Q: You are just a keyboard warrior sitting with closed doors, in fiery. Don’t question political masterstrokes.

A: Normally I refrain from selfie/ self-glorification culture. But need to state a few things:

a. If I am a keyboard warrior, then so is the person who messaged this question. Unless he used voice recognition. In that case, he is screaming warrior. So are every political masterstrokes whose career progressed only because they talked. Would not comment on anybody’s fitness to be actual warrior.

b. I prefer closed doors for things that do not necessitate public display. There are people who do even private things with open doors – and make career out of it. I value my being different from them.

c. If I have ever written or talked on anything, it is only after it has been preceded by action. For years, no one knew who was behind Agniveer because selfies do not excite me. Until the homework in path of Karmayog was complete, and it was necessary to take things to next level, there was no self-promotion.

d. Here is a brief Agniveer track-record:
– Agniveer broke the backbone of conversion nexus of Zakir Naik almost singlehandedly when masterstrokes were busy in Iftar parties since 2008. Those who were active in service of Dharma then know what the penetration of love jihad and conversion was then

– I am not aware of any masterstroke having displayed any stroke to bring even core members of conversion nexus to path of humanity/ Hinduism. These include people at all levels and geographies- from so-called dalits to educated youth, misled girls, businessmen, Indians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Americans, Europeans, Africans.

– Agniveer revived the rational foundations of Hinduism based on Vedas to answer every misconception that brought confidence and conviction in oppressed minorities even in places like Bangladesh.

– Unholy Cow, illegitimate Ram Temple, great Babur, noble Akbar, Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal, Beef in Vedas, Pornography in Vedas, characterless Krishna, Aurangzeb, anti-woman Hinduism, Kashmir for Kashmiris, Love Jihad reality, Zakir Naik etc etc – Agniveer brought arguments and evidences that form pillars of nature of debates on these issues today.

– For example, once, to defend vegetarianism, the key debate was on compassion towards animals and whether plants have life. Agniveer shifted the focus to environment and poverty and today even Arnold Schwarzenegger is promoting plant diet.

– Agniveer arguments, logics, one-liners, mottos have been used by many including BJP leaders and political masterstrokes to form their political plans. Check the recent statement of PM Modi to China in BRICS recently and compare with our wordings. Check credentials of those who represent ‘right ideology’ on TV, social media etc. You will find explicit Agniveer influence in lives of most. These warriors are the ones who catapulted BJP to power with their selfless efforts.

Agniveer team has worked on breakthrough researches on increasing productivity of crops

– We have worked on developing state of art indigenous UAVs to help our soldiers at border to tackle the nuisance neighbors.

– Our breakthroughs in renewable energy is acknowledged globally. The current government officially chose Vashi Sharma as the only rare talent in energy science and extended special privileges.

– There are many other things that many may feel proud to share for ego-pumping. But we cannot do so because we have different agenda.

In summary, we don’t just talk. We have worked in those critical areas that form foundation of any revival plans of Bharat. We don’t like to brag. We don’t feel proud of publishing photos with some Neta or Abhineta. We don’t believe in prophets and masterstrokes. This is because we are loyal to the Supreme Ishwar alone. Our selfies are clicked every moment with Him and we don’t care for anyone or anything lesser. When we talk, we do after realization that this ability of talking sense is also His gift that must not be wasted for titillations. When we type on keyboard, we do after realization that we must become ‘keyboard warriors’ as well, to save Dharma before it is too late.

We know our time is limited. We are prepared for a sudden end of life given the situation and quantity of our well-wishers. And just want to die as warrior in whatever we do. And when that happens, we must have passed the legacy to next generation of warriors that we inherited from the previous generation of Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Tegh Bahadur, etc etc.

Vande Mataram

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