the soul. When a soul does bad, its “Kusanskaaras” or evil impressions further try to deviate soul away from Moksha path. To get rid of these impressions, we need to undergo certain conditions, which are controlled by Eeshvar so that undesired Sanskaaras can be eradicated. These conditions, being painful, look punishment to us, but these are essential. Its just like surgery, which gives pain but is essential to get the health back.

      So please remember, all happiness and sorrow we feel are the result of our own deeds. In fact, sorrow and happiness are nothing but the essential stages in the path of attaining Moksha and the quality and quantity of sorrow and happiness etc depend upon the type of bad and good deeds we have done. We cant know when will we get the fruit of a particular Karma but it is clear that whatever we experience at any moment, it is the collective outcome of our deeds done till that moment.

      Hope it helps.


      • @ Arya

        Namaste Arya Bhai,

        Thanxx for your great reply 🙂
        He was debating me on internet. He didn’t reply me after I posted your reply 🙂

      • @ Arya

        Namaste brother,

        He also asked me what do Vedas say about these things,

        Inheritance laws, Representation, Authorization, Business by Proxy, Loan, Payment of loans, Freezing of Property, Bankruptcy, Partnership, Mortgage, Gifts, Peacemaking, Divorce, Food, Hunting, Asking Permission, Punishments, Governance, Blood Money, Magic, Tricks, Matters between Spouce, Judgement, General Behaviour, Salutation, Battlefield laws, Vision, Destiny, Heigine, Purity, Wudhu, Zakat, Marriage, Suckling, Renting Land, Dress, Behaviour etc.


      • brother arya said god is not responsible for our fate and then he says god helps us in attaning moksha. and he says some evils disturb us in attaining moksha. if that is the case, even u cross 1000 punar janmas u will not attain moksha. if u see the present generation were is the time for people to think about karma kartha…..thats y god says in his glorious scripture,”as the yuga changes we reveal a new revealation which is fit for u.” deffinately god wants us to attain moksha but he not helps. and god is not responsible for ur fate. you are mature . u know wt is right and wat is wrng. belive god is one and worship him alone. and be good as best as possible. if u r wrong ask repent to god. he is most merciful, most grcious. if he is not of such quality then he is not god. and wat about the foreigners, the vedas were not revealed to them. how can u explain this type of phylosophy to them. if they try to learn this only how can they survive their family and them selves.

  • If theory of karma determines our life, how does god fit into theory of karma…So, If I have good thoughts and deed and doesn’t believe in god or any religious books like Vedas, I will reach a state of bliss..So, Karma tells me God is not going to help me in anyway..is that a true statement?

    • @ Satish

      Eshwar acts like a judge and according to your good/bad deeds, you will be given happiness or grief. But you are independent to perform your deeds. But to have fruits of those deeds, you are dependent. Karma theory can not withstand without three entities, Eshwar, Soul and Matter (Prakriti).

      Think if some one has bad thoughts and deeds and there is no supervisor/controller over them, then the world will be in chaos. In an examination hall, do you expect all students behave and write the answers honestly without presence of an invigilator !!! more examples can be thought of. But I request you to read the 7th, 8th and 9th chapters of Satyarth Prakash by Swami Dayanand Saraswati for clarification of such questions. The book is available in Hindi and English (Light of Truth) on this website.


      • @ ARYA

        If someone has bad thoughts and deeds, won’t Karma take care…I will go through the book when I get a chance…Is god a judge??? I still don’t get how GOD and KARMA fits together..Maybe I am not Knowledgeable enough to understand the relationship..I don’t get/accept your Exmination Hall Analogy…

      • @Satish Kumar
        Namaste Brother,
        Karma alone are not enough to get the fruits. I give you example, imagine you spend whole night searching for sun in the sky doing Karma constantly but would you see the sun? No. Simply because sun is not there for that time. Similarly, you try hard to extract juice out of a completely dried fruit, would you get juice? No. Similarly, if you want to acquire knowledge, you try for it a lot, but if you dont have anyone knowledgeable person around or any other means, you wont get knowledge. Similarly, if you want bliss, you are trying for it but unless someone other than you, who is the source of this bliss exists, we cant achieve it. This source of bliss and knowledge is called Eeshvar in Vedas.

        Are we in agreement now?

      • @ Satish

        As I gave an example of an examination hall, there will not be held any healthy exam if the invigilator is not present in the hall. So in this universe taking as a system, Eshwar/ God is analogous to the invigilator and the souls are analogous with the students who write the papers as per their potential. In all, I mean to convey that without any controller, the system will not perform smoothly. So the existence of Eshwar/God is essential as a controller of the universe.

        I hope now examination hall example may be clear to you.


  • dear arya great website first of all i must say, and if i could just ask you that the subtle body carries the desires, mental imprints and thoughts from one lifetime to the next , and is it true that in the vedas god teaches us that man gets his next rebirth to fulfill his desire? thanks and keep up the great work

    • @dave
      Namaste brother
      Thanks for your appreciation and we would feel happy if you join us in this noble cause.

      Aatma (soul) carries “Sanskaars” (you may say these as imprints or thoughts but I dont think English language has any proper meaning for this) from previous births. It is not true that we get whatever we desire. In fact, whatever we do, its Sanskaras get deposited in the soul and they affect ones actions and thoughts further. If soul’s Sanskaaraas are helpful in getting Moksha (salvation), soul gets better and better environment, it is all controlled by Eeshvar. But if soul’s Sanskaaraas are such that they are deviating it from the path of bliss, Eeshvar limits it’s free will for sometime so that no new Sanskaar can enter the soul and older ones get eradicated. This way, soul comes into its neutral state in which it has free will again to do Karma and thus opportunity to try for Moksha. This process continues until Moksha is attained. Please remember that whole purpose of creation of this world is just to provide opportunities to get Moksha for souls. It is not just to fulfill all kind of desires for us. Of course, if desires are noble, Eeshvar will help because that is the part of the journey of Moksha.

      Please read Satyarth Prakash by Swami Dayanand. It’s 7,8, and 9th chapters are probably the best philosophical explanation to all such topics! You are welcome for further discussion.


      • Dear Arya
        If a person by nature is cruel/bloodthirsty and even taken lives of innocent people , same is due to his bad “sanskaraas “/Impressions on his soul… now , what animal would this soul get into in his next birth to reduce/neutralize these bad”sanskaras” ?

      • Dear Arya
        Could you or anyone on this site, revert on my query ? basically I wanted to understand what animal yoni would a soul take in case it had extreme cruel and cruel temparament ? since if it takes a lion or anyother carnivorous animal body , how would it violent nature/”sanskaras” get purged ? since it is still killing and even these killings are creating “sanskaras” on its soul .. am a bit confused here , can some clear the same ?
        similarly what all animals body does a soul get into for what all bad activities since there are various types of bad” karma ” apart from killing innocents which is just one part of a extreme bad “karma” ?

      • It is difficult to say what deeds would lead to what birth species. One can just make broad estimates. The difference between human and animal species is that humans can think, decide and act accordingly. Animals can only act as per impulsive instincts. In humans, each action forms future sanskaras because acting and thinking happen together. In animals, thinking part being absent leads to reduction of sanskaras.

        Please note that acts in themselves do not lead to good or bad sanskaras. It is the thinking process that leads to sanskaras. I hope that clarifies.

      • @Agniveer Agni
        Rajiv Malhotra of Breaking India fame said that animals,trees doesn’t have souls only human beings have souls,is this true?

        Mr.NS Rajaram says Rama and Dashratha were mentioned in Rigveda.Were they and their relationship mentioned in Rigveda?

      • “Prajapati Brahamkumari” says that human souls go through only 84 Yonies (Birth species) not 84 lacs to get the body of human. Please clarify. And animals, insects also have souls than how much birth species a soul gets against his bad Karmas after living the body of human.

      • @Madhu/Sanatan Dharma : Read the Vedas and live you life according to them, build your character according to them and leave the rest, they are just speculations and do not yield any result.

      • @Madhu

        Plants & Animals both have souls, in Plants they’re in deep sleep. As far as Rajiv Malhotra is concern, i don’t think so he’s a vedic scholar he might be an expert on current affairs but certainly not an expert in vedas.

  • @Shiva Pj, Ashish
    Namaste brother
    1. Every living has soul. Transmigration is always there for every soul.

    2. Pranas are possessed by soul and they establish relationship between soul and body. So, one can say that Pranas are tools by which soul acts through the body. Pranas and soul are different.

    3. Soul has no beginning and no end. In the state of Moksha, soul does not take incarnation in physical body. It remains in the state of absolute bliss provided by Eeshvar. However, there is a time limit to Moksha. After a long period of time, soul again comes to the cycle of birth and death and again tries for Moksha. So, in a way, there is another cycle, which exists, having Bandhan and Moksha alternatively.

    4. There is nothing like destiny. as understood by most of the people. Actually, whatever we get in our life, it is all due to our past deeds. In this way, our destiny is decided by ourselves.

    5. If one believes in such theories of cosmic effects and relates it with fate, it is simply denial from the existence of God. Either there would be Karma-Phal theory with God maintaining it or the theory of pre decided fate, with no one to control it. We believe in first one which is logical.


    • Many Many Dhanyavaad to Brother Arya

      I have come up with few other questions.

      If soul is everything and body is just a carrier of it. if that so,
      How is it formed(the soul)? where is it formed and how it came into existence in this world? In which form it came first or enter first, is it in body, if in body whose body is it? animal, plants, man….etc?

      • @ashish
        Brother, there are two types of entities in the world. One is cause (Kaaran) and another is creation (Karya). Cause needs to be there before any creation, and hence is beginning less. Eeshvar, soul, and Prakriti (matter and energy) are three causes, they are never created, rather they need to be present before creation. So, soul is never created as it itself is the cause to others and is not a creation (Karya) of anything. We can take the example of science, in which energy is defined as "neither created nor destroyed". Similarly, Eeshvar and souls are also beginning less and immortal.

        To get more clear picture, please read Satyarth Prakash by Swami Dayanand and especially, its 7th, 8th, and 9th chapter.

  • […] a Grammy Award winning American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1977 by …Essential FAQ on Theory of KarmaBut as we grow up, we seek higher levels of pleasure and will never be eager to exchange these […]

      • One takes birth as animals because of the soul having such layers of sanskaars that it is unable to act freely and sensibly. So in animal yoni, the soul purges out these tendencies without having liberty to act on own will. After that it is back to human form where it can make individual choice. So you are correct!


      • agni veer ji….u said there is no hell and no heaven. and u said there is no test…. what is the porpuse of creation. y god created us? if one fault is responsible for us, not to atttain moksha, is it possible for us to attain moksha. as a human being he will do mistakes.