(Roughly in order of ease) –
Daily worship
Include nation, humanity, universe well being in worship

Pay respect to elders.

Help needy ones (including animals) daily.
Try helping without they or anyone even knowing about it.

Remember Go Mata in worship

Prefer Hindu form of greeting with those you can.

Wear Some Hindu symbol in your attire. Like tilak, mala, kaleva, Janeu etc.

Visit a temple, preferably small ones

Call a deserving pandit for occasional rituals

Feed a cow

Be respectful to women. Be prepared that you are to act as a protector in case someone teases a woman in your presence.

Be a protector of Go Mata.

Learn basics of Sanskrit.

Read history of Pratap, Shivaji and other heroes.
Teach your own history lessons to kids than depend on fake school curriculum.

Read Gita once
Read Ramcharitmanas once
Read Vedas once

Memorize at least 5 prayers.

Learn self defense.
Never ever abuse in name of mother, daughter, sister or woman in general.
This is a habit inherited from Jihadis.

Read all Agniveer content and books.

Make donation to a Goshala.

Make donation to those who serve Dharma.

Try evolving to path of Yog Darshan.

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